Shakey Graves - Unlucky Skin/Built To Roam Lyrics

[Unlucky Skin]

Well, life tasted sweet when I was the bad twin
Devil himself sat waving me by

All of my tattoos
They were of no use
No monetary values have I, but

Won't be long till I belong

Well, bird at my window tells me tomorrow
Mean old tornado carries me off

Pulls me from bed and bashes my head in
Buries me halfway across the globe, but

Won't be long till I belong
Without all of this unlucky skin

Think of me often
Loosen my coffin
Let all the bugs in my wooden home

Won't be long till I belong
Without all of this unlucky skin

[Built To Roam]

Ooh, this easy loving
It sure tastes good
Yeah, let's make a killing down
In Hollywood

Yeah, wander around
Like I've got some place to go
(Oh shit)
This is a moment in the song where I just fucked up
And I decided to let you guys know

So vibe-y, so mooded out...
Now it's just back to being a normal person at work, oh no!
Nah, I'm just kidding, fuck you guys
But do-
Rule number one: watch out

'Cause here I come, bored and lazy
Yeah, here I come, no dignity
Yeah, so long sad city of angels
Oh, well, you know you ain't been very good to me
You take that blood right from my body
You lead me far away from home
Well, I've got to keep on moving
'Cause some of us, ooh
We were built to roam

So New York City, yeah
I'll see you soon, ooh
Well, go spend my money on some elbow room
Yeah, wander around
Like I've got some place fancy to go
I'm the king of Brooklyn
Ooh, for all she knows

So just sit back and watch me go
Bored and lazy, watch me go
Just passing through
Follow me beyond the mountain
Oh, go howl at the old big moon
Yeah, strip them clothes right from off your body
Dress your skin in sticks and stones
Well you've got to keep on moving
'Cause I was, yeah, I was
Some of us were built
Ooh, to roam

So get your travel on, (I) always recommend it
Hell, if I didn't take my own advice I wouldn't be here right now

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Shakey Graves Unlucky Skin/Built To Roam Comments
  1. Javacabe

    Is that a motorhead shirt

  2. King Kenny

    Thank you for Saturday night Shakey. One hell of a show. Keep up the good work.

  3. Masie Stuby

    This song makes me feel so real

  4. Kristian Choate

    Love all versions of this song. Thank you 💜

    90.9 The Bridge

    Each one is special. That seperates Shakey from so many!

    King Kenny

    Played my home town Saturday night passed. I'm now sitting in work Monday smiling my ass off.....

  5. Alexander Grill-Donovan

    this is an incredible video

    90.9 The Bridge

    Oh stop you are embarrassing us. (Please don't stop)

  6. Jonathan Antoine


    Forever Chill, Man

    I think he's tuned in open C# for this one, and then a capo on 5th fret. you can also tune in open D and put the capo on 4th fret, since lots of his songs are in open D that makes it more practical for me

    90.9 The Bridge

    That is a much better answer.

    Forever Chill, Man

    Nevertheless you are correct about the effects, since the delay time plays a big role in how the notes ring out and the sustain they have, and make this version and it's rhythm unique. I wish there was a better camera angle on the pedals and settings he was using for this one :-) From what I can tell tho...Seems like an EHX Super Pulsar tremolo next to the EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath reverb on which he sets the lenght time in the beginning, and on the board Mooer ReEcho Pro seems active as well, and set on the TapeEcho or TubeEcho setting.

    I don't have neither of those, but the closest I've got is with a Digitech Obscura warm blended tape delay setting set to about 1.5 repeats + Digitech Polara hall reverb kinda dry in the mix with medium decay time, and a Walrus Monument with the harmonic tremolo setting, all in a stereo setup and I'm pretty happy with it. Hope this helps someone, it's a great sound/tuning to tinker around with :)

    90.9 The Bridge

    Thanks for the knowledge drop! I'll look back on the footage and see if I can grab a shot of the pedals!

    Noah Freed

    He is in open D

  7. PC William

    This song has evolved over the years. Still one of my favs Shakey!

  8. Gilbert Carrasco jr

    Man! This hits the point right on the button just by listening to the lyrics, thank you Mr. Graves for playing such good music. I'm sure a lot of people appreciate how you carry the music away.

    90.9 The Bridge

    This. We know we appreciate it! Thanks for watching!

  9. Joel Schumacker

    does any one know the guitar that hes playing?


    a Gibson L4 ? (im not an expert and I dont recognise that bridge, so im sure if its a real really old one? or maybe a Gisbon reissue? but the body is the L4 style)

    Evs Daybell-Chambers

    Gibson 2016 1959 es 175 reissue

  10. Nate Traviss

    Shakey graves you are the man! cant wait till you come back to Edmonton, cant believe i missed your last show! Keep up the good music.

  11. Doubleuballs

    music that truly saves a man's soul! God broke the mold with you brother

    90.9 The Bridge

    One of a kind for sure! Thanks for watching!


    language is beautiful when people use it right. your comment is spot on brother

  12. Josh Martin

    Why isnt this song on itunes??

    90.9 The Bridge

    Shakey just does things a little differently. You can get a version off of his band camp page:

    He also has done a pay-what-you-want holiday where you can buy his music for exactly as it sounds, any amount you want. Usually happens February 9th, and is declared to be Shakey Graves Day. Not a national holiday yet but maybe one day.


    Should be a global holiday, never mind national!

  13. Belbahri Mohamed Ikbal

    This needs to be seen and heared by more people ! ♥

  14. Notofnothing

    thank you more then you will ever you more then you play.............just thanks buddy :) good ppl you are....

  15. Doubleuballs

    beautiful! one of my favs!