Sevendust - Follow Lyrics

Time can take everything that
surrounds you
You can break from everything that
confines you
Some to trust - look in my eyes
I will guide you
So I say

Living to love could remind you

You can't know follow

What I say to you take with you today
The pressure it brings
Alone alive to know
What I say to you take with you today
You can't take the pain
To live to know

You can't fake
Everything that reminds you
How you feel
Time will tell what's inside you

You can't know follow

[Chorus repeat 2x]

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Sevendust Follow Comments
  1. Cheryl Connelly

    Great harmony

  2. Doug Dougington

    7dust is so damn underrated from this era

  3. VeNoM F4urLife

    Best song on album!

  4. John Vásquez

    Esta cancion simplemente es majestuosa, larga vida a Sevendust!!!

  5. sorrowsuperstar10

    Underrated of Sevendust's greatest

  6. Dolorosakil

    Love 7D and Staind!!

    Christian Hackl

    Yes Both bands has amazing singers with amazing voices!

  7. Tony Urbanski

    98 & 99 If you seen a worthwhile show, Godsmack or Sevendust opened, seen them 4 times without really wanting to see them. I'd pay to see them headline a decent venue now

  8. Dylan H.

    Every time i play this song, these visions comes up on my mind and all i can see in these visions are my failures, my accomplishmets, and my failed dreams.

  9. Orando Paniagua

    love that song

  10. Randy Dubin

    The screaming by Aaron was utterly and totally unnecessary. I bet you anything that it was totally Morgan's idea, just like the screaming at the end of Angel's Son.

    Orando Paniagua

    its nice just like that man


    Melody and chaos.

    Denver Wood

    Randy Dubin Yeah, blame Morgan for something you do not like. Makes sense.


    What? You are clueless

    gene cable

    Its just to add texture

  11. Trish Logue Jones

    I agree listen to whole fucking cd

  12. ZKronicMon

    This should have more views

  13. Charles Edward

    I ment sevendust what a band you know......

  14. Charles Edward

    Man seventies MAN......what a band


    Huh? Lol

    Dazkojin 357

    @patches439ify 7dust, SEVEN dust, seventies.