Shai - Sexual Lyrics

Tonight is the night
Of love and sweet romance
May I have this dance
I could make you feel special (feel so special baby)
If you give me half the chance
I'll always respect you (always respect)
I'll never neglect you baby (I'll never neglect)
And I think I'll find you'll trust
So prepare yourself
(Get your body ready)
For a night that can only be described as sensual
Tonight is gonna be

Tonight is the night
That we make love all night and morning never comes
The moon is so right for us to love
So right
Until one of us falls

We have been together
For some time and now I feel
Let me tell you just how I feel
Your resistance
To my persistence
Intensify your sex appeal
(I perspire)
I perspire with desire
Yes I do
Every single time that I think of you and
And when I feel your naked skin
This right moment
Brings out everything within
Tonight is gonna be

Tonight is the night
That we make love all night and morning never comes
The moon is so right for us to love
So right
Until one of us falls

(Get your body ready)
You better get it ready baby
Better get your body ready for a good time
Because tonight is the night that I make you mine
Up against a wall
Beside a waterfall
I don't care where
As long as I can have it all
Better get your body ready for a good time
Because tonight is the night that I make you mine
I do it real good
I make it feel good
I'll make a situation
Body pushin'
Love that feels good
[Repeat: til' song ends]

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Shai Sexual Comments
  1. takakitty10

    Real R&B!! Love Love Love This!!

  2. Theresa

    OMG...when l heard this song back in my day, l was amazed by their vocals and how the song made you feel Sexually...this is my favorite song from this group, if people could focus on love instead of hate, killing and anger...then maybe love would take over their heart, l wish they made music like this to listen too...not butt shaking and wear clothes and stop wearing leotards with boots etc...more classy!!!

  3. Sidney Atkins

    2020 and beyond

  4. Crystal Myers

    One of the best groups of that time !! Harmony was 🔥🔥

  5. Google User

    4:33 You look so goooooooooooodd!! Best part!

  6. Joshlyn Wright

    them Cooper tone niggazs Garfield who's Atlanta GA bound

  7. bootycheese69

    That sax though.....

  8. Nuclear-Skull87

    I am using this song to help me practice finger-snapping.

  9. malone phyllis

    My boo added name is BIRTHDAY SERVICES

  10. malone phyllis

    Oh money drink new healthy ones trademarks for baby boomers.... ..nowadays 2020

  11. Sidney Atkins

    this is on repeat 1st time i ever heard this

  12. leslie scott

    2019. & still this song sounds good like the first time . 💥💥💥😍😍

  13. Mz Nurú

    Thanks. This sounds so great in my system. It maybe 2019 but its the 90's foreva!

    Chris Smith

    This Have my trunk banging 4 sure

  14. Jaimie Jackson

    "I perspire with desire".......CMON NAH💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕Still gives me the chills in 2019!

    kevonta dobey

    This song is fire💥💥💥💥💥💥

    kevonta dobey

    This song is fire💥💥💥💥💥

  15. Roderick McPherson

    1992, r&b ruled.

  16. jcwebb95

    When you run across this when you're looking for another song in 2019 know what time it is

  17. Sa Alaelua

    This is so magical

  18. Cyrious

    Laaaawd clutch my pearls ... I think I was still a virgin when this came out ... I think 🤔 but still loved this song 🙌🏾

    Mario Lewis

    You can’t remember your virginity, come on now most men including myself know you were givin up them sweet sugar walls and letting dudes just leave the nutz hanging out. I must say though you’re A cute chocolate Hershey’s kiss.

    Chris Smith

    @Mario Lewis hahaha from them twin brother's "sweet sugar walls"

    But she is fine though


    Cyrious God your Hott🙈😱😀😍🤩🔥☀️😎🏆👏🏻🙌🏻🌬🦋🌸

  19. Jamila Bowman

    My mom said if this song never came out I wouldn't be here!!!!😲😲😲

  20. Mary Bent

    Still listening 2019...

  21. Sidney Atkins

    Still making love to this in 2019 who with me?

    Antoinette Lane

    I am with you. A gem.

  22. crystal miller

    I love you want you back hi gey

    Mario Lewis

    crystal miller fuckin mental

  23. James Tatu

    Makes me think about my wife , when he sings about feeling her love , can u feel it , yes I can , unfortunately they dont make music like this no more , I miss these guys and boys to men , when harmony and real singing , loving expression, I think the last that had any of that would be usher and that was even 15. 20 years ago now, it's just a shame

  24. Empathic Soul


  25. Floyd Twyman

    Howard University Bisons

  26. ShrenJ

    November 2018 and still listening.

