Seven Places - You Are Able Lyrics

One Jesus, I will trust thee with my soul
Guilty, lost, and helpless thou
Can make me whole
There is none (on earth like thee)
There is none (no one I see)
Thou hast died, (sweet sacrifice)
And rose again for me

Lord, i'm letting go you are capable
Lord, you give and take
Yet you are unshakable
This tear in life is mendable
Your stitching so dependable
O Lord Jesus you are able

Jesus, I can trust thy written word
Since thy voice,
Of mercy I have often heard
Faithful is (thy precious promise)
Faithful is (thy blood upon us)
We will sing (sing out loud)
Let salvation ring

I will behold thee
Praise and adore thy
Glory and worth you bring
To broken and messed up things

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Seven Places You Are Able Comments
  1. Malik Muawiya

    You can add liquid nitrogen to the water fall in America and also add it to the boiling water in Amazon if you want to cool it down

  2. Sachin Rajput

    Add Hindi subtitles Please.

  3. Jaguar Gaming -PUBG MOBILE LITE

    There is no shadow of gumbaz al khizrah

  4. Sasha Borysov

    I have a hypothesis about the boiling water
    1. there could be a hole in the ground of the bottom of the lake and the hole is so big that it reaches the bottom of the crust and under the crust there is like lava and rocks and maybe the lave heated up the water.

  5. Ganstar 1284

    You make nice video about knowledge

  6. 0NIUQ

    Why not throw a camera in the waterfall.

  7. Rashmi Goyal

    If scientists can't explain so how you can explain

  8. BellonyDemon

    at the 1st one i actually think it goes to the underground water

  9. GirlPlayz Gacha

    Umm I would dare to visit *RAINBOW WORLD*


    The boiling river may be because:-
    The river may be deep that is soo deep so more deeper there is magma which is more than the °c than we think-may that heat of the magma is the cause of the 91°c of the river
    Give my name to the scientists about my information.
    I dont think it is the real cause
    Baut it can be a cause.
    It is still possible

  11. Rafieullah Akbarzai

    on 7 they should throw a gopro thats water proof in there

  12. Αλεξης Παναι

    Area 51

  13. M.Thoungamba Khuman

    Waterproof camera in waterfall??

  14. Charlotte Stringer

    No. 1: What about the ping pong balls? Did they find them?

  15. Leon Hopland

    I come from norway

  16. Namrata Dhiman

    everything has an answer ....wait and science will take that out for you.........

    ........maybe no 1 is the arrival of thor............just kidding

  17. Kirito Official

    No 4 probably was a hole down to the center of the earth and the lava probably got up

  18. Kirito Official

    No 6 they're probably summong Bill Again

  19. Isaac Amaguin

    How did the marina trench get made and why is the Bermuda Triangle so dangerous


    Western Venezuela's Catatumbo river is leading to Asgard

  21. Ella Semmens

    The Never-Ending Storm is real?! I saw it in The Deep but I didn't believe it existed!

  22. CharlieZZZz

    what you need to know is

  23. CharlieZZZz

    sponsered by BE AMAZED...

  24. Sarjil Suhi

    All of these are the miracles of Allah

  25. Ricarte Cosio

    If you say scientist cant explain how can you explain

  26. Sreedev Sahadevan

    Movcia cave is super what a wonderful mystery

  27. Gaming TV

    The knower of these things is Allah.....Who made this universe........(subhanallah)

  28. Vaishnavi Deshmukh

    Or may be who arranged the gaint stones .. they might be gaint humans... Much much bigger than us ..

  29. Toys movies

    The boiling River is that it is close to the equater


  30. navya s

    I don't have any theory🤐

  31. Limelight Forever

    Lol scientists are also humans

  32. late esport

    My stonehenge theory that place might be flooded thousands years ago they construc it with a boat just like pyramid

  33. D3AD S7OT 1

    man I really wanna jump in the waterfall

  34. Im Rusty

    #7 drop a GoPro in the hole

  35. Rosa Davila

    There may be cracks in the surface where magma from the mantle pours out.

  36. Rosa Davila

    Aurora bourealis? Stars? Fireflies? Is it near Oslo?

  37. Janine Marsh

    Stop living imbisile

  38. Next Level HD

    if you're reading this

  39. Salman Shaikh

    Hi missed the holy water Zam Zam and also black sea

  40. Nv SirusYT

    when j first see the cicrlces my phobia triggered sksoaksmsms

  41. jHe Rakz

    Every 7pm i always poop..i dunno why😂

  42. Soviet Dandy

    Whos watching this on 2019/Nov 7 PM??


    Drop a camcorder.

  44. Gamezone gtv

    My theory of the town of miantiaku is,the volcano under the near deep river or sea

  45. S lanke

    There are lot of mysterious places in India. Cover them also. And also tell the scientists to use a miniature drone with a flashlight to see what is happening inside the waterfall.

