Shai - Sexual Interlude Lyrics

Hey you
I'm so glad you decided to come over
I've so many things to tell you you know
So come in
Sit down
And listen up
I said if I ever fell in love again
Next time the lady would be... just... like... you
And that if you would just tell me you loved me
We'd be together forever
No matter what changes we went through
I'll always be your comforter
So for tonight
Yea, just for tonight
Tonight we'll get sexual

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Shai Sexual Interlude Comments
  1. Liberator Of Me

    Why time fly so fast i was 19yrs old when i first heard this album i miss the 90s😭

  2. Jazzjunior 916

    sunday night slow jams wit r dub back round music

  3. Happy Empire

    Goodness gracious, I was imagining him talking me. Geez Louise. Yes. yes.

  4. Shakirra White

    Yessssssss best album ever

  5. Nicholas Pruitt

    Stupid if u thumbs this down

  6. Stephon Holden

    Just wanted to hear it again. Thanks Sue

  7. Yung Redboi 2500

    Hardest Interlude ever!!!!

    Shakirra White

    Yung Redboi 2500. Agreed

    Happy Empire


  8. Ken Rivers

    I was in 9th grade when this dropped and yea shit got real when I used to play this wit my lil girlfriend lol

  9. BIGTRAV500 !

    lady you are pretty fuckin amazing for uploading this jamm

    Suzanne Freeman

    Thank you!!

  10. Leeroy King

    this my mothafuckin shit boy