Shakey Graves - Nobody's Fool Lyrics

Never alone
Always some new chaperone, seems you're never alone
Yeah, you climb to the top of the pile
Enjoy the view, stay for a while
Hard to get by on your own
When you're never alone

Life of regret
Oh, each drink and each cigarette leads to life of regret
So go out and make your amends
Plant you a garden and get you some friends
Trouble still, just what you get
In this life of regret

Chosen by God
Whether you like it or not, you've been chosen by God
So stand there, curse at the clouds
You know the answer, so scream it out loud
Never asleep on the job
Heaven, no useless old slob
Oh, never forget what you're not
You've been chosen by God

But you're nobody's fool
That's the one thing they don't teach in school
You ain't nobody's fool
Don't worry, you'll turn out fine
Better off dead than waiting in line
Stick to that golden old rule
You ain't nobody's fool

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Shakey Graves Nobody's Fool Comments
  1. jillian jones

    I'm so glad he has so much for me to binge thru...hes amazing!

  2. Robert Brown

    Awsome song

  3. Joshawa Roberts

    He sings wise beyond his years. ✔✔Such a rock gentleman. Also, kinda reminds me of Dominic Cooper from Preacher. Which I think is amazing 👍 team Shakey all day ✌🤠

  4. Michael Coy

    Who still boppin this?

  5. Isaac Sliger

    is he playing in drop d for this?

  6. Erick Melton

    This is my favorite song right now. And this is shot so crispy and clean. You’re the man Shakey Graves.

  7. lostcoast McCarthy

    This is sick!

  8. Vladimiro Rocha

    Never forget what ur not!!

  9. lilly g

    I found out that he was in spy kids 3 the movie and now I can’t stop thinking about it

  10. anubisthegrey23

    Killed it

  11. PP Wieners

    not liking this

  12. Cyndi P

    How many times can I love this song....forever

  13. Erica Ankney

    The Lyrics strike so deeply with me, I’m deeply connected to this song. After many many relationships, friendships and encounters I’m still a lover, however, I’ve learned. I am a believer, but I’m NOBODIES FOOL!!! Nobody’s Fool will be a part of my next tattoo, because if I know anything about the new and wiser me...

  14. Janice Spyby

    Dreadful voice

  15. Luke Duggan

    Is this version available for purchase?


    Not that we know of.

  16. elevenart


  17. Ron Davis

    Climbed to the top of the pile, enjoyed the view, stayed for awhile.

  18. Jackson Lane

    It looks way too hot to be wearing a leather jacket.

  19. Melinda Jordan

    Shakey 💕

  20. Jesse Gilley

    So pretty, and very harrowing... going to have to listen to more of these guys.

  21. The underdog

    Keep on singing Shakey can't stop listen to you love this song

  22. Tiffany Symons


  23. Deanne Thomas

    God damn I love this

  24. Jack G. Daniels L.

    THAT is my damn jam.. Hell yea, Shakey!

  25. Booby Wit Dat Tool

    Hot ass beat CLAP

  26. Noah Steadman

    I'd marry him if he asked me too. And I'm a straight male with children.

    jillian jones

    Haha ❤

  27. cale shoemaker

    I'm not even religious and I still think this is one of his best songs. You can hear the power of the song in the music.

    Sara Johnke

    cale shoemaker i think that verse is commentary on those shitty, mediocre people who use their beliefs as a big neon disclaimer for their entire lives and how they act.

    jessica lusczyk

    Uhhh you don’t have to believe in god to listen to a song that says “god” in it lmao

  28. Miloschka Winter

    Where can I get the lyrics of this song?.....I love this song so much!!!!

  29. Charles Saint

    damn. playing in a graveyard for a brewery wearing a fucking fitted and a leather jacket. wtf happened to Shakey Graves, did he sell out? because that's what it looks like. not even being a hater, I love this guy's music, but this is some fake shit. that money called and he replied

  30. Dustin Roy

    Clearly, there are 69 people floating around out there that can’t hear all that well. That, or they missed the “👍🏻” at the top of the screen.
    I’ve been listening to this cat for many years now, and will forever listen to him. By and large my favorite musician. If I could just sit down and jam with him for 1 hour, I’d be a happy camper.
    Cheers to you, Alejandro. You’re a phenomenal musician. 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

  31. Cris & Jeh

    Amazing 👍👏👏👏

  32. emtiemme

    Nice ball cap poser

  33. emtiemme

    Was a lot better before a corporate fuck beer company took his shite. Those boyos would come over to the midlantic and be soooooo cool. But were greedy toe suckers at the same time. Money, money, money.

