Shakespear's Sister - Do I Scare You? Lyrics

There goes the year
In doctor's bills and sleeping pills
Too many years
Have I been interned
I miss the flames
In which I was burned

When I say I miss you
When I say I miss you
Do I scare you?
Do I scare you?
Do I? I probably do

I rest my case
The child dies at thirty-five
I could be lying here
In the time it takes you to arrive
I could be crying, I could be dying
Oh, I could be lying

When I say I miss you
When I say I miss you
Do I scare you?
Do I scare you?
Well, do I? I probably do

You gave me nothing
I asked for nothing
And you gave me nothing
But myself

Didn't know what I was thinking
But you didn't really care
I'm gonna find that gun you bought me
The one I'm holding just the way you taught me
Hey, mister, I say listen mister
That's my finger on the trigger

When I say I miss you
When I say I miss you
Do I scare you?
Do I scare you?
Do I? I probably do
I probably do

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Shakespear's Sister Do I Scare You? Comments
  1. ElectricFilms

    I remember the day Billy recorded this. He had an absolute blast. He thought it was a great song and he loved Siobhan's performance. We went for a burger afterwards and he talked about changing his name to Marcella Mackenzie. I've heard that Siobhan has said it was the last thing he recorded, that's not accurate, the Apollo 440 session and Murray Street studios were several months after this.

  2. Travis James

    I have many versions of this song. I've made some remixes of my own, too.

  3. Spooky Moo

    This is Pure notalgia

  4. svagrod

    Thanks for keeping this posted ,throughout the Years !


    p.s.just subscribed.

  5. John Wilkinson

    I love this

  6. Mizzdr111

    The sister i wish I always had, but never could...

  7. tick tock

    Siobhan + Billy =the collaboration of the nineties!

  8. T James

    There are many different versions of this song out there.

  9. spaceball z

    1 person got scared by Siobhan

    T James

    That was Marcella Detroit....


    +T James HAHAHAHAHA 😂

  10. Goodinfo11

    I am a singer and I love this edgy sound on this it is cool....

  11. Will Wilson

    Thanks Siobhan for letting this song out...many great songs with Billy have been buried...the fans will never hear,,,but thank you for letting this's superb and yes,would have been a great single for SS but then agian,,,what do the record exects know??
    thanks again for releasing this gem

  12. Blair Booth

    Wow, I didn't know Billy had done some work with Siobhan! Brilliant, great song, takes me back to great memories of working with Billy myself during his Wild and Lonely Days.

  13. tony Ohagan

    @fawltybas Any more news regarding the single's release ?

  14. tony Ohagan

    Thankyou.......I appreciate that and look forward to it's release.

  15. sgtrayelwood

    Hi, I don't have that info immediately, but I'll get in touch with the guy who posted that message, and get back to you ASAP.

  16. tony Ohagan

    @sgtrayelwood Thanks for the reply and that's great news.How can I obtain or reserve a it through normal outlets or does it have to be ordered online ?I have a few friends who are also interested in acquiring copies so any information in this regard would be much appreciated.

  17. sgtrayelwood

    I need my arse kicking for not listening to this sooner. It's great!

  18. sgtrayelwood

    ...The way physical releases are handled on her site these days is a pre-order then
    when enough orders are in it goes to press (there's no wastage or excess
    stock...they are NEVER reprinted...release date is looking to be around the end
    of Aug.

  19. sgtrayelwood

    @fawltybas Yes, at the end of August. I'll repost here the info posted at The Associates Group at Yahoo:
    "Siobhan Fahey is releasing a (very) limited release of this duet with
    Billy...there's around six mixes...she always intended this to be the 2nd single
    from her Shakespears Sister album #3 quote Siobhan from her forum from a
    few years back "I wanted this as the second single & imagined Billy & I
    performing it on Top Of The Pops sticking 2 fingers up to the industry" tbc...

  20. tony Ohagan

    Is it true that Do I Scare You is being released in August as a single ?

  21. Vyvyan Basterd

    A thousand thumbs up!!

  22. jimmi Apellido

    totally brilliant siobhan......bring on more...album number 4

  23. Kiki S

    this is one of my favourite songs ever