Shakin' Stevens - So Long Baby Goodbye Lyrics

I know
I've been foolin' myself too long
I'm never right but always wrong
Goodbye, Baby, so long

You know
You never let this thing catch on
You never let me be that strong
Goodbye, Baby, so long

There was a cold wind blowing on the night we met
The leaves fell from the trees
You made a lot of promises I ain't seen yet
And I ain't gonna ask you please

We know
None of us are gonna cry
It wasn't even worth the try
So long, Baby, Goodbye

There was a cold wind blowing on the night we met
The windows were rolled up tight
We both asked for something we could never get
Now I'll do the thing that's right

We know
None of us are gonna cry
It wasn't even worth the try
So long, Baby, Goodbye

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Shakin' Stevens So Long Baby Goodbye Comments
  1. Tyler Gray

    Bull Durham

  2. Gilles Bebon

    Gilou Super sympa les sixties en prime Shakin beau gosse et tres cool ... j'adore

  3. anthony belcher

    Awesome singer great song 66

  4. ritzig33

    ...worth Billions :)

  5. Anonymous

    Feel Good Music!

  6. Kerstin Persicke

    I love this song.
    thanks. ❤❤🤗❤❤

  7. Ancuta Muresan


  8. Ferencné Kesztler

    Ez viszont nagyon jó + a Julia, az szuper.

  9. Vania Reboucas

    Lindo e espetacular !

  10. Anita Est

    I am going to a concert next week in london !! Yeah !!💖

  11. davethecurrymonster

    Ok so somebody said the blasters are better. How many records they sold n how many no1 they had????? End of night night 😀


    Record sales does not always = quality.


    @captainzorikh I have to disagree with you there shaky is a top artist!!! 50 years in the music industry. Still performing to sell out concerts greatest hits tour 2019???? Still got a loyal fanbase all over the world. Shaky is a legend. I'm not saying that the blasters are crap. Just think shaky is in a different league 😀👍👍


    @davethecurrymonster My answer is not saying anything bad about Shakin' Stevens, but rather to dispute that the low number of #1 records by the Blasters is not an indication of low quality. If you want to say which is "better" in your eyes, please feel free to say what qualities of the recordings do you prefer? Is it the viocal intensity? The skill of the musicians? The arrangement? The lyrics?...wait, Dave Alvin wrote the lyrics ot most of the Blaster's songs, and played lead guitar.

    Now, if you like the lyrics, you have to give the non to the Blasters, as they performed their own songs, while Stevens did covers. If there is something you prefer about Stevens' covers of Blasters songs, that your bag. But record sales is not an indication that one is better than the other.


    So the blasters didn't do covers etha then???? Shaky did write alot of his own material. And some of the covers he did were better than the originals. Shaky worked with dave Edmunds and others. Me myself I grew up with shaky I like most of his music along with the straycats the jets polecats polecats the sharks all rockabilly bands. My mates play in a rockabilly band they called hotrod 55 maybe check them out on YouTube 😀 it a good job we don't all think the same we would have nowt to talk about and have opinions on 😀👍👍👍👍cheers buddy for the replys long live rock n roll 😀😀😀

  12. Emma Nijdam

    Love this song ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

  13. davethecurrymonster

    Shaky I'm speaking for a lot of people here how about a greatest hits tour please 😀😀


    hes tourring again next year  so you never know


    @thegrcc it's on got me tickets 😀😀👍👍👍👍👍

    Anita Est

    Yesss, i am going to London ,his greatest hits tour in 2019 !!

  14. Lucybaby666

    Sounds like Palissades Park.

  15. Beata Dankowska

    Był już moim marzeniem jak się urodziłam i to nie cele matrymonialne,ale bratnia dusza marzyłam zawsze,żeby Go poznać, ale nie wiem jak

  16. Miguel Santiago

    Tom morello

  17. Renzo Loi


  18. Gary Gilmore

    The Blasters did it so much better


    Gary Gilmore In your opinion maybe, but your only one person right? And you don’t speak for everyone & you probably haven’t seen Shakin Stevens perform this live right?,

    Shakin Stevens was more commercially successful in the UK and Europe than the Blasters ever have been,

    He also outsold every other artist in the UK singles chart during the 1980’s,

    If you feel the Blasters did it better, fine, but the majority are hear for the music, not your personal one man opinion!


    ​@BlastFromYourPast Why can't he state his opinion? That's what the comment feature is for. And not every opinion needs to be positive. And why do you try to debunk his personal opinion by mentioning record sales and popularity? Some people can't cope with different opinions.

  19. Emma Nijdam

    Zooooooooo mooi 👍👍👍

  20. Ewa Ait Brahim

    Shaky was absolutely fabulous in concert in Shepherd's Bush on 3 May, 2017. I loved all of his songs, great night to remember!


    Here here saw him in Birmingham it was rammed the house was a rockin he's still got it after all these years greatest hits tour 2019 and maybe a sir before his name 😀

    Fall pall

    Is he dead?

  21. Anita Est

    my sister told me that he used this song as a last song during his concerts and that girls started to cry...

  22. Anita Est

    absolutely fabulous in Bromley at a concert😊

  23. Ewa Ait Brahim

    absolutely brilliant! great to listen and to dance, too!
    hi to all of you, fellow Shaky fans out there!

  24. Siegrid Drabinski

    sooooooo schön. einfach.schön

    Christine Derouiche

    Super Song.

  25. Allan Schofield

    This is really a great up-beat fast-tempo wonderful song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a Great Cajain New Orleans style Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My kind of music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Could listen to this all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Daisy Mae!!

  26. ShakySchumi

    It's sooooo great to have this song here !!!! I simply can't sit still on a Shaky song ...specially with this one ......let's Rock'n Roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic that you posted this song !!!!!


    He is the Rocker I ever met!!

    sue ellen romines


    Connie Knox

    ShakySchumi 0kyes

  27. zofia zajac

    Swietna !!!

    zofia zajac

    Dziekuje za +1 Adrien Cs

  28. Wiktoria Kowalska

    Dziekuje z calego serca tak czekalam na ten utwor jestem szczesliwa

  29. Hampus Rosengren