  34. Ron Davis

    A song with words you have to listen to. Probably more than a couple of times. Played by a musician.

  35. Sarah Serenity Wells

    Still in love with this beautiful man's Magick/music.Lots of love light and peace sent flowing your way Shakey..

  36. David Bryan

    Want a hot chick standing next to U? Here's one, sexy time.. pic. In a minute.

  37. R. Jordan Frazier

    i like him so much better wearing cowboy hat lol

  38. ALX 8721

    Tabs anyone???

  39. jajajaja

    a ghost seems to be helping him out with the bass drum at 0:34

  40. Paul Seibert

    why hasn't this guy blown up yet

    Noah Steadman

    Paul Seibert , because people dont know real talent , only a select few.

    Frank Dexter

    Because recording labels decide what they want the public listening to and ensure it by signing and producing artists that fall in those lines.

  41. Sugar Magnolia


  42. Country Mile

    💙💙💙💙💙💙 your stunning

  43. Taylor Made

    thank you.. this song came on at the exact moment God wanted it to. You're a big deal so is your music

  44. Areith LivesOn

    If you deleted my iTunes library and just replaced it with this man's entire live music catalogue, I wouldn't even be mad.

  45. r. ackee

    What guitar(s) does Shakey like using? I forget what model that kinda guitar is

    Payton Ross

    Russell Ackegan loar lh-650 I think

  46. Chris Ragsdale

    Anyone know what tuning he plays this in?


    Chris Ragsdale Open D. D A D F* A D

  47. Colby Moore

    You sir have a voice and style of guitar that work too well together for the amount of followers you have. You are going places kid

  48. T Bowers

    it was great up until around 2:20 when he started talking about being chosen by god


    Trey Bowers edgy m8

    Shmiler 22

    2:28 so stand there, curse at the clouds

  49. Katherine Vella

    Absolutely love every single song this man comes out with

  50. Blippie Vert

    Finally, a quiet respectful audience.

    Some Random Name

    Until the ghosts start screaming at you then it becomes a living Hell.

  51. Bobby Digital

    Stumbled across this gem and I can't stop slapping it...

  52. Elise


  53. skitsmaxn

    I love shakey graves!!!

  54. dansamber

    I want lyrics for all of your songs!

  55. Paintbrush_Samurai

    shakey, let me just say, and I know this will probably will never reach you but, I think you may be the greatest artist of this generation. A true spark of genius.

    Noah Steadman

    Zero lies in this comment.

    jillian jones



    Incredible talent

  57. Ron Davis


  58. Lolita Francois

    He is so Hottt!!!!!!, body and soul, great vibes.

  59. Ariel Burton

    He is so freaking handsome!! And talented!? Omg he just has this wicked style and Rhythm that is hauntingly captivating!! Im an addict!

    Luke Duggan

    For sure something about that bluesy twang. It's like he's singing about me.

  60. Not Khajiit

    Man. why is it that my favorite shakey song is so damn hard to find!

  61. McGooness

    What genre would you put this under? I really like it!

    Dustin Dearing

    McGooness music this good is a genre of its own, pure soul man

  62. Tom Mccraw

    ive been wanting to download this song forever now and i cant find it anywhere :(


    Tom Mccraw just download it here then

  63. Strobelight_Epilepsy _Ff

    Where can I get this song?


    It was originally on a special one-day-only EP release back in 2015 … pretty hard to come by these days.

    Strobelight_Epilepsy _Ff

    LagunitasBeer is there a way you could throw it on Spotify or something? And thank you for your time. Cheers!

    James Buchanan

    If Shakey owns the recording, it will be free on his Bandcamp page on or around Austin's Shakey Graves Day in a few weeks. There will definitely be some recording of this song.

    Noah Steadman

    Mp3 rocket, make this video into an mp3. No risk

  64. Tabi No-Ko

    Shakey makes me want to fall in love and dance on our wrap around porch on our property with dogs and chickens running around and sip Tennessee whiskey

    Hannah Fuqua

    I can relate to this more than you know


    nigga the fuck...

  65. Lisa Smith

    nothing against the lady he was singing with, but his solo stuff is where its at! love the voice, rhythm, lyrics...all of it!!

    U.S. Painting Services

    Lisa Smith he's growing as an artist and now has the ability to surround himself with very, very talented musicians. New album on the horizon. Stoked. I can't wait!

