Shadow Of Intent - The Prelude To Bereavement Lyrics

It came from the Magellanic cloud
Taking hosts, breaking bones into new forms, not death but something more
He swept us right off of our feet and caressed our worlds with crimson flame
Taking hosts, breaking bones into new forms, not death but something more

When the sun withers and dies and the darkness takes whole
When the reign of the wicked has overcome the toll
The brainless ones and the souls of the righteous will burn our holy fucking Ecumene to the ground

Eviscerate the beast where he stands and sever each limb with precision
Each system and its sentience will be ingested to construct new worlds for his deadened empire

We can keep this secret from you no more
The time has come for us to defend our stars, our branch of the Orion Arm, and all other life that exists among us

Rise, my Prometheans!
It is time for us to wage war!
Let us shatter their bones and let the skies rain coarse with their blood

Relish in the miasma, their rotting stench, and let the remnants of their singed bodies lie devoured by fire
For if we face defeat, this will just be the prelude of our bereavement

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Shadow Of Intent The Prelude To Bereavement Comments
  1. corey trujillo

    Prometheus and Bob approved by this song that aliens exist

  2. Ayrton Chaile

    Estos intros épicos tienen que estar en shingeky no kyojin

  3. Cory Sutton

    That Intro!

  4. GriM AoD

    Playing MCC on steam to this. ohh yes

  5. Alan Molina

    Went back to this cuz i forgot how much of a masterpiece this song and album is. Also outro solo is fucking beautiful!

  6. samuel sanchez

    That breakdown transports me to another world fr

  7. Nick Ortiz

    Greetings from earthlings 🖖 Death to all humans 🤘🤘😈

  8. Catub’s TV

    If Halo and Doom had a baby.

  9. Micah Revenant

    I'm working my way backwards, listening to the Shadow of Intent albums. I felt compelled to listen to this one. And daaamn, I can't believe how amazing this song sounds, and it's only the first track of this album. 🤘
    Shadow of Intent never ceases to amaze me.

  10. nomadflbh

    Giddyup cowboy!!!!!

  11. Lacey Abrams


  12. yampry

    I wanna press Like button 100 times for this song.

  13. Adrian Höijer

    this is one of the best songs in existance!

  14. Atiagooq

    Still getting goosebumps! 🤘

  15. J.- MaCaCo

    This is Melodic Deathcore?

  16. yampry

    fackin awesome song wahaa

  17. Isaac Holloway

    *n u t t*

  18. Kylekanzler

    lawd jayzis, the first verse to the end of the blast afterwards 🤤

  19. Real Sociedad De La Amistad

    Band´s name inspired by a Covenant Cruiser.
    Lyrics from Halo Cryptum, Primordium and Silentium.
    Songs names from Halo 4 and 3.
    Simply amazing <3

    Real Sociedad De La Amistad

    I did not mention that PRIMORDIAL is the name of the last precursor. ♥

  20. G V

    This shit is so sick I just shat myself

  21. KillersteinCZ

    Shadow of Iron Maiden

  22. Jerindo San Andreas

    3:26 Beutiful Symphony ^_^

  23. spore bubu

    Now that im thinking about the intro inspired by Slice the Cake - Of Gallows?

  24. Khoshik Motionless

    there just amazing i fucking love their songs

  25. Furii

    this would make an excellent boss fight song

    Zein Gonzalez

    Ikr!!! They need to introduce death meatal n core to zombies n other games.

  26. Xviper

    This Song is Bad Ass guis Amazing work \m/😎❤

  27. Gray Hutchison

    this is fucking insane, breakdown at 2:13 is awesome 🤙🏼

  28. 3\3 Elk Yeet

    muh dick jizzed with so much force that i was buried ten feet into the ground.

  29. Satanic Potato

    Melodic Death Core? Yes, FUCKING PLEASE!!!

  30. Vicente810


  31. Max Falk

    10/10 outro solo!

  32. Kyonボケ

    Starting to 04:38

  33. Kyonボケ

    i can repeat this guitar solos all the time!

  34. Pokemon Is life

    New album to grind. I could totally use this when hittin the gym

  35. Uthrak

    Wouaah... So crazy heavy i love !!

  36. Vicente810

    that POWER BROOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  37. P.A.N.D.E.M.O.N.I.U.M.

    I have found myself a new band.

  38. Amitaya Lama

    one of the bestest outro ever

  39. NHKC

    100th comment

  40. Deathippy Gaming

    this band is actually ok compared to all the other shit the Deathcore industry is producing now days

  41. Reddusk Ironsky

    Already better than RoS and Infant Annihilator. These two bands are imo so overrated. Shadow of Intent sounds way cooler and they deserve way more recognition than those two.


