Shakey Graves - Family And Genus Lyrics

If I
If I ever wander on by
Could you
Flag me down and beg me to
Drop what I'm doing and sit beside you

So did
Did they ditch us and leave us with nothing to say
Where we
Where we will wait for friends and family
To pass away or come in handy

Oh dear
A rotten summer, a rotten whole year
Where, where we wait for to lose our friends and family
To fame and fire, to dame or dandy
To pass away or come in handy

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Shakey Graves Family And Genus Comments
  1. Mubarak Harvey

    This song makes me ponder darkness.. and wait for hope.

  2. Bobbi Diday

    Always amazing. Anyone know what the interview clip at the end is from?

  3. luciano lopez

    Reading the comment son this vid and..... WHAT THE HECK IS ELEMENTARY??? (Assuming no one is talking about elementary school)

  4. Ace Kay


  5. Open your eyes

    this has so far been my #1 song these past 2 years

  6. Shanna Rene

    3 Little heart faces

  7. stephtar

    Everything minus the vocalist sounds like The Books

  8. muphic

    It doesn't matter how we found it, we are all here because we fell in love with this song.

  9. LingeringStranger

    I am a Plant Science student, but every time I read the words 'Family' and 'Genus' I have to listen to this song. I read those words often.

  10. Chris Wendel

    Found this because I use drugs

  11. Samantha Valladares

    To me this is a LDS Mormon song

  12. viki 91

    Goodnight moon asmr 😎

  13. kevin Deal

    what the hell is elementary?

  14. Malaika junaid


  15. Reyes Rivas

    Found them on Noisetrade. :D

  16. icemouf7480

    The most Subtle song i ever heard💎

  17. icemouf7480

    Wjmu radio got me here lookn 4this song
    I like wen they chattn & laughing at the end💎

  18. Andrew Palm

    The first verse has got to be one of the sexiest verses ever... I just want to sit beside her. Forever.

  19. mike purvis

    pretty crappy I had to sit through an ad to listen to a song made by someone else. great song, eff you uploader

  20. Alucard

    ELEMENTARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. BSpazTs

    Here because life is full of great and sad moments concored by love .

  22. Carly Coco

    Love Shakey Graves, I've literally just been repeating this song over and over.

  23. lazy diaz

    I smoke and listen to stuff like this and cruise. Best feeling in the world ❤️

  24. La vie en rosé


  25. cloud reader

    Just snagged this off Coffeehouse Rock couldnt sleep for the watch.  Don’t have a clue so whats it about pass away and come in handy.  Satellites pass away and sensors receive the color of the Rainbow so to speak.  Think tank studio mills of Tantric’s and cultural variation a very pleasant musical background.  Hope its not filled with listen and look triggers and the probability a wave will take you up and gravity bring you down.. 4:02

  26. atrocious _ pr0xy

    just saw these guys on WJCT... a new fan.

  27. Emilio Castellon

    I found them through Goodnight Moon's asmr channel from her back yard party video check her out she's great. This song also reminded me so much of Nick and Norah's infinite playlist.... So thankful she had the name of the muffled tracks in her description, saved me the detective work. Great song!

  28. Helena Smirnis

    this song is one of Shakey Graves BEST. Love It.

  29. Raven Williams

    I wasn't really sure about this song at the start and yah know it's actually alright.

  30. icemouf7480


  31. Emily Pollifax

    I'm going to the Elementary youtube channel and let everyone know that i'm there because of Shakey Graves.

  32. Daniel Wingate

    Here thanks to Elementary

  33. HJ Z


  34. andrea mosquera

    this is a road trip song.

  35. AntiR0b0t

    I came here to feel love.

  36. Leslie

    one day i will lose myself in this song with dark blue skies at 5 a.m. and it will all be alright

  37. Gestr yfir Óðinns borð

    who the heck is elementary?

  38. Gooby rainbow

    this is a masterpiece shakey

  39. Dylan Griffee

    I found this band thanks to Alt J, fuck Elementary lol.

  40. solidsnipz

    FreshBlush ASMR brought me here

  41. Bioluminescent Sun

    im actually just here from ASMR 😐

    glory and gore

    Daniel Taylor same


    alethefiend SAME

    Sir Loin

    Chilling outside of a Party?