  46. Kriss Serquina

    i see a lightning every night at the sky

  47. Wayne o556

    # 2. I was always told it was like ponds....when it rains they catch the water in these circles

  48. Harinath Srinivas

    Scientists: How was stonehenge built?
    Brihadisvara Temple: Am I a joke to u?? :D

  49. Yuvan Khanna

    ~ ''Trending For You '' Videos on YT
    ~ Fake YT thumbnails
    ~ This Comment

  50. Mark Punsheon

    Elephants, snakes, antelope ... Pretty sure they were wilderbeast in the video 😂

  51. Everything and All With J Rasuu

    someone please throw a go-pro in the mysterious water?

  52. Renu Dwivedi

    Incredible things r waiting to explore...................

  53. SSC Destiney

    no 1 iwanna get stuck by lightning

  54. yogasini subramanian

    i love you bright side

  55. FictioN WolFz

    Just throw a freaking waterproof camera and see it live in a computer

  56. Dominique Bolds

    Can you get me a cab please 3pm tommorrow in 800 boardway 45202

  57. Shubham Raut

    That’s more probably the Thor Effect in the venezuela 🇻🇪 😂😂

  58. Istiak Ahmed

    There is almost 2k comments,,.if you find my comment, i am lucky😇😇

  59. Asif Ali


  60. Sung Po Alexander CHEN

    I already know one (hadn't watched the video yet),
    the Bermuda Triangle.

  61. Jonny Amber Aaliyah

    So scientists are pretty much littering as well

  62. Peter Ray


  63. Peter Ray


  64. Hueco Mundo

    SCIENTISTS are crazy BUT THERES A SCIENTISTS that believed in GOD
    I trust those kind of scientists that believing in GOD

  65. Droneworld23 Flyer and Photography

    Learn to pronounce English words properly

  66. shareef zubair

    Do Research on Qur'an and you can solve some of these questions

  67. S Murali Krishnan

    Hey Man!!! There is a place in southern India (Tanjavur), where the shadow of the temple's main pillar wont fall in ground.. can you able to guess it??? Thousand and thousand if people visits the temple and seeks blessings from God. No one knows how the shadow is not falling. Even scientists failed in search of reasons behind this..

  68. ShahadatHossain Rubel

    this stone up in work on Jin. or Big Human.

  69. NIKI Entertainment

    Maybe the water ended up in the earth core and boiled up towards the boiling river

  70. shadow mind

    What the maximum heat recorded in that desert may be the huge amount of heat can make this circle

  71. Venice Lorranne Angel Alcover

    The first mysterious falls
    Is in the movie "Jennifer's body"

  72. khurram khan

    #5.....perhaps Aurora Boraelis


    I want to know about area 51 is that real

  74. Zara Bee

    Why everyday at 7:00pm??

  75. Costel Tiuga

    This is how much iq he has

  76. Devorah Streeter

    They don’t understand everything because the are not GOD!

  77. rhea ram

    there is also a place in Lay Ladak, India which naturally cools water. There are reasons for how that is happening YET.

  78. Waseem Afridi

    no.1 i i think they can get a item and put a water proof camrea and see where it leads

  79. CR7 Magician


  80. Qwerty Uiop

    When narrator says Norbert
    Me: Okay
    When narrator says Juergens
    Me: He was like a father to me😢😂😂

  81. Cruncix

    Hold upp in 13 and from romania and never heard about this cave woow

  82. Pravin Rodge

    Hey If I were to die
    I would wish to die I that thunder storm

  83. Xtreme Warrior

    Maybe the waterfall leads to a giant under ground cave which held the water

  84. Matthew Awbrey

    4:57 ohh dats hot dats real hot

  85. Ayana. 0109

    For the 7th one.....why can't scientists throw a waterproof camera In the waterfall's see where it goes

  86. kartik vekaria

    I think there are some more places like beemuda triangle and other places in india .

  87. intelligent youth

    Science doesn't know everything there's a lot of things science can't explain or doesn't know. But science has given hummanity a lot of things as well.

  88. Gabriel

    Number #8 is Donald Trumps Hair 👍

  89. Superman _29

    SCHOOL : ❌

  90. Ahsan Kamran

    Stone henges are so big because in old centuries old generation was 100% much stronger and tall than us.

  91. Hermes Yen

    The Bermuda Triangle : Am I a joke to you?

  92. Monique Gray

    I gave a 👍 for that poacher joke. Nice...

  93. Messy Mae

    3:35 its tinker bell's valley

  94. Charisma Clayton

    What about a camera and put it down in places we’re you can’t go

  95. no name

    At 5:14 i got a bad laugh (i still wonder why)

  96. Ana Premium

    I know stonehenge

  97. Meme Time

    My one would be that why is New Zealand not on world maps

  98. lost heart

    Wouldnt it be funny if, this whole time Stonehenge was a natural rock formation?

  99. Zain Fazal

    At the start:
    *"Luckily for you, you live on planet earth"*
    *AREA 51 ALIENS:*


    Hey there, which of these places would you dare to visit?

    Boss Mainit13

    I want to visit the number 7

    Steph Sagun

    Everywhere hahahaha

    Nitu Paul

    Poached Poacher 😂😂

    Blacqi Kayode

    I have been to stone hedge