Shaggy - Sugarcane Lyrics

My ladies!
You know you gotta run away
With me to the islands
Oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa
My sugar cane
Oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa

She said she's tired of the city life
Says she wants a simple life
Tell me she she need me
Want to settle down and be my wife
Introduce her to the island life
She says it everything that she likes
We bought some fruits from the fruit stand
Roots from the roots man
Coconut water well we get it from the jelly man
She had a piece of my sugarcane
From then she hasn't been the same

She says
No bright lights no fame
Caviar or champagne
She wanna be a plain old jane
She likes the taste of my sugar cane
It ain't hard to explain
How this girl rocks my brain
She likes being a plain old jane
She likes the taste of my sugar cane
Oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa
She likes the taste of my sugar cane

Girl there ain't no substitute
Don't you worry about the loot
Wanna be a mommy ripe and ready for a couple youths
Forever on this island cruise
Tell me baby how can we lose?
She love the ackee and the salt fish
Yam from the market
Sweet cocoa tea or some real hot chocolate
But when she taste my sugar cane from then she hasn't been the same

[Chorus x2]

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Shaggy Sugarcane Comments
  1. Ciru Karago

    A tasty sugarcane😋😋 can mess u up and confuse you too 😂😂😂

  2. arite omuabor

    This song is so underrated!

  3. Bryan Martinez

    Memeable song

  4. uProcess

    i forgot how epic this video was.

  5. Juniorfred Mbatia

    This beautiful song will hit 1M+ views this year, 2019. Watch out

    Kenya and Jamaica we are one.

    Devon Sinder

    Im from Canada but travel to Jamaica. Love it

  6. Lusciousline



    13/08/2019 on de 🔂🎧👌

  8. Rayon Williams

    3:48 look 👀

  9. Rayon Williams

    Wing I love 💕 you

  10. Rayon Williams

    Labor Day

  11. Rayon Williams

    Fake new

  12. Duncan Ellis

    2019 who still loves it

  13. Shamar Morris

    Director: Jay Will (GAME OVER)

  14. Shamar Morris

    Year: 2011

  15. Daniel Banz

    what a fun song! Heard it in a Chinese supermarket the other day haha - Toronto

  16. Steve n Denise Sanchez

    Love this 2018 (Belize)

  17. Mc Radics

    This songs mek mi love to visit J.A

  18. Tylor 67

    2018 who still likes it?

  19. Patience Mona

    Took me forever to figure out what sugarcane actually meant 😂😂

  20. Irene Ellie

    Never say never 😉franklin

  21. Tapiwa Muranga

    Which sugarcane did this girl taste that made her not to want to go back home ?

  22. jessca michael

    I love sugarcane

  23. jaysoni macamber

    I love this song from da day it was released😚😚😗😗

  24. Serena Wright

    The house that her parents were in is the good hope plantation in Trelawny Parish, JA. That's also where a portion of How Stella got her Groove back was filmed. I loved JA. So beautiful

  25. Lisa Gibson

    Big up shaggy.... love this

  26. Marchelle Griffin

    I know I want some sugarcane

  27. markhd7

    I love the salt fish all my family are black and mixed raises

  28. markhd7

    Rasta man suger

  29. markhd7

    Me to I love my lady me love this it's so Jamaica 🇯🇲 black green yellow 🇯🇲

  30. Noemi Aciko

    Irie vibes 🌱🌱❤

  31. Karl Miller

    I want some Jamaican sugar cane tea… ☮🔥

  32. Griffith Nagide

    luv it maan!

  33. The CROW GANG

    maan raast man style


    Livio yo me mean that

  34. GMBY


  35. Michael Craven

    love this tune it bad mon shaggy your the mon one love

  36. Annie Swalef

    beatiful mi seh a true

  37. gary king

    this  is very good

  38. LaQuine

    Hahaha she's stuck on the sugarcane

  39. dominiqe c

    lol Lata

  40. Thutmosis7

    Shaggy is something else. This video is so funny

  41. Peter Lankton

    Plot twist: dad gets hooked on the sugarcane


    Plot twist: He actually grows sugarcane and she likes it

  42. Jonnell Brewer

    now i want to go to Jamiaca to get some of that sugarcane

    Annie Swalef

    +Jonnell Brewer just go mi went 4 times and mi qwaan back next year mi seh

  43. Cami Powell

    Enjoyed styling this video in my favorite part of Jamaica...Portland. LOVE my Job!!!! 

    Lisa Hair2Love

    Cami Powell Beautiful Job

  44. mary-ann massicott

    Sugar cane = dick

    Scott Ethan

    Fuck you. Everyone knows that and you're not funny.

