Shakin' Stevens - Nobody Lyrics

Who taught the birds to sing in the trees? Nobody
Who taught the flowers to dance in the breeze? Nobody
Just like a sea washing on the sand
I just naturally take your hand, I wanna be your loving man
Who can love you like this man can? Nobody

Who got the bees to gather in honey child? Nobody
Who taught the sunny day to be sunny now? Nobody
Just like the stars glowin' in the sky
You got the natural look of love in your eye
You can't deny there ain't no lie
Who can love you as good as I? Nobody

Who got the girls to walk like they walk yeah? Nobody
Who got the girls to talk like they jive yeah? Nobody
A natural woman just turns me on, just like the sun comes up at dawn
I want to see you keep on keepin' on
I don"t know why you"re gonna be like nobody

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Shakin' Stevens Nobody Comments
  1. anthony belcher

    Brilliant song 66

  2. Olaf Großpietsch

    Fantastisch ,Rock endlich Berlin.

  3. Gazely Gaze

    He got this track from his backing band - Geraint Watkins & the Dominators:

  4. Alexandru Voicu

    Nobody! Thanks Man!

  5. zofia zajac

    Fantastyczne wykonanie !!!!

  6. Tom197613

    what a great Rockabilly Song!

  7. Mandy Raith

    Brilliant track. One of the best on the album.

  8. LINDA Atkins

    great singer such talent simply the best

  9. richard binns


  10. TOO SEXY~

    Just melts my heart~

  11. Siegrid Drabinski

    coool so richtig zum abtanzen geht.abartig in.die.beine
    War und ist meine.zeit

  12. patrick kever

    wow great