    Mr. Korchea

    Oh yeah, muffled


    From Erin i suppose...yeah definitely from erin

  42. John New

    God, I love Shakey Graves. Keep him around a long time. Amen.

  43. What Zit Tooya


  44. rvca97 pancakeLUV

    that sucks they were so low-key first the growlers now Shakey graves.... I guess it's time to move on...


    so you wont listen to music if too many people listen to it?

  45. Johnny B

    Quality music here.

  46. Acid Reflux Charlie

    What a catchy song! Anybody know songs that might be similar to this?

    Jenna Norwood

    Jesse woods has many songs with this kind of vibe (:

    Jose Lopez

    I feel lucky to have read your suggested artist and looked him up! lol

  47. R GJ

    Like it. It sounds like Foster the People

  48. Zoe Goodall


  49. Zoe Goodall

    such a great song, which it was more recognized.....

  50. Alyna Rojas

    This is the reason why I love commercials, I hate them but when you come across one that has this amazing background song that mostly people oversee, I find the best music in the world.💘 thank you Samsung ❣️

  51. Richard G

    too bad they had to ruin a perfectly good song... with 40 seconds of garbage at the end.

    I would've downloaded it...but just don't want that kind of stuff in my songs.


    Richard G what's wrong with it? Maybe cut the end with audacity?

  52. Eldon Dixon

    there's a samsung commercial that has this song?


    Eldon Dixon yep

  53. Silviya Chovanska

    PLEASE dont associate this great song with a stupid brand like Samsung...

    Andrew Quintero

    whateva, my boy got paid for that you know. good for him

  54. Daianna rodriguez

    am i the only one that gets goosepumps when listening to this song with earphones on?

  55. ddubrul

    I've heard this song so many times on spotify but seeing the samsung commercial really bugged me that i didn't know the name.

  56. stev6963

    I liked this song before the Samsung commercial! I know you all care. Lol sorry, I just had to be "that guy."
    But great song, makes me feel a nostalgic melancholy but the beautiful kind, not the depressing kind.

    Ethan Salazar

    stev6963 I agree. Its one of those songs that, depending on how you listen to it, whether you be looking for happy songs or sad songs, makes you feel. You just feel the emotion and power with it. Those types of songs are truly masterpieces in my opinion.

  57. JayDudeman

    just heard this on a Samsung commercial! fuck Yea shakey! gettin paid gettin paid

  58. Laura Burgess

    Proud to say that I've been a long time fan before the Samsung commercial came out.

    May Bluekin

    Laura Burgess congratulations

  59. dmbkersh

    This video is about to have so many Samsung-commercial people on it...

    Daianna rodriguez

    dmbkersh what samsung comnercial ad was it? i want to see it

    Jackpot the lucky 13

    dmbkersh I knew this before Samsung used it.


    Daianna rodriguez search for Samsung VR commercial

  60. Zyon Johnson

    Does anyone know what the meaning behind this song is?


    Zyon Johnson It's about loosing your family or something... idk


    Zyon Johnson It's about the beautiful nature of incestuous relationships or something like that.

    Lolz, jk. Gross.


    Zyon Johnson it's about this bee who falls in love with a human and attempts to bring down the honey industry.

    Young Mcconaughey

    It's about this lovely family having a nice chatty dinner at the dinner table and then a piano falls from the sky, through the roof and kills grandma. The End.

  61. Smoll Son

    This song makes me feel something in my cold cold heart

  62. Jessica Eubanks

    If I
    If I ever wander on by
    Could you
    Flag me down and beg me to
    Drop what I'm doing and sit beside you

    So did
    Did they
    Ditch us and leave us with nothing to say
    Where we
    Where we will wait for friends and family
    To pass away or come in handy
    (Oh, oh, oh)
    Oh dear
    A rotten summer, a rotten hope, dear
    Where we
    Wait for to lose our friends and family
    To fame and fire, to dame or dandy
    To pass away or come in handy
    (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
    (Oh, oh, oh, oh)

    Chris Inlow

    Jessica Eubanks always thought he said "rotten summer, a rotten whole year..."

