Seven Lions - Without You My Love Lyrics

I said I'd be right here
I'd keep for all our years a ship through time
Your eyes betray all your fears, flood with all our tears
The tides were high

I can't be without you my love
Oh I can't be without you my love
Without you my love (without you my love)
Without you my love (without you my love)
Oh I can't be without you my love
Without you my love (without you my love)
Without you my love (without you my love)
Oh I can't be without you my love

Without you my love
Without you my love
Without you my love
Without you my love
Oh I can't be without you my love

I can't be without you my love
Oh I can't be without you my love
Without you my love (without you my love)
Without you my love (without you my love)
Oh I can't be without you my love
Without you my love (without you my love)
Without you my love (without you my love)
Oh I can't be without you my love

Without you my love
Without you my love
Without you my love (Oh I)
Without you my love (Oh I)
Oh I can't be without you my love

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Seven Lions Without You My Love Comments
  1. Arsharaj Chauhan

    Trivecta + Seven Lions = Amazing Music

  2. Becca kline

    One of the best on here

  3. Hunter

    @bud19 what's good

  4. Vincent

    On a spree of old sheepy mixes, and I'm lovin' it.

  5. Cosmo Wind

    Damn! this is one of my favorite.

  6. Lou H

    This remix is maaaadddd. Awesome edit. Song goes completely next level after 2:05 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Shock Space

    sick remix my dude!

  8. Jizyr stark

    2020 UwU♡

  9. ApeMusic

    I don't even listen to this type music but am hooked to this song! Sombra on the cover is just a plus! Wp

  10. ApeMusic

    I knew Xylo music are all nice

  11. mikeisradasfuck


  12. foxxrider250r

    This has to be one of the sickest songs ive ever heard.

  13. LUKE ONE 7

    This artwork by beeple

  14. rtothemutha

    Omg, who's the beautiful individual singing???
    Love the voice

    Cosmo Wind

    I think its Rico & Miella..

  15. Phantom Sage

    2019 ? Wow

  16. Star 9

    Trivecta you absolute genius

  17. Junabul Jishan

    immerse into the rhythm

  18. Ramuntcho Etchessary

    C'est absolument énorme ! ! ! J'ai 44 ans et j'en ai des frissons dans le dos tellement c'est bon ! ! ! Que les dieux et les anges de tous les panthéons protège notre bien aimé Seven Lions... Je n'en peu plus, je vais me mettre à pleurer, de bonheur... :D

  19. David Monroe

    The original song is the only song I dont like by seven lions

  20. SuNd4wN Gaming

    7 Lions still do the best Trance-Step / Liquid Dub.

  21. Some Guy

    I always hated dubstep, used to think it was ugly, scummy music. How stupid I was back then.
    This, right here, shows that dubstep can be as beautiful as music gets. Simply amazing.

    Will Jones

    Some Guy check out Said the Sky, illenium, and Crywolf as well

  22. Miss Mimington

    1:38 drop button!!

  23. jodeci4lf

    This song after being given A SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE!!! Thank you universe for all you do for me, while I don’t do enough for you 💕🌳🌸

    Miss Mimington

    Awww, that’s sweet. Good luck.

  24. Lorenzo Monreal

    How tf have I not heard this

  25. Loxagina

    Oof the drop goes hard🔥I love it!❣️

  26. Yengkhom Meitei

    Seven lions are seven warriors who will protect this universe.

  27. brownlatayaful

    Bty yo momma so fat when she stepped on a scale it red my phone number leave. A like if you laughed

  28. brownlatayaful

    Awesome remix

  29. Kurxsii

    Trivecta is Love ❤

  30. Thao Pham

    this.... is.... filthy..... good....

  31. Subtle Truth

    This remix is brilliant compared to the original x_x

  32. Alexander Terrill

    Holy fucking shit. This shit is fucking Magical. I cannot be without you 7 lions.

  33. gfrosh

    Which Gerne you would place this Track? Thanks :*

  34. Carlos R.G

    Trivecta is so good. Just as good as his Fractures remix

  35. ImaJon

    Anyone else get a HUMP DAY Commercial?? I MISS THIS SOO MUCH!!!

  36. Kelsey Renee

    Damn this is good.

