Seven Lions - Another Me Lyrics

Is this what you want, is it what you need?
Maybe everything isn't what it seems
All this back and forth makes me wanna scream, baby
Scream, baby

Do you feel the rush, do you feel the high
Coming from my touch, feels like paradise
When you say my name it makes me come alive, baby

This is the way that it goes, dear
Everything becomes so clear
You never wanted to stay here
You had one foot out the door
And I might sound crazy
But this is the way that you made me
I'm sorry that you couldn't change me

You won't find another me
You won't find another me

And I might sound crazy
But this is the way that you made me
I'm sorry that you couldn't change me

You won't find another me
You won't find another me

Now that you're alone, do you feel the pain?
Feeling the regret flowing through your veins
Does the thought of me make you go insane, babe

And when you wanna call, I hope you don't
You hope I'll take you back but you know I won't
Once you let me go I'm not coming home

This is the way that it goes, dear
Everything becomes so clear
You never wanted to stay here
You had one foot out the door
And I might sound crazy
But this is the way that you made me
I'm sorry that you couldn't change me

You won't find another me
You won't find another me

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Seven Lions Another Me Comments
  1. UmbreonTwinkle

    I'm trying to find a song from them. It was from an ad and I think it's was the only time I didn't skip an ad

  2. CosmicG

    I swear Seven Lions never disappoints. That’s y I love this dude


    M A S T E R P E A C E

  4. Nathan Buria

    Dylan Matthew has such an amazing voice! And the crazy thing is it sounds exactly the same live! Hope this dude blows up

  5. Lori M Carey-Stafki

    The time is now! What are you waiting for. Fear stops people from love. Maybe the choice is still open. A lot of times things are not as they seem. Miscommunications do happen. Take the risk or walk away. I do agree with the comment below. Seven Lions music does make the day better.

  6. John Bautista

    0:54 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    1:33 🤢

  7. Neris Velasquez

    Seven Lions: I wrote a great song!
    Wooli: I helped with the riddim and melody!

    Excision: **breaks down door** *SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA*



  9. Trent Pettyjohn

    I cannot


    OMG!!! 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  11. Kaio Cardoso LS


  12. Kaela Marie

    Love so much 😭😭

  13. PhenixWa


  14. CozySet325

    Follow my insta CozySet_325

  15. Aquartzy

    Holy shit I love the bridge so mucchch and the dubstep part too😭😍❤️
    Ōkai nevermind I love the whole song
    0:27 ❤️❤️

  16. eugene collins

    Ain't called going hard for no reason

  17. Anoma Lies


  18. Dat_One_Dragonborn

    Frick bruh

  19. Thibault Schoenfelder

    Heard him play this music at EDCO (first time I saw him) and damn, its my favorite music of his. Love him and his music so much, thank you for this beautiful moment <3

    Sydney Lowry

    His entire set at edco was AMAZIINGGG

  20. Liam Henry

    I’d like to see Seven Lions, Excision and RIOT to collab

  21. Jonny Knoxville

    I don’t think seven lions has made a song/drop that I haven’t felt either moved by or thought was extremely beautiful

  22. Mayria Hamid

    Wooli and excisions drop when the roll hits. Literal. Fire.

  23. NeutralBytes [GD]

    Seven Lions : *MELODIC DUBSTEP*
    Wooli : *RIDDIM*
    Excision : *BOTH*


    riddim is ass doe


    Wooli does both btw

  24. Vynetic

    2nd drop sounds too much like Island's 2nd drop
    edit: i know that wooli was part of both but still

  25. Liam Henry

    Always nice to hear Dylan Matthew

  26. Sarah Tourangeau

    This one breaks my heart <,3 So pure ! … Thanks

  27. Mike Lirus


  28. takashimomochi x

    Excision: So how do you want your drops

  29. Márton Simon

    i love this song so much, the first and the last drops are very melodic and emotional, while the second drop is heavy as fuck, awesome work guys

  30. Yachi Xiong


  31. craig azucena

    This song is my ego vs spirit

  32. Ricardo Ramirez

    I fucken love it just the vocals and the beat drop 🙈😭

  33. shinigami 666

    lost lands feels!!!!!

  34. Upmost Bug

    Im using this song for my gf if she breaks up with me :/

  35. Duckyplay’s UwU

    This is just a male version of island

  36. Julie

    To song: Yes, I do 👰🏻 🎶💜💜💜 hot dayumm

  37. Elektronica

    I listen to this a few times every day I legit know this whole song soo well already

  38. BioTeck

    Tempted to send this to my ex. Should I?

