Sevendust - Shine Lyrics

This is the last time I will talk to you
I feel like I'm in a blocked state of mind
Am I getting through

I'm on a free fall

So hard
Hard for me to shine
Been so long

If you look real closely
You can see right through
The pain I created
I'm putting us through

I'm on a free fall

So hard
Hard for me to shine
Been so long
To find
Try and find myself
Hardest thing I've ever done

To find
Try and find myself

I'm on a free fall
on a free fall

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Sevendust Shine Comments
  1. Lovingevery minuteofit69

    Talking about feeling it one truly knows how hard it is to shine ....

  2. Dragonsfire6664

    This album and Tour was off the chain!!

  3. Brody Bell

    I saw them at a small venue a couple years ago and have never seen them before, but love their music. Been wanting to see them for so many years. I believe they are harder, and better in concert. Definitely an underrated band. Thanks for the music damnit and still come back to them here and there! Hopefully they see this message, haha.

  4. Deaf2Demands

    Grew up w/ Clint in NC back in JR high school in the mid 80's trying to figure out songs on guitar from Savatage, Icon, Trouble , and Grim Reaper. I got him into a lot of those bands including Slayer.

  5. Steve Mathis

    such great music

  6. creator Space
    That looks pretty.

  7. Anthony 101

    most underrated band ever

  8. John Hamm

    Absolutely without any doubt my favorite song by them. The beauty, the heaviness with the soulfulness is really well represented in this track.

  9. Sean Wilson


  10. Cam Alcorn

    This is the universe speaking to us

  11. Usmcspartan420

    Shine is the shit. Sevendust is the shit. Shoutout from chino, California boys. SLAY ON

  12. neil macdonald

    Sevendust still fantastic album so glad to see so many fellow fans makes me smile sweet !

  13. chris norris

    Sevendust has given more inspiration in my life then anyone. When I got divorce this song got going every since, the big D is back "again". Thank you sevendust for giving so much. See y'all at all 3 shows to round out 2018 and begain again

  14. Garett Green

    Good stuff👍

  15. Melissa Green

    Just saw them for the 4th time last week and of course this song live makes life worth living

  16. hsbr00m

    I bought this album on my freshman year in high school and it has all my memories embedded in it. Best album of Sevendust no contest

  17. kevin leblanc

    Soooooo glad I got to see sevendust live in 2015 I plan to see them again hopefully very soon it was one of the best live bands I ever seen

    Beau Long

    Seeing them August 2, Champaign IL!

  18. neil macdonald

    One of the best albums I own :}

  19. Jamison Sampson

    Sevendust is so underrated and not appreciated by the masses. If you don’t like this band you are a complete idiot who knows nothing about great music.

  20. fede camusso

    This song is ridiculously great...

    7 lateralusaint

    i think they hold a world record in ridiculously great songs.

  21. D3coify

    That intro....

  22. Dedrick Randle

    one of the livest sobriety track mark

  23. Usmcspartan420

    fuck yea it needs more views !!!!!!!! how can we get it more veiws these days boys and girls !!!!

  24. TheDevilsInterval

    7d is my all time favorite band and this fuckin song means so much to me

  25. Adam Ngangan

    best sevendust song. a nu metal gem.

  26. Marcelo Gilliard Maia

    I don't know why but there's a handfull of songs from Sevendust that just give me this huge urge to drive a truck without destination so bad...Shine is one of them.

    Patrick Thibault

    I remember having a trip driving my car on Seasons

    Gleison Ferreira

    Pelo nome sabia q era Br

  27. miggy71

    My Favorite 7D song...still.

  28. Tahj Pierce

    lajon witherspoon just liked 2 of photos on instagram 😄😄😄


    so you come on youtube specifically too this song and post about it....

    Andrei Matheus

    Happylee Right?!

    Rick Flanagan

    My pals.never dissapoint

  29. joe conroy

    my boys,,,this song kicks my recovery in gear*********

  30. allphilly111

    Sevendust kicks fkn balls

    Sean Wilson

    *wears cup over crotch* O_o

  31. William Long

    Such a great song to get motivated and fired up when striving for something physically, mentally, and/or spiritually!!

    andre ciriaco

    Som foda

    toothless traci

    For mother fucking sure playah👍✊✌

  32. Chris Spain


  33. NorTherN PikE

    great song, great band!

    Josh Best

    NorTherN PikE i.e.

  34. anast dime

    fucking perfect. hope we all break our necks

  35. Joshua Strickland

    They were here in ATL headling with Coal Chamber, Lacuna Coil, and Stolen Babies. It was the BEST concert I have ever been to.

  36. 27mazzystar

    I haven't heard this song for about 9 years since my house got broken into and some dirty fucks stole all 150 of my cd's!! Sure they got their Karma! But after that long, i still feel this band kicks ass!

    john foster

    27mazzystar dang dude! That's harsh. Wig splitting time!

  37. UbefunkeyMC

    More like the beginning of Free sounds like this. Since DND was after Clint left Sevendust was it not?


    UbefunkeyMC I think Troy wrote the intro for that, Clint mentions in his DVD Troy was really good at combining weird effects.


    UbefunkeyMC holy shit I just noticed that. Almost the same chords but yes that was obviously Clint. I love that dnd Album

  38. Sandra Nelson

    that's what i thought. but Clint Lowery was in both DND and Sevendust so you can compare a lot of their work

  39. CyberDreams

    One of my fav songs by them.

  40. Muzikrazy213

    The beginning of this sounds similar to the beginning of "Free" by Dark New Day...


    Yeah Clint Lowery.