Shai - Comforter Lyrics

Talk to me, baby.
I'm listening.

Lay down.
And tell me what's on your mind.
What exactly did he do? To make you cry this time?
Well, I will be your comforter. I will make it right
He cast a shadow on your heart. And I will bring back your light
Come in...

I see he's hurt you again,
When you're in pain I'm in pain
That's part of bein' a friend.
But this is a special case.
I held my feelings back because of him
And now I can see more than ever
I made a big, big, big mistake.

I don't mean to disregard your feelings
But i think that he's a fool.
he don't know how sensitive you are
And baby, that just ain't cool.

I'm just glad I could be here for you
When you need a helping hand.
But deep inside my heart, from the start
I know I shoud have been your man.

Lay down.
And tell me what's on your mind.
What exactly did he do?Tell me what he do...
To make you cry this time? To make you cry this time?
Well, I will be your comforter. I will make it right
He cast a shadow on your heart. And I will bring back your light

I will comfort comfort comfort you.
I will I will comfort you.
I will comfort comfort comfort you.
I will I will comfort you.
I will comfort comfort comfort you.
I will I will comfort you.
I will comfort comfort comfort you.
I will I will comfort you.

Lay down. Please tell me, baby.
And tell me what's on your mind Tell me what's on your mind
What exactly did he do? To make you cry this time
Well, I'll be your comforter. I will make it alright
He cast a shadow on your heart. And I will bring back your light

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Shai Comforter Comments
  1. Redbone 88

    Damn I miss the 90’s I tear up just thinking about the good old days

  2. Tiffany Moore


  3. Shatima Buckner

    #2020 4ever 90's girl❤

  4. Chris Brown

    I’m not still listening in 2020. I just had a triggered memory that brought me here. Glad I came.

  5. Kras 4


    Shai's 🎶 got me through a lot of final exams back in the day. These brothers were dope. Beautiful voices. Great music with no expiration date.

  6. majesticskyy

    Like seriously, is it hot where they are or is it cold? The variety of clothing has got me f***ed up! And I think it did back when the video came out, too. 😂 I hope it’s not cold for that poor lady in the bikini 😂😂

  7. Renee Dillard

    Still my jam


    I will comfort comfort youuuuuu. I will comfort comfort youuuuuu🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Melanie Brown

    This took me way back. . .wow 💓

  10. John Carter

    Where's my blanket DBoy

  11. Kevin Pettiford

    Them fellows were tough!

  12. Laura Johnson

    Who remembers true love and being in a great relationship when this came out 👍👍👍👍

  13. Mike Jr

    Real talent no degrading the sister's
    None of that glorifying violence crap.
    Cat's singing about their love for the lady.

  14. Allie Newson

    That dark skin brother at the beginning. Not the one with the bandana on

  15. Andrew jefferson

    Deep Classic

  16. Cash Rules

    Forever in the playlist.

  17. Melanie Williams

    My favorite song

  18. Renada Crawford

    Garfield...Lawd I used to have the biggest crush on him. Lol

  19. Sunshine Monroe

    Ohhhh mannnnn this song is like velvet to my ears. It pierces my heart and soul like no other 💞💕. I'm so glad I grew up in this era. Take me back to this time please 😭.

  20. Audrey Jefferson


  21. Diamondz242

    2020 and we still bumping to this banging classic! Real R&B never dies

  22. Tammi Dixon

    Still listening #2020 ❤

  23. Ivaylo Iontchev

    This is like an anthem for those parked in the friends zone. 😂

  24. Mariss Schmidt

    this still the shit in 2020!!!!

  25. Leida Ramos

    2020 yes

  26. Clifton McKnight

    My senior year of high school in 1992 to 93.

  27. nicole lee

    2020 anyone if so hit the like button😜

  28. anthony pucci

    good old jams

  29. Billy Matthews

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥good music

  30. jaee marie

    The comfort part 3:02- 3:34I want to be held in his arms while he comforts me all 2020!! Still listening to this like it just came out

  31. P Money

    Drop a thumbs up if you're still here in 2020...

  32. Anthony Rico Lumpkins

    Who still listening in 2020?????

  33. John Ashley

    If you can't get some with this song playing God help you.😂

  34. beautiful⚖mess

    Come thru harmony....yaaaaaassss
    #comfy cozy in 2020

  35. Neema Magoti


  36. Tiffy LA

    Omg the harmony is so beautiful! Classic music

  37. Yvonne Brown

    Outstanding Powerful song, that I will always love. Still listening in 2020, and many years to come. My favorite song from shia. Such an awesome uplifting song.

  38. Low Enzo

    I definitely had sex way before I was supposed to.. because of this music.. smh. I'm glad my kids listen to lil yacht y lol

  39. Kenyanna Pennington

    My every weekend late night J.A.M🖤🎶🎵

  40. Emma Kim- tashis Harrison

    I'm so glad my daddy sing all the songs everything. That way I don't thank about nobody. I know that my daddy would never hurt my Momma .

  41. Storm

    Definitely a song I still have on my playlist.

  42. Miguel Sanabia

    This song is... Every bit on point.

