Set It Off - Life Afraid Lyrics

I, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.
And letting all these negative thoughts collide,
Why betray my mind, when I know the control is mine.

Got no time to sit on the sidelines and watch ‘em play,
People around the world, people around the world,
Gotta strike like lightning, and shine like we’re not afraid.
People around the world say,

I’m alive,
I’m breathing today,
I’m alive,
Just dying to make,
A good vibe,
I’m still in the game,
And I won’t live my life afraid, hey!

No, nobody can relieve me of my ghosts,
But I refuse to let ‘em define my soul,
Though they come and go, I’m the one with the guts to stay.

Got no time to sit on the sidelines and watch ‘em play,
People around the world, people around the world,
Gotta strike like lightning, and shine through the pouring rain.
People around the world say…

I’m alive,
I’m breathing today,
I’m alive,
Just dying to make,
A good vibe,
I’m still in the game,
And I won’t live my life afraid, hey!

Hey, Ho
Hey, Ho
Hey, Ho

Sing it back
Sing it back
Sing it back, here we go!

Ladies! Hey, ay, ay
Hey, ay, ay

Fellas! Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

I’m alive,
I’m breathing today,
I’m alive,
Just dying to make,
A good vibe,
I’m still in the game,
And I won’t live my life afraid

I’m alive,
I’m breathing today,
I’m alive,
Just dying to make,
A good vibe,
I’m still in the game,
And I won’t live my life afraid

I’m alive,
I’m breathing today,
I’m alive,
Just dying to make,
A good vibe,
I’m still in the game,
And I won’t live my life afraid, hey!

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Set It Off Life Afraid Comments
  1. Sir Mix A Lot

    Ok BoOmEr😂💙

  2. Saif Yousaf

    "No, nobody can relive me of my ghosts, but I refuse to let them define my soul"
    That line hit me deep ;-;

  3. Bluestreak mike

    Local News: Music Band has committed mass genocide on an elderly home killing multiple people as they controlled a large group to dance themselves to death.

  4. A M


  5. ŋσ, ყσน.

    *okay but don't you just hate it when people complain about nonexistent comments like: 'eeee stop saying the old stuff was 69000x better than this shit !!1!1!1!!1!1!!11'*

  6. whitehall GAMING and VLOGGING


  7. Guaxinim Araújo

    this music is so generic

  8. Mackenzie

    my teacher says the music to loud at 100% on headphones only just realized i'm in the wrong class

  9. Aeyana Villanueva

    Favorite song ever!

  10. Lexy

    Beginning: ok this is normal ish they have done weirder stuff this is fine

    End: ok I was wrong it’s time to leave I’m not even going to question it at this point

  11. old omnke eknmo

    Set It Off are actually good at any genre of the music

  12. TheMonsters

    Mom: I had a bad day today...

    *Cut to the old lady twerking*

  13. Wicked Absol

    Name one SIO that doesn't slap. Exactly, you can't

  14. •Suicidal•

    They're trying something new...

  15. Mr.Маршмеллоу-сахор С

    Oh i liked it

  16. eszettliebdich O_o

    Oh fuck, now these poor old people in this "only good vibes" cult

    What can I say?


  17. Mikey Fisher

    Bro this entire album is so good to work out to

  18. Eva Mallard

    This is probably one of the most adorable music videos I've ever seen!

  19. Luqui May

    0:26 Me in Math

  20. Syco-Path

    Everyone in the comments is talking about the old ladies and they’re new sound and whatever, but I’m just like, did nobody see what Dan did at 1:55-56?

  21. R B

    Love the positivity, Set It Off!!! I'll always love your old edgy songs, but this is amazing! Keep going!

  22. Erza-Scarlet Fernandes


  23. Innocent Little me

    3:19 thought he was kissing her

  24. Always_ Pottering

    This song makes me so happy. Like whenever im feeling not so great feelings... This song genuinely makes me feel better. I also love the energy of this music video.

  25. kiti023

    lemon party

  26. Golden Rose

    This song is so under rated. They deserve so much more. This songs a bop.

  27. Piper Quinn

    Escape the fate: turns a school into a strip club
    Set it off: turns an elderly home into a club
    WHO'S NEXT!??!?!?!

  28. RedDeath5

    I knew the music video was gonna be a show, but I didn’t expect it to be for old people

  29. ray j

    This just feels like a wholesome

  30. Christopher Dix

    I cannot wait to see you in Leeds 🤩🤩

  31. Jessica Evans

    I really love all there songs there so good 😊 that’s what I think

    Cody is really cool and gangster and sexy🤪😆

  32. PandaSexual 「AKAThePureDemon」

    there was a old lady i the only person who seen that?

  33. Jordan

    Everybody: Oml all Set it off songs are about toxic relationships, which hurt you Cody?!
    Me: What about Life afraid and Lonely dance and Why Worry and Dream Catcher-
    Everyone: *OkAy We GeT iT*

  34. Dyflex OwO

    0:14 hola k ac :v

  35. OhNoItsElena

    I got introduced to this band yesterday from my friend Beau, and goddamn, my new favorite band.

  36. Paolyn Jocson

    My god the old lady is so lucky

  37. Lola Aventura

    ¿Alguien habla español?

    Lola Aventura

    Menos mal me empezaba a sentir solita :,3

    Dyflex OwO

    @Lola Aventura quieres ser mi amiga? :3

  38. Sarah Storm

    Just casually screaming along while I write a paper for school.