  66. The Echo Spectrum

    this is awesome

  67. Amiee Bryson

    I feel like his lyrics have been where I have I wished I had every bit of his music

  68. Pepto Abysmal

    I don't know if anyone will know this, but what guitar does Shakey use?

    Anthony Garza

    Mark Garza i like your last name

    The Escapade

    Anthony Garza Thanks! Your last name is pretty cool too.

    It's funny because my middle name is Anthony...haha

    Caleb Garza

    Sick last names guys :)))

    The Escapade

    Caleb Garza ☺️

    John Colligan

    his songs sound really god on yamaha thinline electro acoustics. cheaper alternative lol

  69. Austin Oliver

    favorite musician's
    1.Jerry Garcia
    2.shakey graves

    Victoria Principle

    Austin Oliver Preach ;)

    Taylor Renfro

    fuck yeah

  70. Matheus Lopes


    Matheus Lopes

    dos meus

  71. Karen Quezada


  72. Jeremy Mcjenkin

    So fresh and new to me, but its somehow taking me So far back
    Much Obliged My Brotha

  73. S DM

    His music is from his soul. Talented!

  74. Matt Sickles

    I fucking love it !!!! soul food

  75. jmhadahorse

    8 people weren't chosen by god (am I doing this right?).

    A. H.

    Hahaha...guess you are!

  76. Wolf Creek Boys

    Awesome setting

  77. Dean White

    What a great song!

  78. Alex Chapman

    I keep finding songs of his that I like the live version better than the studio version. Good stuff

    Brian Kemery The Live Album We All Deserve


    Alex Chapman Honestly think all of his live stuff is better than his studio stuff.

    EVE Pro Guides - EVE Online PVP and ISK Guides

    I don't really like the produced studio stuff but his Live performances are outstanding.

    Joe Krist

    Night and day difference. Both good stuff, but the live versions really sink deep.

  79. Last claptrap

    the editing s bothersome

    just wanna watch how this nigga plays guitar

    dudu oson

    lmao so tru

    Chad Anderson

    Last claptrap
    I know this be filmed mostly in black and white but the brotha be white home slice

    Glad to be a Loser

    Chad Anderson, actually I believe he's Hispanic,got a Hispanic name anyway

    M Agrella

    Actually he's half hispanic, half white. Watch the first Audiotree Live version. It's explained. Rose-Garcia. "We white folk" and "Eeeyyyy, we live in Texas now... Ohhkay" lol He's also a real funny dude... Btw, Thanks Shakey for all the awesome music. You are my new favorite drinking-to artist.

    T Bowers

    Matt Agrella Look up lightnin' Hopkins if you're after drinking music

  80. Whitacre

    This is in my mind the best acoustic video of Shakey Graves released to date. If you like the suitcase kick drum, please check out my channel! Ive got some live sessions up, all inspired by Shakey!

  81. MultiGuitarify

    Oh my goddd Shakey I don't have that much money pls stop making me buy every one of your songs


    +ChrisMcloviification Ohhh okay I thought you were rippin me up for stealing them or something, no problem my man haha


    haha definitely not man (:

    Strobelight_Epilepsy _Ff

    Where'd you buy this song?

    Adgee girl

    I want to buy this song!

    Stacy Raponi

    You are an amazing man with superior talet... music that moves me

  82. Shalon Mooney

    Why does he have the cutouts on his guitar taped up?

    Jonah Ayers

    +Shalon Mooney Something to do with the sound of hollow body guitars when they're amplified

    Ronny Sunshine

    +Shalon Mooney you get bad feedback sometimes with the hollow body when you plug it up

    Andy Gump

    Tape over the "f holes" helps dampen the resonance of the guitar. He is playing outside so feedback would not be an issue.

    Abbey Nelson

    +my left toe this is not true... at least that last bit ;)

    Scotty Robertson

    Archtop guitars get a lot of feedback when they're amplified, so he puts gaffer tape over the f holes to keep it in check to a certain extent.

  83. Ikoikjji


  84. Kia 225

    I seriously love all of his songs.

  85. wolco003

    4:00 nice masonic mausoleum


    +Jhhg Roofir interesting comment...


    +wolco003 That was our fave, too! There's so many cool ones in there

    Austin Oliver

    diggin your picture

    Paul Ell

    europe 72 i dig.

  86. Wes Vaughn

    Low key my favorite Shakey song

    R. Jordan Frazier

    high key

  87. Nick Bassett

    Love this song