Sewell, Conrad - Start Again Lyrics

Home time, I'm getting ready for a long night
They say you never miss it 'til it's gone
Well you're gone and I wish I'd done it better
Mostly I miss having you close to me
The only one who really ever knows me
And I'm sorry, I promise I'll do better, better

There's a hole in the middle of my heart again
Can we start again, can we start again
There's a hole in the middle and it never mends
It never mends, can we start again

Some nights, I kid myself I treated you right
Lying to myself, I didn't know
If I'm honest, I could've done it better
You said we had it pretty much perfect
And then you told me that you loved me
But you're sorry, you needed something better, better

There's a hole in the middle of my heart again
Can we start again, can we start again
There's a hole in the middle and it never mends
It never mends, can we start again

So I guess I'm gonna let you go
But you get to keep a little bit of my soul
So I guess I'm gonna write you out
But I don't think I can do it to me right now
Let's pretend that time heals all

There's a hole in the middle of my heart again
But I'm not afraid to start, again
Start again, I'm gonna start again
There's a hole in the middle and it never mends
It never mends
But I've gotta try to start again

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Sewell, Conrad Start Again Comments
  1. monique sala

    every time i'm sad i listen to this song and remember all of my family members that have died. and all those who i still have

  2. Tiffany Bowden

    Conrad Sewell’s voice makes my heart sing

  3. Gabrielle Quirk

    Such an epic voice, thank you for making such beautiful music Conrad.

  4. Keira-Lyn Turner

    He looks very cat like, very Lyran. ♡

  5. Karran Keaton

    I miss you so much beautiful woman

  6. matthew bunney

    Omg look at the background it shows the Australian outback i think i found the message in this video he is triying to spread awareness for our struggling farmers doing hard with the drought in Australia

  7. Anita Bekteshi

    I don't like it all

  8. Aileen Geddes

    Your music is so beautiful

  9. Claude Monete

    ❤Can I Start again😇❤

  10. Aileen Geddes

    Omg .Your voice is Gold

  11. Leonie Thompson

    For anyone reading this, have a good day or night and remember to keep smiling cuz it looks great on you I bet 💛 just don’t forget who u are cuz if u lose yourself u lose everything :/ don’t let ppl drag u down your beautiful, smart in your own way, funny, kind and deserving of so much love in life :) no matter how much u feel your a mess up trust me your not we all make mistakes in life it’s normal for us humans to do that but what matters most is how we chose to fix those mistakes and try to make a difference. A lot of ppl take life for granted and we shouldn’t cuz no matter how much u hate someone what happens if they was gone tomorrow, would u of liked the way u treated them, would u of liked what u last said to them. Anyone deserves forgiveness we just need to find it in our hearts to forgive when someone does wrong cuz we all fall off the path of righteousness at times and need to be guided back onto the right path. So just be kind and respectful to the ppl u meet be grateful for the family and friends u have around u cuz they won’t be around forever ❤️ don’t take them for granted tell them u love and appreciate them everyday cuz you want them to know how much they rlly mean to you 😊 just remember be proud to be you cuz your unique and that’s a good thing xx

  12. Leonie Thompson

    How have I only just found this song now 😕 this is so good rlly got me in my feels 💔x

  13. Octaria Sinaga

    October 2019 From Indonesia

  14. Latisha Smith

    I love this song because it is the beast

  15. Emma Negri

    I was just listening to Spotify then it popped up in my recommended and I listened to it now I just love him so much❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Clenia Ferreira Prates

    Apaixonante! Linda demais!

  17. randall scott burress

    I knew Conrad sewell was going there about 3 yrs..ago and so it is*

  18. Ropata Iti

    Me and my girlfriend like this song we listen to this when we drunk Becoz it's brings us 2gether

  19. Tania Nasser


  20. A Swann

    Im in love with his voice!!

  21. Esther Johnston

    Fantastic Dramatic!!!:)

  22. Salisa Lambert

    this good... >.<

  23. sage nunion

    James hetfield n justin beiber hybrid lol

  24. Diana Sekic

    And what happen if I as downin

  25. Diana Sekic

    Hey it form home and away

  26. Fenny Boy

    Most underrated song.

  27. Jessica Whelan

    Best voice ever

  28. Jake the Gaming

    My name is Conrad hagl

  29. Adam Huggins

    What town was this filmed in?

  30. Kris Sewell

    Hello conrad Sewell I'm kris sewell

  31. Tiffany Williams

    Home and away ❤❤

  32. Rachel Dobrik

    I used to love this song SO MUCH.
    I forgot about it
    And now I’ve found it again 🙏

  33. Gillian Catt

    Thanks Cosi for having Conrad on your show... WOW... just WOW

    Gillian Catt

    @Ryan Taylor Huh! Your question makes no sense.

    Ryan Taylor

    Gillian Catt dick head

  34. I hate life Cancer sucks

    Some days I want to start again I lost my grandad to cancer and the doctor said we only had a couple of months with him we lost him on valentines day and then 2 weeks later my boyfriend broke up with me

  35. Heston Wailu


  36. Natasha Hogan

    My song for a break up !! Oh just perfect !! Its helping me re unite with my ex girlfriend. Thank you Conrad xo

  37. Tiffany Bowden


  38. Tiffany Bowden

    Love you Conrad Sewell

  39. shark fanatic

    such amazing vocals and beautiful songs

  40. Elizabeth Dreyer

    this guy, and james bay. oh my god. amazing music.