  63. Kevin F

    live version in acl is way better

  64. Katina Brooks

    Great song

  65. generationTGH

    Thanks Reckful

  66. Matt Bershinsky

    This is the legal alternative to LSD

    Amen Amen

    Eli Palombo please can anyone explain what the moral of this song as forigneir I do not understand fully what is the massage thank you so much for your time 😘

    Cole Johnson

    moral of this song:





    Jordan Sheehan


    El Dragon 500

    @Jordan Sheehan smoke a bowl and u straight fuck powder

    Descript O

    I've done a lot of substances. Nothings more brutal and unforgiving than life itself. People literally take drugs to get off of life. It's a trip.

  67. Riley Telfer

    wow just heard this song on the album and I have to say with good headphones its by far the best song on the album

    Max Froelich

    100% agree.

    Liam Warnock

    Riley Telfer can't stop listening to this.

  68. Morgan Rideout

    Love it! I work in a bar and heard it on Pandora!

  69. Lena Miller

    this song makes me feel so many things


    Lena Miller same here

  70. Bling Boys

    Ethic DTC

  71. MET

    The dialogue at the end... where is that from?

    Matt Bershinsky

    I have no clue, but that person answering the questions is the most boring person ive ever heard of. "what do you look for in a boy? Looks." Thats crazy people talk!

  72. Ivan Chavira

    who like alabama shakes I love shakey Graves to


    Agreed, where the jason isbell fans at tho? O.o

  73. Mom's Edit

    I made a movie with this song, check it out if you're so inclined.... But I'm merely a

  74. Mom's Edit

    Oh, I don't watch tv, too real for that, I heard him first on NPR, let me look down my nose at all of you

  75. Mom's Edit

    What's elementary ?

  76. Raleigh Kane

    I'm here because I listen to shakey graves...

    Raleigh Kane

    +ck675 it's a catchy song my dude

    Elsa Montalvo

    Damn right. Haha


    damn straight!

    Colton Karpes

    I’m because my dad played this cd in his old car and I liked so I looked it up
    it up and now I’m here

  77. Lost Amongst Stars

    Who are the 9 people who disliked this song? They need to seek professional help.

  78. Emily Thomas

    Found an explanation for the recording at the end on Reddit. *Whew*

    "Interesting story, we call them "the ladies". Chris "Boo" Boosahda bought an old reel to reel hand held tape recorder from the 50s and it had a tape of two girls in what appears to be high school giggling and laughing and doing what sounds like a magazine quiz with each other. They tell super dated unintelligible dirty jokes, gossip about boys, and talk about going parking. We sort of fell in love with these two girls and have often wondered what they were like or who they turned into. If they ever thought that two boys in the future were going to take their voices and print them on thousands of records."

    Claire Lorenzo

    are we sure this isn't audio from a Cindy Sherman interview?

    Emily Pollifax

    i hope he knows that's ever teen age girls worst nightmare come true

  79. ChickenPermisson

    Am I the only one here not because of Elementary? This played on pandora today for me.

  80. John Kirilo

    I would be nice if they listed the music and artist in the credits!!!

  81. Evangeline Brooks

    Everyone and their mother here because of Elementary 😂😂😂 same here ✋✋✋

  82. Thomas McCormick

    The fuck is elementary? Is it an app? I found this song cuz of Pandora.... Whatever elementary is I want it!!!!

    Thomas McCormick

    The show.... Nvm

  83. Sascha G-M

    Thanks elementary

  84. Sam Saimo

    I found Elementary through Shakey Graves. Thanks Fam.


    Haha. Nice

  85. Nolan O'Connor

    what is elementary


    An amazing tv show.

  86. Christian Krantz

    is this song copyrighted?

  87. laura goodhew

    I'm here because I know good music. I don't need a TV show to rely on.

  88. A S

    Shakey Graves is the fucking MAN

  89. Luis RR

    realmente de acuerdo con ustedes...
    Saludos desde mexico

  90. Thornike Jangveladze

    The main reason I watch Elementary, you can always find great music there, like this one.

  91. Jessy Niscala

    My absolute #1 favorite Shakey song...and recording. Seeing this live in Pittsburgh at Mr. Smalls was an absolutely mind blowing experience. Shakey became my #1 favorite artist after just 3 songs...

  92. Dimeji Coker

    elementary brought me here also!

  93. avi gutierrez

    This song here I'm using it as a puzzled moment

  94. Daddy

    Yea.Elementary brought me here too.

  95. Cameron Banks

    Thanks Elementary

  96. MikeTheDane327

    Mr. Sherlock got me here