  43. Sexi Diamond

    this song still hitting in 2020

  44. Jennifer Martinez

    2020 and this is still one of my favorites❤

  45. Ricko Rawls

    Hit after hit! The 90s were the decade of hits! 2020!

  46. April Barrett

    Still listening in 2020 and will be always 😍😍

  47. Antz Kavana

    Music that's hits straight to the core

  48. Jessica Cagle

    Who is still listening in 2020!! Still in love with era!💕💕

  49. Jacqui Green

    The kind of music I listened to as kid that made me look forward to the prospect of falling in love when I grew up. 90's music made you feel something deep down in your soul.

  50. caviora wallace

    Still listening and it's 2020💕 I will always listen to timeless and beautiful love music period.

  51. Mar Barnaby

    Still my favorite song from shai 🎇🎆🎇🎆

  52. undray Lowery

    My heart was broken when this song came out

  53. Kools Anthony

    Yo this would be a dope ass sample

  54. being black aint easy

    I'm crushing on lead singer since my teenager years..livelihoods

  55. Joseph Osifo

    Who’s listening to shai in 2020. The last decade of good music was the 90s

  56. Relyn Shook

    21 years and Idk why I love songs like this so much maybe because it helps me sleep good when I'm hurting in pain being traumatize now if man can sing this song as good as Shi then I would be impressed even more because a guy who can sing professionally that's a turn on I being honest.a major it's hot

  57. Johnny Carson

    The days my folks would not let me go out and I spent the nights watching Midnight Love on BET, memories

  58. Teara Forever

    2020 in this thang😎🗣🙋🏾‍♀️

  59. Pocalicious Solo

    2020 anyone else🎶

    Shante Smith

    Pocalicious Solo I’m still here lol

    Pocalicious Solo

    @Shante Smith dats what's up😄


    Yes Only the REAL one's will understand this🍻

  60. The Mack

    Tell me what did he do, to make you cry this time. Omgggg i miss the fucking 90's so mucho, brings back some great memories

    cynthia mulayantanda

    I wanna go back😰

  61. The Mack

    I made a big big big mistake 💯

  62. The Mack

    I will make it right 🤗💦❤❤

  63. Fredreia Dempsey

    Still loving this groove. Desiring a guy like that... dreaming yes I know. Ijs

  64. Maurice White

    Simp national anthem.

  65. Lucy Barnes

    Idk why i get so emotional listening to this song 😩😩😩🤧

  66. Myra Mulkey

    2020 🥰🥰

  67. GentleAs ARose

    One of my favorite groups 🔥😀🙌🌷🔥🔥#Garfield

  68. Spank1

    2020 and still jamming!!😎💪

  69. Ayumahani Sigu

    Who’s still listening in 2020!!! 😩🥰🥰🥰

  70. Vibes Jay

    2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ who with me 🎆✨

  71. Synamin Symone

    Still listening in 2020 ✨💙

  72. ashnikki

    Who listening in 2020 ♥️👍

  73. Shawnta McDonald

    This was one of my favorite songs by them. They still sexy as hell too!!!

  74. twampson916

    This is a classic right here. However, Shai was straight blocking on this one. Put their capes on real quick.

  75. Bella Diamond Lux

    Listening 12/31/[email protected]:52est love to hear this song 🥰😘❤️😘

  76. Orlando Smith

    Who is listening to this in 2020

  77. Saniyyah Hasan

    swear this song reminds me of those days my sister used to sit down and write down words to songs so she can learn the words she wrote this song down back on the day....MAN....I Love the 90's music

  78. Lashandra Debardelaben


  79. A Little Twisted

    Since this song came out omg it's my all time fav even in 2019

  80. Tiffany Coleman

    Garfield so damn fineeeeeee!!!!!!

  81. Andreaous Latimer

    I played dafuc out the tape until it popped. Sexual was another one that got and of course If I Ever Fall in Love

  82. Sunshine Causey

    I love them 2019 going into 2020. Who’s still listening to this?

  83. Arthur D

    At 6 or 7 this song had me trying to romance in elementary

  84. Mykeionna

    That light skinned one though!

  85. Aldo Gonzalez

    They dont make music like this anymore 😥

  86. Mom2BbyG KaTeraD

    This is MY ishh!!!!!! I'd go back to the 90's ANY day. THIS is real music🎤🎶💎💙

  87. M Azee

    Who grew up in this era. Where all my 70s and 80s babies.....👍

  88. Staci Austin

    Always Shai over Silkk! And ohhh Garfield lol

  89. Love33

    Whose listening in December of 2019 instead of goofy Christmas music?

  90. fireguy615

    I remember when R&B had vocals, harmonies and sang about love....

  91. My play books

    From the real HU. Lets go Howard university. The real Washington D.C. not this new "D.C."

  92. anthg75

    When music had meaning

  93. Alternative Roots TV

    My God they sound so beautiful in this song 💖 I'm so thankful to have known this music in the 80's _90's

  94. Jaclyn Sara

    i cant take it...these guys are some of the best...ughh!!! <3

  95. ali Ambriz

    My shit🙌 love u always Lil💯