Settle Your Scores - If Loose Lips Sink Ships, Then You're The Titanic Lyrics

Save me from possibility
'Cause lately you're just a memory
I've gotta pull myself together
'Cause you've been tearing me apart
You've got deceit down to a science
But you make it look like such an art
Take this to heart
If you have one

I hope you float 'cause your ship is sinking
I'll bet you're set on your wishful thinking
I'll sit back and watch you fall
When you thought you had it all
'Cause your buying time that you can't afford
And we're going overboard

Breaking hearts like breaking habits
I turn my back and then you stab it
But I'll find something here
Aside from all these wasted years
I hope your anchor pulls you down
Just long enough for you to drown
'Cause you've been burning bridges far too fast
Treading water with your sails at half-mast
So save your breath
'Cause it's over

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Settle Your Scores If Loose Lips Sink Ships, Then You're The Titanic Comments
  1. Magic Joe

    2k19 ezcore wya?!!!

  2. cadence sinclair

    Chorus sounds like Tell That Mick... by Fall Out Boy

  3. Yuito Greatest Of All Time

    I love this song🤟🤟🤟

  4. Jeff Bell

    Did not expect a BLEGH breakdown lol that was sick

  5. mafadubu95


  6. Preston Lasater

    Excited to open for you guys here in SLC!

  7. ginotrickz

    real nice

  8. That one Refinishing Tech

    Sounded a tad like four year strong

  9. Tabitha Taylor

    Upcoming shows?

  10. David witte

    Christian. you are fucking amazeballs.

  11. Maarten Van Gestel

    The line "I hope you float" reminds me everytime of the RJA line "I hope you choke"

  12. Maarten Van Gestel

    The synth tune is so awesome

  13. Matthew Bacas

    Wtf this ia great song!!

  14. Snypr18

    Man what an absolute banger

  15. Max rusk

    Блядь круто

  16. Tyler Masse

    Chunk! no, captain chunk! vibes!!

  17. mfzbitch

    This is the first song I've heard by them. I'm glad I gave them a chance. "underachiever of the year" and "anti-social butterfly" are my favorite songs on the album.

  18. Blake Brewster

    so rad dewd

  19. Near Edits

    Omg I love you guys SOOOO MUCHHHHH, I've told several of my friends about you guys

  20. Sebastian Stobart

    This is unbelievable! Four year Strong and ADTRs children

  21. satria eka

    it's so cool, i like this song

  22. Cracker

    Reminds me of neck deep, which isn't a bad thing.

  23. Zupaxio

    I found you guys through gnostic it is a site to find smaller bands that are growing and I'm glad I found you guys great music! 😀😁 Subscribed

  24. Jam Ida

    four year strong vibes

  25. itszachdude

    Just came across you guys on iTunes....such a good album!

  26. Am JO

    they're great in concert too, very cool

  27. Colin X

    Anyone who likes this and hasn't already, check out Radio Rescue, Abandoned by Bears, CRex, Friends Will be Friends, Me vs Hero, and Four year Strong.


    Colin X Not to forget Carousel Kings btw

    Maarten Van Gestel

    No one mentioning early Chunk No Captain Chunk? they had kick ass synth tunes in the first albums

    Mahardhika Pradana Putra

    How 'bout Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! ? Lol


    @Maarten Van Gestel True. I didn't mention them, cuz I thought they'd be too obvious.

    Ang Hartz

    Four year strong is amazing tbh and thank you for the other bands haven’t heard of them will definitely Give them a listen. It’s hard to find bands like this nowadays

  28. Marie Sinycal

    Love this!!!😍

  29. OutfoxedGaming

    I love it!


    OutfoxedGaming wow I keep seeing you in music I like. You have good taste lol love your Overwatch videos

  30. Pops 405

    I dig this band so on point all killer no filler

  31. Yo mama

    gonna buy this album!

  32. SaffAttack1292

    GREAT JAM! Out of curiosity who did you guys album artwork? Thanks!

  33. miguelr246

    You dont see many easycore bands anymore these days. I was never a big fan but I love this too much

  34. WweAnime Amv

    Awesome band 🤘

  35. Ben Starling

    Is this the same band as Radio Rescue???

    Settle Your Scores

    Those are the only two RR songs we play.

    Ben Starling

    Ah cool, definitely prefer the heavier feel that you bring to the song.

    JJD Chou

    Thanks for answer

    NitrousVx Revamped

    Settle Your Scores it be awesome if you guys covered just sit tight

    Chase R๐๐lz

    How about the rest of RR members?

  36. Hakim Khlim

    This is eargasm... #RiseOfEasycore #EZTakeOver2k16

  37. radibear

    found you guys on spotify in my "playlist of the week", best thing that ever happened to me, cheers from austria!

    dominic rivera

    check out crunkasaurus rex homie


    if like this kind of pop punk watch our music videos! : D

  38. Eve Of Midnight

    abandoned by bears influence?


    its just the easycore genre

  39. Winter's Inferno

    This band is seriously so unique. They're a breath of fresh air and so much fun to listen to. It's like Four Year Strong and Memphis May Fire had a musical baby that listened to a lot of 8bit music. I love it.


    if like this kind of pop punk watch our music videos! : D

    Preston Lasater

    Check out

    Based Senpai

    Check out Error37 - it's more hardcore, but still has that 8-bit vibe. They even describe their style as nintendocore, lol.

  40. horin979


  41. Sqwilliyum

    SOOO pop punk! NEVER get rid of your synth.

    Jeff Bell

    More bands need synth

  42. Patrick H

    first 30 seconds is so fucking fire


    First 3:41 seconds is fucking fire!

  43. Ben W

    That chiptune intro <3

  44. RaVeN7131

    great songs guys

  45. William Walker

    🍻🍕👌🔥✌ #Eztakeover2016