Settle Your Scores - Life: A Fate Worse Than Death Lyrics

I could think of a million better ways to spend my time
Instead I'm sleepwalking through days while life's just passing me by
And I've been trying hard to count my lucky stars in the blackest skies
Truth is, I don't think I've ever felt less alive
Now I don't mean to play the victim
But I'm so stuck in repetition and I can't escape

Over and over, the days run together
Time flies by but my life's going nowhere
And I'll drown if I don't make it out of this dead end town
Cause I swear this routine is gonna be the death of me

With the weight of the world crashing down on my head
It's no surprise that I can barely drag myself out of bed
When every day is the same
Feels like I'm wasting away
This monotony is killing me
My life is like a broken record still stuck on repeat

Can't break this cycle of apathy
Is this what's left of me?
Stuck in this hell I've built myself
Is it too late for me to make it out?

If I don't get the fuck out of this town

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Settle Your Scores Life: A Fate Worse Than Death Comments
  1. dearxphantom

    jesus i've never related to a song much as this O_O

  2. W t

    "Over and over the days run together
    Time flies by and my mind's going nowhere"

  3. mafadubu95


    Kyle Sekenski

    @mafadubu95 그것은 그보다 훨씬 낫다!

  4. Jonatan Nordlander

    I would love to have tabs for this song

  5. MichelTriumph

    this album is so GOOD!

  6. Isaias Rivera

    🎧 Rock it Scores

  7. Backtoschool POPPUNKTV

    This intro is very similar to a song from pee wee gaskins

  8. Backtoschool POPPUNKTV

    Hello guys
    Please check our band from south jakarta. Indonesian pop punk

  9. joe mar

    i can listen to dis all day damn so catchy

  10. Looktowardsthesky

    i fucking love this album man..cant wait for your new stuff to come out !

  11. Alex Tuttle

    Please come to Tampa, Florida! Let's party!

  12. kylie struble

    I found this on spotify and I thought it looked good but it's not... It's great!!

  13. Alexander Snegirev

    love it! Tabs available? Really want to cover this song? you guys are awesome. TABS PLZ!!!! <3<3<3<3

  14. Pope

    OMFG I LOVE YOU ALL, keep in that way <3 <3<3<3!! Ty Spotify for making me know of this heaven's band!!

  15. Solrac!

    dudes this is amazing!
    we make pop punk 2 check it out

  16. jake lancaster

    Absolutely love this album. I wish I had been at Warped tour a little earlier, so I could have seen you guys live. Keep up the awesome work.

  17. Nicholas Archie

    you guys are awesome. Just herd about you from gore gibson.

  18. Martha Smith


  19. Martha Smith

    You sound like Falling in reverse 👍☠🍻💀🎸🍺🍃🍕

    Josh Yanaros

    Martha Smith wut



    a e i o u fuck

    you sounds like a wtf .lol

  20. Curtis Ebl

    Come to St. Louis!!

    Ronald Alley

    Curtis Ebl they are on the 20th!

    Patriotstream Media

    They just came a week ago to FUBAR bruh and there was only like 5 people there, I had a blast regardless they put on a good performance. Sink the Ship was there too and they kicked ass

  21. Zachary Chartres

    sounds like secrets by state champs at beginning


    i was thinking the same!

    Val Lee

    Sounds like eyes closed

  22. John Smith

    Sounds like secrets by state champs at the beginning

  23. awesomeness jess

    I love this

  24. Michael Van doran

    God I love this favorite song from the album

  25. ALCHIMY Folk-Fusion-Music-Songwriters

    Very energic song! Nice i like it! I like yoir energy and the music is well done!

  26. Alleah Clemmons

    When will guys come to Cleveland?

    Settle Your Scores

    +alleah foo In the spring!

    Alleah Clemmons

    +Settle Your Scores coolie cool. You guys are great.

    jay hundley

    +Settle Your Scores I hope to god you guys go to Cleveland or preferably Columbus, either way, an Ohio date and I'll be there

    Settle Your Scores

    +jay hundley We're playing Columbus on Feb. 27th!

  27. Kylee M Biersack

    Amazing ❤

  28. joe k

    hell yea, can't wait for the album to drop

  29. Dodgers Fan

    impressive. great production. awesome work.

  30. Haru Naut

    Gotta love saving the F-Bomb drop for the final verse. I think its a nice touch.

  31. Josh Blieden

    not going to joke this is an amazing and catchy song, i immediately started to groove to this

  32. Aleks Gersh


    jay hundley


  33. TheWorstWolf

    Dope as fuck.

  34. Hakmexul

    Their sound is awesome. So catchy. Good jam

  35. Ty Lovell

    SYS with that hot fucking fire