  39. Paulie Da Arifish


  40. CENTURY !

    Seven Lions: First & Last drops
    Wooli: Second drop
    Excision: Added his style to both drops


    @「憲太くん」Kenta kun Um BR aqui, lol

  41. linesixfiftysix

    Massive flux pavillion 2011/ 2012 vibes

  42. H J

    I like to think of this song as a sequel to island

  43. Maverick 392

    My favorite is the firsh drop

  44. julio trejo jr

    so fucking beatiful

  45. Gabrielleao Upf's
    I made this cover for launchpad/unipad if anyone can help me...

  46. Isaac Moua

    This makes me sad, but headbang hard asf lmao

    Mr. Amazing

    Isaac Moua hmoob shaaa!!!!!

  47. DrLucho

    Dude Perfect HEAR THIS MIRACLE

  48. Vioame

    This is absolutely amazing 💜

  49. Sabria Brotherston

    Seven Lions literally will add so much confidence to your life.

  50. [GD] Asa

    1:33 are those vines or tentacles

  51. psychaholic66

    That Excision drop brings it together. The "fuck it" part of a break up.

  52. E1 Media

    0:54 😍😍😍😍
    1:33 😞😞😞😞

  53. YangGang

    See you at Imagine Festival!

  54. Alyssa Vang

    Can y’all do an acoustic version like y’all did for First Time? 😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼

  55. David McGuire

    FUCK YES!!! Thank you @SevenLions!!! Your music is inspiring and a great way to balance peace and love in my life man! Keep them coming!

  56. Oscar Tapia Hernandez

    Island 2.0 😂

  57. David Tellez

    Maravillosos drops

  58. Epticz Music

    Wooli DESTROYED this track bro.

  59. Arelí Chavez

    Está de huevos,me fascina ¡La mejor colaboración! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Arelí Chavez


  61. Melterrr

    Shibaku tense

  62. Robin R.


  63. KicksNThings

    island 2.0 but angry

  64. Deathcolis Music

    :0 I feel again

  65. Buddy Helm

    Seven lions worships and works for satan, all of you are fools and will learn how foolish you are very soon in the eternal flame..........

    The Slayer Of Gods

    Shut the fuck up and enjoy the song.
    Why do you christians have to ruin everything?

    Emmanuel Villarreal

    lmao this guy and his imaginary friends


    Damn 100% people gave a shit at this comment

  66. Shiranu

    Dude, whoever does these animations is killing it :D.

  67. Fernando Gantoy

    Que temoon y que artistas dioss miooo, me vuelvoo locooo!!

  68. kidus Abebe

    This is amazing 😱😱😱

  69. Jay Kuro

    That was epic 👌🏻

  70. Muffin-Back End

    Wow an exceptionnel music again with a so amazing movie
    Well played again seven lions

  71. Kevin Alducin

    A caray, si me gustó ❤️

  72. Navaneeth U

    The 2nd drop Sounds more like Virtual riot!!😋😋
    But the visuals and the music are Lit AF!!🔥🔥

  73. NCT No copyright tracks

    Absolutely fabulous
    Love it:)

  74. MC AASH

    big up <3

  75. haley baca

    you can hear excision in the back ground talking to himself when playing this live go i need it..... i need it..... IM DOING IT!!!! as the heavy part came up its not his usual style he has branched a few time with his own stuff but it not common

  76. Crema Agria

    Te luciste
    Amo tu musica lastimosamente nunca pude ver uno de tus sets en vivo
    Espero que algun dia se cumpla mi sueño y toques esta cancion
    Dios de el Dubstep y Melodic Dubstep

  77. LuMoz

    7LS - seems a bit "RUFF" for your usual style - but I like it! Nice contrast within the track!

    Joyce Sauriol

    It's X & Wooli's parts that are rough

  78. sam chu


  79. Rebellion Amit


    Watch the video😄

  80. ScreamNoCopyright

    *Seven lions Never Dissapoints*

  81. Sonico_ Talons

    This song sends me through a spiritual journey of all my exes who tried to change me and should have accepted all that I am. Nice visuals and those. drops were off the Chain. 🔗

    Abigail Lizama

    I feel the same feeling it always makes me cry

  82. Caustic 3 File Gutter

    That drop. 🤔 ive heard it before.

  83. César Hernández


  84. Moonchild

    How does this not have more views??

  85. Louis Buckner II

    I cant wait til Excision drops Lost Lands night...♡

    3rd year squad??🙋‍♂️


    LETS GO!

  86. Vlad Ostafiychuk

    This video reminding me Outland from World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade)

  87. Ak Gg

    Plur vibes 🥰🌈

  88. Mauricio Cozar

    Ohhhh bro <3

  89. Syzuya Sylvian Soben

    This dubstep is for your ex

  90. Jull Traux

    El segundo drop fue épico 🔊🔥 no me lo esperaba

  91. Cara Apache

    I love the Melodic Dubstep 2019

  92. Desmond Tresfaye

    Au5 will surely murder this track if he's gonna drop a remix.

  93. Jefferh Gomez

    insane 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  94. Dima Polyeraser

    best as usual

  95. Nate Carlisle

    Insanely good!

  96. Daisy

    Linda soltar. <33

  97. ryan wood

    Wooli definitely has the best drop