Seven Lions - Silent Skies Lyrics

Oh you're stars away from yesterday
Like a tidal wave
It'll break the pain
So let go, let go

Under silent skies I hear the echo of your heart again
Every tear you cry just drips away
Won't you lift up the lights
Come back to life
If you never thought you'd see the end
So lift up the light won't you hold me tonight again
Under silent skies

Silent skies
Silent skies

Under silent skies I hear the echo of your heart again
Every tear you cry just drips away
Won't you lift up the lights
Come back to life
If you never thought you'd see the end
So lift up the light won't you hold me tonight again
Under silent skies

Under silent skies
Silent skies
Silent skies

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Seven Lions Silent Skies Comments
  1. Trung Hoa Dang

    This song is sooo underrated. This is truly beautiful.

  2. mechanicsteve337

    This is one of the best EDM songs I head

  3. Steven Alpha

    Brings back vibes from "Days To Come" (2012)


    This song is beautiful

  5. ApeMusic

    I clicked bc I tought it was an overwatch video, now I know an amazing song uwu

  6. ApeMusic

    ""What Am I Doing Wrong?"""

  7. Voice of Logic


  8. CYRO

    Dude seven lions your song reminds me of the *death scene in Anime*

    okey potato

    CYRO especially the one of Iron fortress of kabanerE

  9. juhiba dutta

    I just love the music from 0:14.. It's something that takes me somewhere .. 🎧

  10. 터리

    이거 진짜 완전 좋아 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  11. UnRichTW

    Arguably the best song from Seven Lions

  12. norizin cardoso

    ohhh que incrível este som

  13. vincent komp lindgren

    Love this track, gives me goosebumps for real <3 <3 <3

  14. khushi sharma

    my fav part is 0:00 - 0:40

  15. khushi sharma

    can you guys suggest me some songs like this song????

    The Slayer Of Gods

    Rush Over Me, Calling you Home, Freesol i guess

  16. Jay Wachira

    I'm BAck again, can't get enough of this sweet melody

  17. Mister Eccentric


  18. pain killer

    Wish there’s a full song of the first 40 seconds.. just amazing and out of world 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  19. wow wow

    i thought it said HAWAIII

  20. Zenro GG

    listening to this on acid will send shivers down ur spine.

  21. Tee moo


  22. Yeashfee Albeen Chowdhury Bishal

    Pls suggest me song like this

  23. sarah celestiia

    Love how sheepy kept the same color/ora for thumbnail 🙌

  24. Lucas White

    Smooth Silky Mix 🔥

  25. Dany Almeida

    thanks alejandro

  26. BioTeck

    nothing compares to listening to SL after a long but beautiful festival weekend. Pop in your earbuds, load up an album, and let your feelings just come to life as you sit on the airplane heading back home while watching the world go by thousands of feet below you

    Terra Marshall

    Omg yes !

  27. April Levisen

    i could make a svtfoe animation meme outta this- the twinking part at 3:45 reminds me of star's wand

  28. jamrockprincess

    Is that Ruby from RWBY? The boots and the red cape looks like hers ^_^

  29. Monster& Maniac


  30. BRUVIL


  31. Phoebe Chang

    0:14 ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Long Moua

    2018 This is the best music ever

  33. Emuglii casrol

    Holy god nothing may beat rhizome god

  34. Combardus

    Holy hell this is so good

  35. Jude how rude

    whats with seven lions and slaying me tbh

  36. CYRO

    silent skies reminds me of Iron fortress of the kabaneri

  37. hafzal azeez

    Iam flying

  38. Lawon Andre Harvey Washington

    so why does the girl in the discover commercial still have her ex phone number?

  39. Luna

    its so amazing

  40. Long Moua

    This song is a Lengend #1

  41. RoachForLife

    Not sure how I JUST discovered this song but love it!

  42. Mommy Dearest

    God I love Seven Lions and Karra so much. So good to hear them together.

  43. Tractional Official

    So Porter Robinson-ish. Love it!

  44. Dark

    Wish vocals were more clear

  45. friendsshare

    Music starts 0:00 you're welcome

  46. Eggloma

    Ey It’s me name in there

  47. Tuhina Roy

    this song is just magical 💜

  48. Nyah Boiner

    Ive rewinded this song SO many times already❤️

  49. Reol Deidre

    Even the art is amazing 💖

  50. Alyssa Beetham

    ahhh i’m in love!

  51. La Flemme

    This drops send me in another world

  52. JAR4LIFE O-o

    I’m just here for 1:33

  53. Nguyễn Quốc Nam

    Epicccccccccc <3

  54. Raphix 02

    I LOVE IT!!! Is it possible that you mixed it a little bit slower? 👍🍉😍

  55. Eloy Bello

    mierda de música. poneos a estudiar de una vez.-.

  56. mogy waraboy

    02:02 eargazm 😍😍

  57. zWhite & zBlack

    quem veio pelo black?

  58. Yeashfee Albeen

    Someone pls recommend me some songs of such genre

  59. Cristian IUTU

    Like si esta canción te llevo a otro mundo

  60. Magdiel Garcia

    Esta cancion me relaja xd♥♥

  61. Cinnamoroll

    I love Seven Lions since I was at high school and I’m still listening to this music

  62. Reptophile

    It reminds me of Bullettrain Any body else?

  63. Gustav

    The first 36 second of this song makes me fly *.*

  64. Jasmine Wilson

    wow i just saw this on my play list and i like it

  65. R. Sandwich

    superman? xD

  66. Eureka Deamon

    Guys is it just me or the first 40 seconds literally transports me to another planet? :O

    rishabh sharma

    meeeeee toooooo bro

    khushi sharma


  67. NiceMusic

    lions songs

  68. Cosmic Sheep

    I find it so funny that we have the same nickname, Sheepy.

    Sheeps live on!! Thank you for all the great uploads and have a great year!

  69. KØALA FF

    I love you song

  70. Chamod Fernando

    That intro just blows my mind every time...

  71. sarah celestiia

    I can't get over the rise & fall of the bass

  72. Brener Alexis

    BlaackoutZ <3

  73. Midget

    Mr. Sheep man, im impressed! thank you for introducing this to us

  74. Sandy Lessa


  75. Mauro grippa

    algm ta pelo Black?

  76. Evelyn Carla

    Y Like ❤❤

  77. RoTe Rise

    Seven lions like DRUGS in my life can't get enough.

  78. Carlos Paz

    That drop gives me goosebumps everytime 😍

  79. OBLVYN

    Hey guys, I'm an electronic producer! If you're into melodic/spacey EDM, check out the stuff on my channel! Thanks :)

  80. glacial

    BlaackoutZ hehe


    tbm vim por ele bro kksk

    Bruno PvPz

    VampL kkkk

  81. Emily frank


  82. Dr. Dan the bandage man

    What is a good site to download songs like this in FLAC?

  83. whitezoo 1

    This is just pure insanity❤ Too much feelings !!!

  84. blue4dubb

    Seven lions ❤ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊💙💙💙🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎶🎶🎶🎶💙💙💙💙💙

  85. Sam Smolin

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  86. Monkey D. Luffy

    Beautiful ❤

  87. Panda Parade

    Colorful skies enjoying silent skies

  88. Soundnex

    1:41 This moment breaks my heart every time <3

  89. Jezzabelle Morphine

    This flows right through me, love it so much!! 💖💟💖💟

  90. J.K.Innovation

    don't really love the dubstep though the beautiful vocals make it worth while

  91. Levithecross

    skrux, who are you?

  92. Kamran Kazemi-Far

    that intro was captivating