  41. Rachael Jacobs

    I like this song ever this is my favourite song star again

  42. Noor Wie

    Heart breaking sorrow

  43. Chris Costanich

    Is that a boy or girl?

  44. ☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ

    Just wow

  45. Pauline Bendon

    Love your voice, wish you had a full serious Album.

  46. Susanne Cheekyface

    Conrad, you are my very favourite Aussie singer. ....a very special talent with enormous capabilities. Absolutely a number one fan here. Can you please tell me where the video was filmed please? Thanks in advance.

  47. Suzie RACHID

    Even though I went to your concert I didn't meet u I still love your SINGING voice and how u got me a DVD yesterday and signed it I almost cried bc u signed it but I was still happy in your concert your voice is gorgeous it sounds like angels SINGING a beautiful voice out of heaven

  48. Suzie RACHID

    Im gonna sing when im older exactly like Conrad Sewell

  49. simba kroon

    I love his voice but who is that other guy in the video

  50. Steve Harding

    Just heard you on Alan Jones.I don't remember this song when it was out but yes great.You have the voice,the looks and the talent.More songs like this and the sky is the limit.

  51. Margie Sullivan

    WoW...what a gift you are to the world...thank you

  52. Beefed up Tech Reviews

    That guy with hat looks like wolf creek finding new prey

  53. chelsea maree

    Hi I'm your bigest fan😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁

  54. yindyamarra

    Sunrise brought me hear,

  55. IllusIon

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love it

  56. Aleira’s world


  57. Beate .Grobe

    I don't like very much the young generations of singing artist, mostly loud and screaming songs but Conrad has a beautiful voice and the song ''Start again'' I am listening to again and again, good luck with all the good thing you're doing for this young cancer sufferers

  58. ps4 player

    Mate ur amazing ur voice is felt by all

  59. Zorian

    Heard this for the first time two years ago when he appeared on Good Day New York with Rosanna Scotto. he was so good. Been listening to him ever since.

  60. SHEVDAWG34 Chest

    Your song is really good I would give it 10/10

  61. You Know Who

    Where's the guitar/piano or a sax solo to break the boredom here?? A bit of musicianship goes a long way......

  62. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    It'll mend buddy ... Hard Chat brought me here .. Great song

  63. Mayank Vishesh

    His voice legit gives me goosebumps

  64. Hutama Rakajati

    masterpiece! ❤❤

  65. Manda Harvey

    Beautiful face I seriously love your voice an all of your songs

  66. cienna cashman

    I love you CONRAD SEWELL😍😍💝💝💖💖💕💕❤️❤️👏👏😊😊😀😀

  67. Yulita Nuhan

    l hearing this song is remain me when my boyfriend sing this at me so sad

  68. Ella Grace

    this was the first song i ever bought on my crappy little hand me down android
    i still love it. it brings back so many memories

  69. Oliviamaree Tarantola

    I know all to well..Never ends .

  70. ranaa goestojourney

    It's going well with The Book *ALWAYS* ,Sarah Jio

  71. Vlyphs

    How do you feel that this song was once on home and away

  72. Edged io Della-Marianna

    A great song but we’re is he now,such a great voice.

  73. Hutama Rakajati

    amazing !

  74. Catherine Sparnenn

    You are a very talented young man, god bless xx

  75. Lorene Sommers

    cornrad thank you are amazing singer and real inspiration . you have c a beautiful voice
    can't wait to hear more song from you.

  76. tanya johnson

    Beautiful video love the baptism at the end

  77. Jasmine S

    How can someone’s voice be so beautiful 😭 This song came out years ago but I still love it ❤️❤️

  78. Kyle

    Great song my favourite of his 🤟🤘👏😎🙌🤙

  79. Jisii Jisii

    Honestly when I was in grade 3 me and my friends use to scream "ThErEs A hOlE iN tHe MiDdLe Of My HeArT aGaIn" under a tree at lunch and recess 😂😂😂

  80. Evan Leonardi

    My favorite music on 2019

  81. Isabel Wood


  82. Musa Haque

  83. Emperorof Pigs

    How does Conrad only have 53k subs? Come on guys and gals. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS AMAZING ARTIST!

  84. indah ys

    January 2019 . From indonesia

  85. Manda Harvey

    When I first heard his voice I felt inlove plus he lovely all over 😍😍😍

  86. jenny gavrilovic

    ❤️ Conrad Sewell’s voice!

  87. Bret Kindell

    Conrad just has (that) voice. A special gift from higher power and he is capitalizing. Lucky guy

  88. Marc Mechi

    How come I’ve only discovered you today?

  89. Ellie Simpson

    You deserve so much more ❤

  90. Tamara Vujetic


  91. piggy bunny

    Why does is song only have 2 million views??

  92. Isabel Wood

    I love this song😍😍☺☺😍😍

  93. AXED 121

    Goodness me ...goooooossse bumps ....u sure know how to bring tears to my eyes ....TOO DAMM GOOD

  94. Cutie Marina

    Listen carefully he sounds a bit like micheal Jackson