Shakey Graves - Slay Time Blonde Lyrics

Well, I've been wearing these old shoes for days
She's got nothing new to say
Oh, how time, it slips away
Here, near you

Well, if you ever worry; would I stay?
I'll be back around Thanksgiving day
To eat the food
And kill the mood
Here, near you

Yeah, here near
Here near
Here near you

Well, you know that I've been wearing this old hat for years
Every [?] I've gotten, those are on my fears
Yeah, send the bill
First in tears
Here, near you

I have never worried once, never fell down flat
Keep standing up, keep coming back
Oh, what a marvel, look at that
I'm still here, near you

Yeah, here near
Here near
Here near you

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Shakey Graves Slay Time Blonde Comments
  1. Charles Ferrell

    This is the song that became dining alone

  2. R F

    Can't wake up origin stories ;)

  3. Gray

    Dining Alone ;)))


    Drakkah so glad it's on the album


    yesss my dude

  4. poopdoop22

    Listening to this on Christmas :(

  5. SaturnBear

    this dude...great dude!.

  6. Amoeles

    Shakey is the best.