Shadow Of Intent - The Shaping Sickness Lyrics

Only maggots remember the mark you left in the dirt, crawling, swarming, gestating through your lifeless girth
Entombed in perdition, your blood begins to seep
Agonizing torture disregarded by the living you reap

Only memories of screams infect the brain
Forced to disregard the endless pain
The eternal fire commands your soul to torture

In the land of the damned, blood is the only moisture
Behold the demon flames cauterizing away their names

Fire seizing the day; bestowed below are those to blame
I'm sealed for an eternity in an unbreakable tomb force-feeding the excrement and vomit from a conglomerate mesh to the newborn

I've reclaimed my righted throne, resumed the bloodline, and claimed the hosts
To swallow all of time and space all known sentience shall be defaced

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Shadow Of Intent The Shaping Sickness Comments
  1. Google Hater

    0:58 makes my soul shake

  2. Nate Caliber

    2:45 ❤️

  3. JD Faulkner

    Why is nobody talking about that godly guitar solo

    You take a sip from your Trusty Vault 13 canteen

    everybody was,you are just late for the party by like 3 years mate

  4. Hernán Ferreras

    fucking God !
    are you the Gravemind?

  5. Matt Knowles


  6. Shapeless_Abomination

    Awesome opening riffage. Super melodeathy :) Vocals work beautifully.

  7. Ploidk

    Holy shit

  8. Feosta

    holy sh*t!!!! I`m totally in-loved

  9. Geassguy360

    >song is literally named after the fucking FLOOD.
    Not disappointed one bit by the brutality level and lyrical content. \m/

    kabob 007

    The band is named after a Brute ship that the Sangheilli captured.

  10. Luca7x

    play this at my funeral. thanks

  11. Xviper

    Really Good work guis

  12. Nate Caliber

    I've heard a different version of this song where they changed a few things...can't find it now that's strange

    Mike Berrier

    Nate Newtown bleeding through - love lost in a hail of gunfire

    Moh D

    Nah man it's on their first EP Inferi Sententia. I much prefer that version than this remake.


    @Moh D the EP's one sounds more raw and old metal-like

    Moh D

    @Amphetanine I honestly really like both versions. Similar to how Inferi did Quest For The Trinity


    @Moh D haven't heard Inferi before.
    UPD:the super tech stuff!

  13. Manya Porteño

    0:38... fucking hell.

  14. Óscar Yáñez Zavala

    Good song pure DEATHCORE FUCK

  15. Donerkebab

    Is there an instrumental Version of this song?

    Moh D

    Donerkebab yes there is! They released an instrumental album with all their songs.

  16. Juanjo Santacruz

    this isn't for cunts (?)

  17. Rene Headbanger

    this people who disliked the video must be fucking retarded!

  18. the christopher walken curb stomp experience 666

    if I could get pregnant I'd be because my ears have been officially raped

  19. Antagonists

    Hail. The Void.

  20. Allison Hatfield

    I need this whole album right fucking meow. Not even kitten around! Hits me purrfectly in the feels.

    Eleazar Screams

    Twisted Trauma Stop it. Get some help

    Ryan Lusk

    Too much.

  21. Derek Hammond

    Fucking sick. /,,/

  22. Garth Johnson

    fucking wild

  23. Sm311yBaT


  24. Kelcie Dillmann

    Mane, diss shit go hard in the fuckin' paint, cuh.

  25. Jeremy Novoa

    Fuck it I'm subscribing and actually paying for the album. Which I rarely ever freaking do tbh.

  26. Jared Wilkerson

    1:21 Ugh I love keys like that.

    Eleazar Screams

    ディックヘッド congratulations

    Juanjo Santacruz


  27. The123jacom

    Holy shit, y'all are really good.

  28. Reddusk Ironsky

    Where were you hiding senpaaaaiii!!! With some plate reverb this album sounds really pulled out of some space aliens like from the back of the mantle of darkness that capes our galaxy inside

    Angel Westbrook

    Reddusk Ironsky ._. haloooo he was hiding in a halo installation with the rest of the shaping sickness.-.

  29. Adrian

    Hey you guys are pretty fucken good, keep it up

  30. Sock

    Seriously impressive vocals.

    Those lows kill me.


    +Flesh Sandwich Agreed man.

  31. ThroesMetal

    The beggining reminded us to MyChildren MyBride in a good way. Then it gets heavier and really metal. So metal \m/


    +ThroesMetal MCMB is so classic!


    hey it did.. but then it gets better \m/

  32. BFB Entertainment

    That riff at the end. Stuck in my head permanently now

    John Saunders

    Same riff as Dimmu Borgir- Kings of the Carnival Creation, literally same riff

    theKro ///

    @John Saunders Considering Dimmu Borgir was a big influence on Ben, it'd make sense.

  33. BFB Entertainment

    Absolutely insane, soooo good

  34. Book of Joe