Settle Your Scores - Cashing Your Reality Check Lyrics

I'd like to say that everything will be alright
But I'm just not in the habit of telling lies
The world is gonna kick you while you're down
But you can't spend the rest of your life on the ground
I bet think that you're invincible
And the world revolves around you
But the harsh truth is nobody owes you a damn thing
You're stuck with the life you choose

You're on your own but you don't know it yet
Out here alone in the wilderness
Nobody's gonna give you what you want
You've gotta grab your chance and hold on

I wouldn't wish this uncertainty on my worst enemy
But it's a part of growing up
And just because you're afraid of change
It doesn't change the fact that things will never be the same again
So go on pretending that your youth isn't ending
You can lie to yourself but you can't blame your fate on anybody else

You're running out of second chances
And second guessing everything you do
But while you're wallowing in self-pity
The world keeps spinning
It's not waiting around for you

Time to face the future
Time to face reality
Time to wake up

The world won't wait for you

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Settle Your Scores Cashing Your Reality Check Comments
  1. masonic free


  2. Nico 97

    It is so fucking perfect !!!!
    Pop Punk, Djent, Nice Hard Breakdown and Great Growls !!!
    This is how Ezcore gotta be

  3. Kenneth OConlon

    When you realize that the piranha plant from Mario is making a cameo in the background

  4. Ice Rox Pie

    I love 3:05 I wish I could play that on guitar! Has anyone posted a cover?

  5. jay hundley


  6. Ruben Gonzalez

    awesomen,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me ban a internar

  7. Sean Harper

    Saw these guys last night, such a kick ass band!

  8. Patriotstream Media

    2:02 the entire bridge and breakdown is sick as fuck. I hope you go far on sharptone my dudes!!

  9. Offizieller Kanal von Doggen - Tee ™

    Best Pop- Punk/Easycore out there!!
    The chorus is so Summer Camp-y! I love it!

  10. pika1222

    They should go on tour with beartooth

  11. mfzbitch

    Sat. Feb. 10, 2018 8:03 A.M
    Just heard this band this morning. This is the 3rd song I've listened to. Better late than never. I'm gonna go check out more lol

  12. Mahardhika Pradana Putra


  13. Logan DeMott

    this reminds of abandon by bears

    jay hundley

    Logan DeMott i love that you know who ABB is❤️

  14. AP_Sevvs

    Starting 2017 out right :)

  15. Matthew Miller

    my favorite song of the album! Will they tour the Northeast at all?

    Paul Bryant

    Currently on tour with Knockout Kid - South and West - 2nd leg of the tour will be Midwest, North, and East in September and October - keep an eye out for 'em!

    Matthew Miller

    +Paul Bryant hell yeah I will! I love this band! They fucking play hard and heavy

    Paul Bryant

    They're a great live act Matthew - you won't be disappointed.

    Matthew Miller

    They sound like Veara in my opinion and I have followed that band from the beginning

  16. Easycore

    Classic easycore right here

  17. malk

    This song makes me smile every time I listen to it. The riffs are so great, melodies are catchy, and heavy bits are sick \m/ Hope SYS tour Australia one day :)

  18. Austin Dahlke

    Pretty good stuff!

  19. hazelwave

    So sick

  20. zedro

    Let the Takeover commence MWUAHAHAHA


  21. Into The Skies

    this is fucking epic guys!!

  22. William Walker

    starting tha #Ezrevival2k16 off right. 🍕🍻👌

    Marc Signer

    +William Walker #EZtakeover2k16 :D


    +Marc Signer Raise the anchors! ;D

  23. samlikewhoasays

    Fucking love this.

  24. Cameron Lopez

    I'm so turned on right now.