Shaggy - Bridges Lyrics

A bet you wish you never burn that bridge
Oh no cause now your like the crosses

I bet you wish you never burn that bridge
Oh no cause now your like the crosses

I bet you wish you never burn that bridge
Oh no cause now you like the crosses

I bet you wish you never burn that bridge
Oh no cause now your like the crosses

[Verse 1:]
Climbing up the ladder you better watch your steps
Watch how you a flex and watch the moves you meck
Careful of the people you disrespect
Dem wi rosicrucian man nah tek no check
Cause when you coming down they might not wanna treat you right
And when you coming down that's when you gonna get the fight
And now your wishing that you were a little more polite
And now the table turn and everything a come to light


[Verse 2:]
It's no coincident the people you meet
You haffi careful how you move in the street
The same man you pass when you going up
When you coming down, him a laugh and a grin him teeth
Grandma say today for you, tomorrow for me
That's when you have to face your real sorrows for real
I know you wish you never burn your bridges
But who cyaa hear haffi feel
A cyaa believe yo burn it, yo burn it, a weh you a go walk
When you haffi cross the river in a dark
You burn it, you burn all your bridges in the pass
Now your future lead you to the same path


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Shaggy Bridges Comments
  1. Kagimu Frankedward

    2020 uganda still on

  2. SuperSweetness1986

    I love Shaggy's voice. So deep and sexy.

  3. Rajesh Singh

    Music that enchanses the mind body and soul reggae lives on

  4. Sox Zolnski

    #2020 still vibing!!❤

  5. Ouskeh capon

    Still burning 2020

  6. Haykel Ben


  7. Patrick Smith

    No doubt chronix is the biggest star to come out of Jamaica since bob Marley hes got the lot

  8. bruna adamo

    Ooooh still good reggae; ) happy to hear that

  9. Simeon Starr

    Real talk...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Eric Macharia

    Cyaan live without such music

  11. Corey Goldwaves

    Burnt a bridge? Wasn't me.

  12. Kamau Catherine

    Still vibing this in 2020

  13. Reaper X Reaver

    Still here 2020

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  15. Andrew Ndambuki

    And Rihanna wants him to audition?

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    🇧🇴 🇵🇪

  17. _.andy1 andy

    What a collaboration i will enjoy it till further notice

  18. Vanessa Roberts

    Who is still here 2020

    CaliLivin90 X

    Can't stop listening to it!💪💯🔥😂

  19. Rajesh Singh

    One more time for 2020

  20. Elroy Vankennie

    3rd Jan 2020 - 20:45 hrs

  21. Carl Lee

    Never forget where we coming from And praise the bridges that took us across

  22. ismail karakaya

    From Turkey ❤ Like this....

  23. Timoun Jahyah

    ✌🤘🤟 from mayotte

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  25. Chris Thompson

    Nice vibes Bless up from Spanish town!!

  26. Abu Conteh

    I bet you wish you never burned that bridge 👏👏

  27. Sharon Spence

    VYBZE 🔥🇯🇲🇲🇱🦁🎤🎛🎼📻🎧

  28. Alejandro Escobar

    Love you 🥰shaggy

  29. Lolli 97

    Chronixx and Shaggy big singers,or should I say performers.!!!

  30. Parto 254

    Legends Meet...... Sounds great

  31. P Harold

    When your ex comes crawling back to you...You'll be singing this song

  32. Sendeku Aregawi

    እ/ር እትዮጵያን ይባርክ

  33. Gab O.

    Timeless message. Blessings to all of Ra children.

  34. Joel De la espada

    Regue original

  35. ndary beauty

    Pure vibz!!! I love it.
    Cronixx just killed it

  36. Autistic Sid

    Still vibing and 2019 nearly gone:( enjoy the rest of your year y’all 💯❤️


    loving this vibe

  38. yahya nassir

    Bet you wish you never burned that bridge

  39. J Chr G

    This world is one big "rag-na rok" station

  40. Pabi Camara

    Respect. Brodher chronixxxx

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  42. ivyanne647

    Love respect u both💋keep up the good vibes 🎶 🎶 🎶

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    Chronixx and Shaggy are crazy mad

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    First time

    Edward Bosompra

    Blaze it

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    Love it

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    Big up baaaad tune 👊🏾🙌🏿

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    is shagyy feel it for real

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    Reggae is god's favourite music! Damn♥️

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    Who still listening in 1996?

  58. Makda Ferguson

    Lot of them

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    Shagg y O melhor som. Very good.

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    Sellassie high rastafari

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    Hola qué canción tan bonita mencanra

  62. Politieke Partij ODE

    Real words about real things going on in the world today!
    They only know you when they need you. Burn them!

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    Chune 🔥🔥🔥

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    Damn how havn't i heard this yet? 🎶🔥🎶🔥🎶

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    Powerful song. A lot of people burn there bridges

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    Shaggy’s voice = goosebumps 🔥🔥🔥

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    Ooooooooo nooooooooooo cus now you like to cross it ,climbing up the ladder better watch your step careful of ppl you disrespec love the lyrics [email protected] Cronixx respect


    2015? Well better late then never.

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    Wow 2015 and I hearing for first 2019

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    Climbing up the ladder you better watch your step, careful of the people you disrespect

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    first time here. good vibes

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    Люди! Никакой агрессии, счастье в чистом виде! Любите друг друга!


    shaggy come back to kenya long time 2019 still strong

    Meshack Drake

    Kenya ni kubwa pande gani in particular



  89. Kagimu Frankedward

    the message is much more perfect

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