Sevendust - Crucified Lyrics

So much pain to ease my simple mind
No hope - I've been crucified
And no one seems to care

(Don't you feel like a bitch)
(Don't promise shit you'll never be)
(Don't you feel like a bitch)
(Don't promise shit you'll never be)

The first time I knew you lied
I ended up crucified
My hate you wear for my cross you bear
It's for me I swear

What's with you
You leech off my desire
Faceless name
So untrue you're wasting away

(Don't you feel like a,)
(Don't you feel like a,)
(Don't you feel like a shit)
(Don't promise shit you'll never be)

[Chorus repeat 4x]

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Sevendust Crucified Comments
  1. Matthew R. Terry

    Why did i wait 26 years to listen to this band...?

    Jamie corpus

    I feel your pain

    Lorenzo James

    Idk if you've ever heard of Flaw, but their first two albums are also excellent.. another great heavy, yet melodic band

  2. Kevin Thompson


  3. Kevin Thompson


  4. Lizzie The Weirdo

    I hate that they make so much good music and almost no one knows them. But hey, my mom introduced me to SEVENDUST and I’m so thankful! And yes I’m a kid listening to this 😂

  5. Alexander Seabra

    I'm going to introduce my kids to sevendust

  6. cecilyt006

    This song is epic and stands the test of time. Sevendust is the Stuff of heart and brilliance.

  7. slave2tyranny

    I will be seeing them next week in Chicago. Fan since '98!

  8. Kevin Thompson


  9. Shivz0r Mountain

    Underrated beyond belief. Grand band, great song.

  10. Connor Ron

    is lajon witherspoon saying suck a dick??? at 1:31 lmao

  11. Steven Matthews

    Imagine Seal, if Seal did Alternative metal. That's the best way I can describe these guys.

    Khsathsovairyo bhekizitha

    Me too they're alternative metal


    Or alternatively K-Ci Hailey doing Alternative Metal. 🤣

    härjaren Langstrumpf

    Well put!

    Andy Bowman

    Hate labels...metal this, metal that... how about just calling 7D the hardest working, best live, kick ass band around?

    James Cornwell

    @Andy Bowman THANK YOU!!!

  12. Israel Rodriguez

    amazing album!!