    An abstract illusion is better than all of them ;)

    spore bubu

    Abstract Illusion is more proggy then Tech/Death/Core whatever this is.

    Day shadow

    Reddusk Ironsky someone with all the fucking reason.

  42. Joonas Kirss

    Greatest intro of all times

  43. Chris Becker

    Just bought this album before the first song even finished. Sounds amazing

  44. Randall Slater

    An amazing beginning to an amazing album

  45. shiran david

    i love this!!!

  46. Blake Holland

    this is fucking amazing

  47. PoisonTick

    The fact that you guys are a Halo themed band makes me so fucking happy, love your music and wish you guys a lot of success

  48. Deku Butler

    this is my new favorite band.

    Jayden J Bryant

    Deku Butler same

  49. Antagonists

    An' the Promeatheans have risen. it took years, but. biokensis has changed, them. Ended the human vessals an' brought to golden-orange sun light.

    The Didact's Will.

    Bodies come closer to the time, where the need to connect will no longer be possible.

    I've returned against my will, an' I am here to cause omnigalatic Peace.

    That is my message for the Didact.

    Do you remember, a Promeanthean's body? Men look like. *t* _h_Is.

  50. jose calderon

    intro is sick as hell

  51. Silenc9

    3:26 so fucking good

  52. Dani Dosis

    buena banda <3

  53. Kevin M

    i imagine this band as being a mix of carnifex, whitechapel, and Be'lakor

    The Epitome of Brutality

    I don't hear any Be'lakor in it, but that might be just me.

    Xeph Xen

    Kevin M A few tiny bits remind me of Be'lakor. I love them.

  54. Kus Tam

    2:13 <= Love This Part


    after the burial

  55. Kus Tam

    2:13 <= Love This Part

  56. Adrian Rodriguez

    This is so great omfg 😬😬😬

  57. Owldoctor

    Holy fucking shit.... that was awesome!!

  58. The Hater Man

    I don't know BMTH back to Deathcore

  59. Leroy Najatahn


  60. Lenny Tee

    Just thanks to shadow of intend for that INSANE awesome song!!!! Thats no more music thats art :O :O <3 <3

  61. Based Lord

    This album is about Halo

    Based Lord

    Yeah, Shadow of Intent was the name of a Covenant Cruiser, the Battle of the magninot Sphere is the last battle between the forerunners and the flood

    UndeadStorm Blade

    Thomas Hughes All the songs are about halo lol. u can tell by the lyrics and band name. fucking amazing

    KillMe Softly

    SAIYANLINEAGE \\\\\\\ this song is about the flood in general and yes I necroed

    Cyber connect 2

    Nooooooooooo! REALLY? I couldn't tell...

    Satan Claus

    The band is about Halo.

  62. MsJoey

    So many goosebumps and eargasms in one song! You guys are awesome!!

    Jari The Sauna Lover

    @MsJoeyJody They are great in general but when you compare them to other bands in the genre, they quickly pale in comparison to bands like Obscura or The Faceless.

    Héricles França

    +Jari The Sauna Lover Obscura (not Deathcore) and The Faceless (not Deathcore since a long time) aren't not even close to average, and doesn't use minor harmonic as their most important scale (like SOI does). Also, they don't have Symphonic elements (this band uses these symphonic elements greatly by the way). Plus, SOI vocalist is one of the best in the Deathcore scene.
    I'd say this band is not even close to the average. Their sound is very unique, giving the fact that they are inside a previously created genre. I, personally, can't find a band very similar to this (and i'm a great -core fan)
    I love this and I don't like The Faceless and Obscura too much, SOI doesn't sound like them


    @Jari The Sauna Lover Not a big fan of The Faceless. You can't compare Shadow of Intent to them.

    Aurora Dash

    Héricles França They (to me) sound similar to Rings of Saturn.

    Reddusk Ironsky

    wtf? Obscura and The Faceless? Really? They are nothing compared to this band. The Faceless is not even deathcore anymore. It is your opinion that you may like them more than SOI but to say they are paled by them? Nope, they have a more unique sound, better than The Faceless.

  63. Nitesh Pokhrel

    the next infant anhiliator

    Day shadow

    Nitesh Pokhrel more technical and better and neither sounds like infant.

  64. Matt

    thank god for suggestions

  65. Stan Ippel

    haven't heard such a killer album in a while! Keep it up guys.

  66. DddyBaphomet666

    16,666 view. yes. hail Satan.


