Shakey Graves - Word Of Mouth Lyrics

Well I see a girl that's blue like the sea
When I go to sleep you know that she sees me, too
Oh yeah just standing around like the popular kids
Just hoping Saint Peter will let us in too

He says, "If you value your life, stay off the drugs
If you value the drugs, stay off the map
If you value them maps, you'd better travel, son
And if you don't want to travel then you'd better run, yeah"


Yeah well I knew a king in his purple throne
You know that he had some trouble so he's all alone now
Well I used to bring him little presents from time to time
He'd sit me in his castle and he'd pick my mind

He said, "If you value your heart, stay on the road
If you value the road, stay on the top
If you value the top, you're gonna suffer son
And if you don't wanna suffer then you'd better run, yeah"


Well I see my boss in his practical suit
You know I'll toss him in the cellar, won't give him no food
Yeah, when anybody tries to tell him what to do
He holds his breath until he turns blue

He says, "If you value your job, stay out of crime
If you value the crime, stay out of doors
If you value them doors, you'd better lock 'em son
And if you don't want to lock 'em, you'd better buy a gun"


Yeah, well I saw a snake in an apple tree
You know I didn't trust a word that he hissed to me, no!
Yeah he said, "It must be getting awful lonely trying to save the world;
Just buy a collared shirt and try to fuck some girls"

He said, "If you value your limbs, stay in the game
If you value the game, stay in that style
If you value that style, you're sinking son
And if you don't want to sink, then you better run"


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Shakey Graves Word Of Mouth Comments
  1. Justin Parker

    I fuckin love this, it's got that real "juzzie smith " vibe 😍

  2. Voice of truth

    Not got talent

  3. Danny Chan

    I was going to scroll right passed this but I thought I might just give it a chance and IT'S THE BEST thing ever.... I'm happy.. ♡

  4. Stacy Stitt

    I love your sound so much it's like you're speaking to my soul. Thank you for being just god damn amazing!

  5. Brendan Swart

    Aaah fresh hope .. what a talented musician and deep .. like an old soul in a young mind .. gotta love it ;0

  6. Terry Knutson

    To say the least you are a very talented man Shakey. You lost me around 5:04, there is enough evil in the world. Don't need any more. Sad to see you sing such lyrics...Take Care.

  7. Lost Souls

    I’m glad I found his music!! I feel it all to well‼️💯🖤

  8. Sean Muldoon

    Lyrics to this jam are great. Always Loved shakey now for years. Thanks for such music.

  9. keegan jones

    Requesting for Shakey Graves and Tyler Childers to do a song together repost this if you think they should.

  10. Reemis Merc

    4:10 is where it all starts.

  11. loser

    Literally just discovered him. Im off on my journey! See yall on the flip side.

  12. Silly Witch

    Is that not some of the deepest sh*t ever sung? Or is it just me..

  13. Matthew Stoner

    HE IS SO GOOD!!!!!!

  14. everytime's the first time

    I need to wash the dishes wtf am i doing

  15. everytime's the first time

    I bet he could solve quantum mechanics with all those brains in his knees

  16. Nick Johnson

    It must be crazy to know you are writing the blues standards of the future

  17. Nathanael Mills

    About halfway between Kings of Leon and Andrew Bird

  18. Stephanie Smith

    Audiotree’s best up incoming artist???

  19. gayborg

    “If you love the crime then don’t go indoors” means what ?


    Crime happens on the street?

    Shawna Sullivan

    He's says 'stay out of doors'
    Then warns 'son' to keep said doors locked.
    Jail is inside and the free world is the 'outs'.
    He's warning against getting caught in your love of crime

  20. noofalata

    he looks wet and gross, but that's just me

  21. Stacey Anthony


  22. jahhaahaha12

    Does he know this song is making this many views

  23. David English

    stop biting the side of your tongue

  24. Robin Raphael

    Waaaaay tooo quiet need to pump up the volume I have mine all the way up and can't hear it still sad

  25. Tom Hall

    And every once in a while somebody comes along and sings somgs that pour out your heart and soul.its then that evrything will be alright again.amazing gods grace comes just in time for some of us born to live a hard life...

  26. Sean S

    His lyrics could be anything and it wouldn't matter. Dude is sick

  27. Johnny Rotten

    The man has a very cool soul...

  28. TheGeniusAnd

    its been 6 years and somehow he isnt huge yet

  29. Flowbain TwoOneNine

    He shoulda been in happy feet 😆😆😎

  30. Josky

    'when in see my balls in a practial suit'?..

  31. Alexandra Hempsall

    Ive never seen someone play like that

  32. No one important to you

    Just heard of you today. Trying to listen to as many songs of yours I can, so far I like what I hear.

  33. Scott Marinis

    The sound quality is amazing

  34. Caro González

    simplemente me enamora este ser <3

  35. Rj Beach

    Dude...u rock man...3 instruments and singing...and it sounds hooked...make more ..make more..make more

  36. U Mano

    Awesome performance, very engaging

  37. MJ Oberg

    the only video I wish I could like twice.

  38. tilcboy44

    just so everyone knows 5 millions of these views were just from me, so...

  39. Trumpenstein

    I finally caught some lyrics of this song. I'm gonna try it.

  40. Noobish

    Is anyone else amazed that there's still good songs left? Like, how haven't all the good tunes been used up by now?

  41. Rami Alexander

    i double like shit that i've liked cause i like it so much and cant like it enough. <3

  42. Paul Short

    I am trying to process what I just heard and saw. I can not. Thank you breaking my brain, this is amazing

  43. Birdie

    Give me more!!!! 😍🤩😍🤩😍😍🤩

  44. Bernie Gormanly

    Got a kings of Leon sound to him, but unique, love him.

