Shakey Graves - If Not For You Lyrics

well, which one is your world
if for little old you
and you see that sun as an obvious group
yeah he comes around noon after the moon goes down
yeah to just have a little fun
until the day is done

well I saw why
who do you even try
oh if for an alibi
if you come around I hope you stay the whole damn night
and bring some friends and bring some foes and come along and tell some jokes
and if you're anything like me oh baby just you wait and see
mmm never seems like a good idea

well if all
well if all the lights said stop
and the oceans they did drop
and I'd always feel so on top if not for you
oh but oh how time went by
and the oceans they did rise
and I always felt so hypnotized and not by you
and not by you [x6]

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Shakey Graves If Not For You Comments
  1. Shoge Kimura

    what the.....this song is so good

  2. Valerie Lefort

    Nailed it

  3. Tacy Williams Beck

    Boo!!!! So good in this he looks happy

  4. Roxanne Mcmeekan

    Drummer is so ready .... he loves it ..we love it... shakey graves.. you are the best <3

  5. mxizlife

    Your coke'd up buddy on the drums fucked this up.

  6. quinton mcclellan

    Boo is the fucking man

  7. Dakota Gilbert

    Me-fucking-ow 😽

  8. AdmiralA

    Best ever performance of this song

  9. ratrod diesels

    i like your guitar and playing your drummer got beats he resembles lance armstrong .

  10. boyd319

    goddamn we need so much more music in this vein. amazing!

  11. Citlalli Alvarado

    Favorite performance of his

  12. SGspecial84


  13. Gugui Crema

    Great live performance from Shakey. Superb drumming too.


    Fuckn incredable song... dope shit

  15. Karla Urbina

    A musical genius.

  16. Danny Shade

    all I want to know: Does he do the demo version (or anything closest to the demo version) of this song live? I can't find it ANYWHERE. I like the acoustic version with thick harmonies soooooo much more. It's bonfire bliss. I can't find shit anywhere on the internet where he does anything like the demo version. It's more authentic, lo-fi, gritty and more impressive finger picking wise for guitar... if anyone knows please reply with a link

    Gunner Hurley couldn't agree with you more +Danny Shade

  17. S N

    Good God Almighty. Shakey is a drug. I cannot get enough.

  18. Mario Flores

    the drummer is insane on his timing

  19. Volcom's World

    This fucking rocks I've been playing 14 years but the rhythms and progression is unmatched here! Keep pumping those grindy drums on top of your slick licks bro your killin it!

  20. Benjamin Tripoli

    They're all smiles :)

  21. Mr Anderson

    These two were meant to make music together. This is my new favorite drummer. I can't get enough.

    Silly Billy Gumdrops

    he's not really doing anything special


    No.. just an amazing performance

    Silly Billy Gumdrops

    not gonna disagree with that one I might add I play drums I live by this statement less is more and I believe this drummer knows that

    Ay, Its Terrel!

    Hes feeling the music so well

  22. Lexi pullen

    This song is great live and that drummer is icing on the cake   Such skills :) makea me so happy

  23. buddy holly

    love this song, not so much any of his others

    Silly Billy Gumdrops

    agreed 95 percent of what he makes is super soft lovey dovey type music

    Sage Sharpe

    It’s ok to be wrong sometimes :)

  24. Mr Mojo Risin

    I love Shakey Graves but I think he needs to do more songs with this drummer, they work so well together, love this sound.

    Ay, Its Terrel!

    Hes actually a really good friend of his they call boo. They do a ton of stuff together :)


    Mr Mojo Risin something magical about Shakey’s pedal drumming though. He is a bit of a recycle the rhythm guitar player and I find myself getting into his own drum beat. The drummer adds big beats and sounds monster and gives Shakey more freedom on the guitar though.

    Shoge Kimura

    kind of reminds me of explosions in the sky

  25. Joey Durkin

    what is he tuned to?

    Joey Durkin

    nevermind i think its open c sharp

    Robert Kampman

    He doesn't seem to play much in standard tuning. I came to the comments to ask that same question/see if anyone had answered it yet.

  26. cantremember

    what kind of distortion is that i want a pedal like that, help me out please

  27. Carlos Baker

    ridiculously sick singer/performer/songwriter!! fucking love this dudes vibe!

  28. Daniel P.

    This is a freaking fantastic performance.

  29. VikPamNox

    The best.

  30. zorropetal

    ahhh yay finally been wanting to know this songs name for an age 

    cody mangum

    zorropetal probably a fuzz into a small tube amp

  31. Zoolbar's Magic Star Cave

    Yay, Shakey Graves, I just discovered this guy and now he shows up on my youtube KEXP feed! :D