Shai - That Feeling Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Everybody wants once in a while
It's true I get the feeling
Everytime I realize I'm fortunate
I gets that feeling
No bills to pay at all
It's good to be living
Little kids, outside on swings
Out playing enjoying
In the summer breeze

[Chorus: x2]
That feeling

[Verse 2:]
Rainy days
Fog and hazy
We stay inside til the sun comes up
It's too sad
And watch you commence to my every command
Relax, peace of mind

[Chorus: x2]
That feeling

When life feels so nice
Makes everything you feel feel alright

Do you remember when you felt like it could be alright
And wish you could have that feeling all the time
Just go back into that place inside your mind
Do you remember that feeling

[Chorus: until end]
That feeling

[During chorus:]
When you're next to me
Bring me up when you're down

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