  45. Clayton Holland

    Finally You Tube recommendations nails it. Fuckin A.

  46. Reese Romer

    Chills. No words could even begin describe the privilege of hearing this man's gift & what he awakens inside of me.

  47. darlene colgan

    I absolutely love you guys!!🤪❤️😊😛😆

  48. Kevin Caron

    Shakey when you coming to Japan. Would love to see you.

  49. loh22

    I had to go back and rewatch the video after reading all the stupid ass comments so that hopefully I would know wtf they were talking about. No such luck. Pretty sure they were all on something.

  50. TheDaydreammaster

    So many o u seem dazzled that shakedog can keep rythem with both feet, fingers, voice, n ears at the same time...

    Tgis is a common trait in humanity. Consider yourself in the lower accord of us if u cant. I for one luv shakedawg. But i consider it commonplace and have my whole life.

  51. Kevin Caron

    I would like to know the down thumbs?

  52. Adam Davis

    God damn this man is easily one of the most expressive musicians I've ever had the honor of listening to. What a wonderful soul.

  53. Jeffreyv2

    I love this song

  54. Your Enigma

    National Cannabis Fest. 2019. Washington. April20.

    Your Enigma

    Spread that by Word of Mouth

  55. Teena Marie

    You’re so beautiful, hon! Thanks for sharing it❤️

  56. Sasha Alexandria

    He must be a Gemini . Flawlessly doing so many things at once .

    I'm obsessed.

    Woman Zuzu

    Sasha Arbuckle lol just said that like30 min ago. obsessed. yes.

  57. existing man

    Love this guys style 👌 I'm a guitarist/amiture musician myself who's done a fair bit of busking, so I know how difficult it is to play a drum and tambourine to ad that very effective percussion to what your already doing with a guitar and vocals in the way he does takes skill!

  58. Paul Brooks

    Fuk everyone who didn't like this Masterpiece of music

  59. Dionna Moore

    God you’re beautiful

  60. indoor gangster

    Years later and still fantastic if not better.

  61. Studio Edin

    So pure! Just loved that he did everything himself, that was kind of the cool stuff about him, but now he has a band and it sounds like shit :(

  62. Reese O'Connell

    Above the near-perfect tempo, this guy is very talented with the lines. It's refreshing to see originality in the age of cardio b & the Kardashians. I hope this really makes it.

  63. mussman717word

    This video has a 26:<1 like to dislike ratio, and it deserves it

  64. Félix Lebrón

    This is adiccitve

  65. Brynners _

    WOW1 my new fav

  66. Charlotte E

    C’est vraiment magnifique
    A t’il une page YouTube ?

  67. Jeffrey Steen

    Another great performance! Just a genius ahead of his time with a gift I'd kill for.

  68. K G

    Anyone watching in 2019?

    Branden Jodoin

    I certainly am!

    Rory lowdon

    Yes grilled lettuce indeed🍄

  69. pablo los

    Smokey Graves is so damn amazing.

  70. Bruna Frazier

    stop trying to always invade my youtube

  71. Paulie Black

    Wont give him no food............ damn dude your voice is HELLA FANTASTIC

  72. Ryan Lewis

    Insanely good

  73. jessieutter

    Absolutely no offense to Shakey, here. But I think his audiotree session sounds better that his albums! He sounds so much better doing all this on his own! He's so talented. His voice and instrumental method here is perfection.

  74. Vicki Squires

    Amazing skills awesome voice and guitar and lyrics, how you time all the things at the same time with a perfect tempo wow 👍👍👍👍👍

  75. savonna lessley

    I need permission to post these songs on my Youtube channel. They may be from 2013 but they should have millions of views. I'll link it back to here. Pretty please??!!

  76. Vicki Squires

    A m azazing wow what a talent lyrically and musically never seen such skills 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  77. Dakota Lowe

    It blows me away how great this man sounds and how amazing his music is!

  78. Jordan Sullivan

    This is so goddamn unique.

  79. Cailee Irving

    how my mood changes @ 3:15

  80. Missie Louise

    So wildly talented

  81. Puneet saini

    The starting beat is SOOOO CLOSE to Smoke and Mirrors!

  82. Joshua Boerger

    So good. I really wish he would have taken his music more in this direction, I love the gritty bare barebones vibe. Maybe I haven't heard the right song, but his new top songs on spotify sound like flaccid mainstream pop.

  83. aKillerSandwich

    To anyone that reads this. I've recently gotten into vinyl records...any suggestions of good albums I should check out would be greatly appreciated. Any genres welcome! Thanks in advance!

  84. tilcboy44

    If someone could just delete that other annoying dj voice plz

  85. boboala1

    My nephew tasked me at Thanksgiving to check out Shakey Graves. Have now done stunned! Somebody convince me this young lad doesn't have an old musical soul....much older than he is in years. From what I've seen/heard he prefers and thrives with his old suitcase and tambourine vs a modern digital studio and the temptation to change his tunes into electro--pop top he can be 'cool'! He be cool?

  86. Archer Moody

    I like shakey, and maybe im just misunderstanding him, but this sounds like a bunch of gibberish to a good beat

  87. James Gardner

    This shit sucks

  88. Michelle Good

    What kind of mic is that?

  89. GSH

    can we talk about those tempo changes? No drag! instant! its amazin'

  90. Samantha Curtis

    I knew a king in his purple thong. Lol i love this guy

  91. Raine Bernard

    The Little Prince

  92. Matthew Rhoades

    Who authorized the wife-beater?

  93. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca


  94. Isi Beasy

    Your music is so inspiring and beautiful!! YOU ARE GREAT! :)