  39. Jasper King

    Cody r u ok? Or are you trying something new XD

  40. Patchi Fox

    Where does Cody buy his pants? 'Cause DAYUM! <3

  41. Kuerbs Arts

    People around the world: "I'm alive!!!"

    Anti-Vaxx Kids: "Y'all hear sum?"

    Slytherin is the best house

    Youtube why can't we favorite comments yet.

  42. RedDeath5

    I never expected this music video for this song Tbh...

  43. Danara De Jong

    I learned from Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy to never question a music video so I will not ask WhAt ThE fUcK iS tHiS vIdEo

  44. American destroyer

    LOL MAXX at the end

  45. Norelys Chiquito

    me encanto la cancion <3

  46. Cupcake_nyancat


  47. Celes Haney

    Can we talk about Cody’s eyes in this?? Like damn 💖💝

  48. AmvUnity

    all four of them dancing with the old people is such a cute thing

  49. Ines

    I love how this one kinda sounds like something that could be played during the Soccer World Championship, sounds like the stuff that's always played during that time, so upbeat and catchy!
    Kinda feel like SIO can't go wrong with what they do because they always put their all in their songs

  50. AmvUnity

    The scenes with them dancing with the older women is actually the cutest

  51. dyshen :3

    Amo sus canciones

  52. rosella rosa

    love love love their songs dont u?

  53. IShipItLikeFedEx2

    Ok, I won't ask about that last part. I won't mention it if u don't.

  54. IShipItLikeFedEx2

    This is just so heartwarming and I love it!

  55. Fluffy Bear

    I get really confused sometimes when people use the initials in many bands and IM LIKE WHO IS SIO I DONT KNOW HIM and then i realise its just and abbreviation

  56. Beanie Hutini

    I can't listen to this song anymore without imagining old people dancing

  57. Ultra Sexy Chipotle

    This is fucking good

  58. deathdagger

    Wonderfull hands dow the best

  59. Meme Queen

    When i saw someone twerking: *rolls away from the computer* we're done here

  60. Arcane Acolyte

    For those who miss their old style, I wonder if you've seen killer in the mirror? I believe it to be quite remoniscent of what they used to be like.

  61. Will it Cut

    i love killer in the mirer if you know what song i meen

  62. Will it Cut

    i wach all of set it of song

  63. frog moment

    rebecca zamolo used this song on tiktok and i was so mad

  64. Reebex S

    They are like
    "...I can explain"
    Hahsaahhaha that part made me laugh a lot xD

  65. LilEmoChild Jr

    So nobody is going to talk about 3:12 to 3:22 okay

  66. georgie summer

    You know those moments where they were complaining about how they miss the old set it off? Over a year, it has been drowned out by people commenting about those people complaining of their new style.

  67. JhonyZsan

    ¿Soy el único que habla español aquí? :'v

  68. Gacha Storm

    Set It Off literally saved me. They're music is so inspiring no matter what they make. It's amazing how much confidence they have in all of their songs. Amazing work you guys. Keep it up!

  69. gaarablack852

    everyone talking about loving or hating their different style of music, while I'm here wishing to be the senior lady making out with Cody! why aren't we talking about that?!

  70. The King of Candy Land

    This video makes me really happy <3

  71. Makayla Watson

    “People around the world”

  72. Cosmic Explosion

    I think his voice is more suited for this kind of music instead of their rock stuff....this is just my opinion

  73. rutabaga sarah

    this is so wholesome i love it

  74. TBalpha22

    damn i wish you guys would play at the nursing home i work at

  75. Alex Gaskarth's Eyebrows

    This was entirely adorable

  76. Hyperspace

    I love this song it's so deep but yet so catchy this is one of my favorite song styles cause their voice actually goes well with the beats unlike some other popular songs

  77. Nadiezhna Diaz

    600,000 !!!! ♡

  78. 16 firework

    man this is summer jam

  79. Gian Zambrana

    Has anyone know Holgie from FBE?

  80. ᴇᴍɪʟʏ ʟᴏʟ



    this looks so fun!

  82. Jacob Klemz

    Set it off, you all have taught me so much by just making your videos and songs. Especially these upbeat song like ' Something New' and 'Uncontainable ' I love the funny stuff you all do and how it makes me feel like I i shouldn't take thing for granted.


    I tell my friends to listen to your music 🎶
    I love your music😜

  84. Abbey Johnson

    When you see a spider

  85. 이민영

    2:58 JUMP!

  86. Demonic little kitten

    Omg love your songs 💗💗 the best late comments but i just heard this yesterday why havent i heard this ahhh!! X3 😊 love ittttt

  87. Aussie Artie

    this song has helped me through so much - it really helped my fight with Anxiety and Depression, thank you

  88. Nikola Mathews

    I love all of your music! Thank you for sharing your art with us.

  89. Caleb MacMoyer

    A friend of mine said that this song could double as an LGBT Pride anthem, and now I can't stop hearing it. lol

  90. Angela Miller

    How is it that these guys have released three albums, but I'm only just now hearing about them?

  91. rieka/莉エ菓

    so underrated !!!

  92. Della Johansen

    Maxx at the end tho

  93. Ellie Night owl

    I would love to play this song at work! #caregiver

  94. Maddison Flint

    Love this song

  95. Emo Brat

    The ending is just, lmao. I can’t explain it at all. Just too much for me.

  96. Madilyn Mossman

    you guys are so sweet!

  97. judy mclaughlin

    how did I go from Hypnotized to this?

  98. Nick Walker

    I wanna work at this old folks home..

  99. panic_at_the_pity_21_crybabies

    So cute OMFG

  100. Starbright