  37. Jesus Vazquez


  38. roberto valencia

    Cuando vuelves una bella pista en una pieza maestra, increíble trivecta merece todo el amor del mundo chillss

  39. Simon Somaa

    i can't be without you

  40. Niki Achacová

    DROP BUTTON: 1:25

  41. Laura

    This song and beat are so amazing i can't stop listening to it. It's so beautiful, it's stuck in my head.

  42. Xurplex

    When I listen to this song, all I can think of is darling in the franxxx 😁✌🏼

  43. ololomono

    holy shit. I don't know what that is, but it's the most epic sound ever.

  44. therandomnessisreal

    what a perfect song

  45. kristen 29

    Trivecta seriously deserves more recognition this remix is mad🔥

  46. Lean Ackerman

    it's really amazing

  47. pablito


  48. fnn.

    So much better than the original 😍. This song has a real good drop, not like the original version. Awesome work Trivecta😍

  49. Daniel Tichagwa

    This is gold!! Reminds me of the melodic stuff from the 2014-2016 era. Absolutely brilliant!!!!

  50. xzxzx ccxzcw

    It's funny, this sounds like it should be the original Seven Lions song, and the original sounds like a remix. It's like Trivecta restored the "real" song.

  51. mark kobe orpilla

    Genre please

  52. Ninguém

    What to... AAAAAAAHH


    wow...trivecta destroyed it on this good.

  54. Dorian Kaczmarczyk

    I mean i love the art can i get a source for it ?

  55. Max Aquino

    A M A Z I N G S O N G

  56. Dolores Munoz Solarzano

    who is the artist of the artwork?

  57. Shayan Sadr

    The Drop is Awesome!
    And 1:23 - 1:35 Is just killing me with Emotional shots!

  58. WhatSupp


  59. UKF Dubstep

    Keep coming back to this. Epic!


    All the time

    Wth_Abi RolePlays

    @Daniel Yup


    who the hell are you

  60. Boy Prasetya

    good good seven lions the best music

  61. Ezra Baker

    This sounds like if seven lions went back to his roots. In other words, excellent tunes, bruh.

  62. deadpaul

    2:34 so beautiful.. I wish the song ended like that...

  63. Terell Slaughter


  64. Jude how rude


  65. Stepas M

    Who is the artwork by?

  66. Soul Ripper

    LOVE IT!!! It's been a while since i've found something this punchy and melodic

  67. Sahil Shaikh

    Best melodic dubstep of the 2017

  68. kosmox

    ale to jest chujowe xd

  69. Chaotic incubus


  70. osman esen


  71. Glassy Star

    My life song

  72. K_ _K

    And thats why I love you Sheppy ❤

  73. Games Tutos

    OMFG, I don't usually comment, but this one diserve <3

  74. Jyotirmoy Das

    My God. This Was Hard Bruh. 😍😍😍😍

  75. Limp Wibbler

    Fixed the drop. All I needed. Although still could be better no offence. I personally don't like over the top.

  76. LMR2005

    You should make posters of you art

  77. Mustafa Mohammed

    Trivecta's remixes of Seven Lions are all on fire man, damn!

  78. Senpapi

    I kicked it with this man before he popped off like this ✊🏽

  79. Sub

    I love everything that Seven Lions has made but the original of this song is just.. meh. This version is a bit more like what I would've expected from him but not exactly.

  80. Unsteady 11

    Its really amazing ^_^

  81. Musica Nota


  82. Melotaku

    It's official, this is my all time favorite song. I love it so much! <3

  83. Moustache D. Luffy

    HOT DANG, THIS is my kind of dubstep!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*

  84. Glory Dreams 4K CMVs

    Damn haven't heard a song like this in a while! Great song! :)

  85. Reda Kri

    Miella voice amazing 💕😍

    Rico & Miella

    Thank you!

    Reda Kri


  86. Burai

    amazing remix!

  87. Nimant Chauhan

    Drop is similar to illenium's needed you

  88. Daniel Emerose

    Best drop of melodic dubstep track in 2017 seriously.

  89. Grizzly Music

    Missed that good ol' dubstep snare

  90. Kevin Rojas

    Absolutely amazing 😍😍😍😍