  27. Carlisa Allen

    Gon make a pretty ass Baby offa sum Shai lbvs

  28. Fred Hill

    Ultimate love making song, then hit her with "Forever My Lady" once she's pregnant!

  29. Tech 56

    Only 54k views,WHAT A SHAME

  30. ****Country Boys Outdoors ****

    To be 18 again my Senior year humming this with my boys watching the girls have tears in their

  31. Char Ferris

    Another hidden gem on the album. I always loved this song, my mind goes into fantasy mode.

    Gina Wright


  32. Quinton Lewis

    3:00 mark is the best part...u were miiiiiiiiiinnneee lol

  33. Quinton Lewis

    Still bumpin in 2018

  34. Young Henny

    Heard that sampled on Trapsoul: The Sequence, I did some researched and I have found it

  35. Tracy Butler

    The men of the 90's. Boyz 2 men,Shai,Dru Hill. Represent.

  36. Pamela Foxxx

    2018 still bumping


    Still bumping 2019!!! And forever!!!

  37. Sports 2Kicks

    real OG shit, If you have this CD then you a freak

  38. Dawn Grey

    Oh, My Goodness!!!!!!....

  39. BIGTRAV500 !

    Some sweet lady's in Chitown have been rubbed just right to this oh so mellow joint right here ya digg! #80sBabyShit

  40. Essence Moore

    Omg I was born in 93 and I absolutely love 90's r&b.. and I lovvveeee this song..I wish I was a teen in the 90's lol

  41. Torian Davis

    Real sit frfr

  42. Zandra Sanford

    Lawd ham mercy this song has always had me feeling some type of way yasssss..I love me some Shai 😍😍😍😍😍

    Gina Wright

    I love this song 😍😍😍😚😘


    I wonder why? hmmmmmmmm

  43. Mike German Chocolate

    The dislikes must be virgins how can you dislike this greatness

    Gina Wright

    Stupid people always dislike greatness

    brandie dansey

    For real

    Sidney Atkins

    they probably was made off this

  44. Honey Kissed

    listening in 2017!!


    I am listening to this in 2018 as I compose this comment.

  45. ED88502

    Sexy ass song....

  46. Jonae Harris


  47. Love me

    Imagine making love to this song on repeat 😢😩😏

    Jessica Greene

    You will have 5 hour sessions.  Trust!!!

    Mario Lewis

    jj jj how can I when I don’t have any pussy to penetrate.

    Chris Smith

    Sorry i gotta be that guy but CREAMPIE MUSIC!

    Brittney Turner



    Been there done that....

  48. Love me

    3:45 😩 that part of the saxs those something to me

  49. Liberator Of Me

    Masterpiece!!! oh how I miss the 90s

    Gina Wright

    Era of great music

  50. Jarrious Brooks



    Jarrious Brooks guess y'all were too loud lol

  51. Theresa

    My favorite song...

  52. Brandon Harris

    this is the recipe right here. dam music ain't the same

  53. Shonte Banks

    just Beautiful

  54. Joshua Hamilton

    this was that moment back in the day bwoi!!!

    Sidney Atkins

    i made TWINS off this song PLAYA

    Sidney Atkins

    Joshua Hamilton Ladies Knew What Time It Was When This Song Came On Playa

  55. Adrian

    4:46 The Sequence


    Adriano the fact that you knew that's where he sampled shows a lot

    Siham adam

    Valentina Martinez what does it show ?


    Shows i got skillz bruh


    Can you explain what exactly was sampled and from where?


    @thelovliestbrown the sequence from Bryson Tiller

  56. LaChele

    #anditsstillallgood  Current mood.....

  57. SoAmbitious502

    Love this song! Saxophone on point.

  58. LaChele

    Oooh yes! Croon me, Shai, especially you, Garfield. Over 20 years later and it's still all good. Now, I'm a fan, but I have to say that this is their only good album. The other albums they released were terrible. I was mad as hell and felt like I wasted my little money. Anyway, this is my favorite song next to the singles from this album.

    Sebastien S

    Everytime i would put the title in it would not come up. Sexual- tonite is the nite would show up, not the original. This is one of the top dance with your girl songs. SLAMMIN
    A great song ! :) 

  59. Frederic Jiles

    mr. boombastic, fantastic, lover man....da' big dawg on campus aka kinkyman

  60. columbuskid100

    I KNOW ABOUT IT!   Man I been lookin for this song for almost a year. Everytime i would put the title in it would not come up. Sexual- tonite is the nite would show up, not the original. This is one of the top 3 dance with your girl songs. SLAMMIN!


    whats your other 2?

    Sidney Atkins

    +Cloudkick85 Agreed playa

  61. bmore410ist

    its only got 19 views bcuz no 1 dont know about back n the day rnb!!!