    2nd best album next to the elysian grandeval galériarch by infant annihilator


    +Willi Lib Heil Satanas

    вronкus тonкus

    @DddyBaphomet666 I love that album

  67. davi vexis

    one of the most epic intros ive heard in years

    Cori Ream

    Yes for the love of god can shadow teach all these other bands how to stsrt a god damn album

    Cori Ream

    In todays death metal scene you really have to blow brains out from the onset or you automatically start from behind.

    Onyx Raptor

    davi vexis And outros too...

  68. vvnti christ

    A band, that is mightier than Rings of Saturn in destroying the universe

    kabob 007

    They're as mighty as the Rings that the Forerunners made... Now press the button, we have Flood to kill.

  69. VistaSuxx

    This is so insanely good, right in my sweetspot!

    Graf Alexander von Eich zu Soltau

    Whole album had me like "holy fuck"

  70. Justyn Fogarty

    I'm so impressed this is absolutely incredible!

  71. Dash71101

    4:38 - 5:51 EARGASM!!!

    Sead Šabić

    Dash71101 I would *NEVER* expect something like this in a deathcore song, so beautiful, the whole song is fucking beautiful

  72. Atiagooq


  73. Miguel Meneses Hernandez

    Karpizzle sends me with good tidings, you band fucking rocks

    Miguel Meneses Hernandez

    @Marksman 5147 great huh?

    Marksman 5147

    @Miguel Meneses Hernandez yeah it was hysterical haha I posted it in PDC

    Miguel Meneses Hernandez

    +Marksman 5147 it was great

    You take a sip from your Trusty Vault 13 canteen

    Which video pls

    Marksman 5147

    @Millenium Earl It was episode 3, but all the episodes but 4 were deleted I think...? Disappeared off their YouTube so RIP

  74. smkinrade

    Excellent album. Nice job, guys.

  75. mara groome

    This song defines sex

    David Allen

    o shit waddup


    "Taking hosts, breaking bones into new forms, not death but something more. "

    u wot mate


    Did i just lost virginity?!

  76. Ryusuke Yoshida

    godamn dude this is fvcking sick, Boo + Shore of Elysium + The Raven Autharchy + Within the Ruins

  77. Sven Budak

    Guys, your music freaks out so much that I get goosebumps on my ballsack! I do find the higher aggro vocals better than the porky grunting... but the fact remains that you are the best band I have ever heard! (And I've heard quite a few)

  78. Joel Ildefonso

    God fucking damit that fcking introoo

  79. Sid Gates

    Damn awesome music

  80. Manu Cuevas

    Im crying of happines cuz for first time in my life i found a band better than Rings of Saturn.... omg..

    James Hardwick

    Most likely because they have a backing track consisting of their synths and their bass. They are fairly reliant on their backing track seeming they don't have a bass player. Rings of Saturn can definitely play their shit, extremely well. Not only are Lucas and Miles extremely impressive live but their vocalist is insane and Aaron Stechauner plays the drums real tight, even though the drums on Lugal Ki en were written/produced or whatever by Aaron Kitcher which would be fuckin hard. They're good dudes and they make mad music whether you're into it or not, it is a little video-gamey compared to other deathcore/metal bands but that's something I personally enjoy about them.

    Justice Ostapowicz

    marry me

    Shadow Dance

    Soul Dragon Amen


    Manu Cuevas angel maker?


    Jari The Sauna Lover if RoS sucks and IA is overrated, this is ok, what are good Deathcore bands? Those 3 are top tier Deathcore bands

  81. Heresy Denied

    Very cool stuff guys. Love the vocals.

  82. Fly Tory

    It`s cool, very good. We wait music video)

  83. Eli Van

    Release an instrumental version of this whole album id pay like 50 bucks for that shieet. amazing job guys!


    Eli Van yeah that'd be awesome

    KillMe Softly

    Eli Van good thing they did

    KillMe Softly

    LucianSarbu MD2 yeah they already made an album that is instrumental but sure

    Xeph Xen

    Eli Van They did!

  84. Andrew Abaddon

    seriously one of the greatest albums in metal history

    Marksman 5147

    ehhhhhh its DAT guy from PDC!

    Marksman 5147

    ehhhhhh its DAT guy from PDC!

    Andrew Abaddon

    +Marksman 5147 ? do we have a problem or something?

    Marksman 5147

    +Andrew Abaddon naw, its just cool to recognize people acorss YT & PDC, been happening a lot recently. I've watched quite a few of your vocal videos


    One of the G.O.A.T and Reclaimer is even better

  85. brandanmetal

    I love those lows! :)

  86. JoySynthesis

    This is so good. I want to marry this song

  87. Dan o

    Trav brought me here

  88. Harold Wren

    the Ur-didact would be proud

    UndeadStorm Blade

    Harold Wren Rise my Prometheans!