    Shade Ayrem

    +Scott Ethan The honest truth

  45. Кватропэлис Райз

    It was like African paradise!

  46. Cindy T

    Have to get me some Sugarcane.

    Lisa Hair2Love

    Cindy T girl!!! You are hilarious LOLOLOL

    Cindy T

    Lisa Hair2Love just speaking the truth.. I'm sure you know what I mean :)

    Ciru Karago


  47. DaCamponTwee

    love shaggy. makes me go back in time and cry sometimes, wish u were still here


    @***** I meant making music. 


    @DaCamponTwee He is.

    Kayla Blake

    He's alive n well n making music

  48. Claudia Barnswell

    I could eat some actual sugarcane right now mmmmm!

  49. obrian kaotic


  50. Delmas Abedi Masimango

    Mandingo's sugacane... ahahaahah

  51. Nico Maxo

    catch her wid ras

  52. Miley Willy

    Lol. Am loving the story behind this sugar cane song! Sugar Cane sweet eeehh? Dwl!

  53. Daniella Leon

    I love the sugarcane

  54. Chris D

    she likes the taste of my sugarcane  so is the sugar cane shaggys cock or the normal sugar cane?

  55. othman mbarak

    ohhh she like the test of my sugarcane i realy like the song

  56. eman cobalt

    Black people are Scarry to me

    Stine Cassandra

    @Yvonne Williams
     Haha, that's fine. I don't like rock, but I'll check it out :) 

    Yvonne Williams

    ok, enjoy the rest of the weekend..nice talkin wif u..

    Stine Cassandra

    @Yvonne Williams
    Thanks, same to you :)

    Gioce 420

    i wanna be blue

    Yvonne Williams

    Well that might be the best color to be these days (sigh) (unfortunately) I wonder what God thinks of this??hmmm?? just sayin'/wonderin'..have a good day..on to more bad news, the Falcons are losing (badly) again aaaagggghhhh!!!!

  57. danae bryan

    Jamaica is so beautiful thou


    Ah Suga Kane she ah pree!! DWRCL!

  59. dddarien

    Im Jamaican and i got plenty of sugar cane in New Jersey for the ladies that can't make it to jamaica.

  60. Pizzle

    hahahah cane she want

  61. Ashley Rockwood

    Saw him sing this last night in Portland Oregon. It was awesome!

  62. Sara B

    It keeps freezing! I love this song so much tho!

  63. reggaeuncut

    It's Port Antonio Jamaica, where they only show love, night and day .

  64. Jamaicangirl21000

    Yes he is...and im glad he back a ja too.

  65. Jamaicangirl21000

    mi love you SHAGGY.

  66. browntreasure

    Shaggy is amazing... im glad he went back a ja and do him ting..

  67. Aseel albadrani


  68. Tyler C

    Fun fact Sugarcane is shaggy's penis

  69. TheCordiac

    It looks like this is filmed near Port Antonio could that be?

  70. mcbasil

    haha it's like a short movie that i'm watching at xD

  71. faruk khan

    the song was good

  72. Kim kanyatti jnr

    feeling the video\plot

  73. Frida Erica

    Missing the old Shaggy.
    *angel *that wasn't me *mr boombastic

  74. MrX0Abc0x


    *** \ ***=To watch

  75. Patruşapteeeeeee

    Oh!! No top comments??

    Hello mom <3` !!

  76. Orhan YÜCEER

    shaggy respect respect respect

  77. Narek Petrosyan

    @sergeymalcev2 On iz Yamaiki :)

  78. Flavia Kamonya

    1:32 to 1:35 hehe the chq wants the fatter sugar cane

  79. Flavia Kamonya

    shaggy u killed it toooootalyyyy i looove this song

  80. Cein Maloney

    loven it cant stop listening

  81. oneekad

    Shaggy, this song is madddddddddddddd...

  82. Direalkyo

    Wicked, Love it - Shaggy for life Blessssss

  83. Sean Contreras

    this video is kind of... fucked up?

  84. JamrockSMR

    @animelove25 Kind of slack tho still, but that is how Shaggy stay...slack and outta arda (Real and True Jamaican Man). DWL

  85. Rui de Castro O Pirata

    #Ozzies @QueenFairyMe @TheLuxPod RT @breezymeadows
    ( ) <-- #Jamaica #Ff #women peeps #Psychuous #Joy

  86. Antonio nunes esteves

    i want to go there!!!

  87. realjamaicanjones

    how can this only have 130 views?

  88. Tie LaShonda

    -*ii love Shaggy <3

  89. Nelson Ivan

    Nice!!!...Bless From Buenaventura - Colombia!!!

  90. Cristiano Asanuma

    SHAGGY 4Ever!!!!

  91. Mo Ka

    Great song