Serial Joe - Welcome To Happyland Lyrics

la la la la la la la la la la la la la la (hehe I couldn't hel myself)

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Serial Joe Welcome To Happyland Comments
  1. Josh Herron

    What ever happened to Ryan Dennis?

  2. Cars channel

    2020 !!👍👍😎

  3. Augustus Europa

    This song kicks ass. Newmarket is awesome too.

  4. EricoChico

    these guys shoulda moved to LA around this time...stay in Canada and die.

  5. Chewy Thomson

    The late 90s were an embarrassing time for hair

  6. morefishscale

    Shout out to Serial Joseph

  7. TheDodoshwedo

    my life is a mistake u called it

  8. info Base Works

    Nothing proud about liking this song, but i do

  9. VLAD RM

    2019 i discovered this song today i don't know how i miss this back then.

  10. X Red

    "Wait... WTF I'm macking on a child." *pushes him away*

  11. Brii Camdyn

    Still love this song 💜

  12. NicholasAlm

    I listened to Big Shiny Tunes 4 until my ears bled when I first got the album but somehow I've forgotten about this song. Oh the memories.

  13. mike head

    Voice is weak sounds like shit replace the singer might make it bigger

  14. jeezuschryst

    what a shit song/band

  15. M Dal Col

    I love to dirtbike

  16. David Carter

    Holy fuck these guys look like they didn’t make it in to Larry Clark’s Kids movie.

  17. Mr Immortalz

    2:26 just couldn't use the front door?

  18. Charley Charley

    This is how malachy would sound like from Children of the Corn!

  19. Nick The SPlC Fuentes randomly blows up. if they all stayed in they would have died

  20. prodby4am

    The singer looks like calvin from calvin and hobbes

  21. Tracy Sainnawap


  22. Dorelle T

    Holy 2000! Lol

  23. michael kula

    He was only 15 or 16 when he did this that's crazy

  24. Trebonius Flonius

    LOL was that supposed to be a matrix reference at the end?

  25. Daniel P'Lopez

    I never heard this song or band back in the day. Glad I finally heard it the other recent

  26. Natasha Fridgant

    @Daniel whatever ... this song is amazing Canadian or not... it's a fucking good song !!!! They were bold !! And this song is my favourite

  27. Natasha Fridgant

    2019 best song ever stuck on replay

  28. Cyclops 3000

    More like Serial no 😒

  29. Xi Jinpingpong

    I miss Toronto before the condo greed and corrupt Chinese investment, which made people unable to afford a home.

  30. Shit Balls of fire

    Reese from malcolm in the middle

  31. Mandrell La

    I need a brother (non sexual) in Vancouver BC cause I'm getting well u know... please

    Mandrell La

    Mandrell La

    My email gets hacked no matter what I do

    Mandrell La

  32. Leandro

    "Make time, no mistake"

  33. Natasha Fridgant

    This song is still my fav..always will be

  34. Amy Rees

    Feeling angsty at 31😒

  35. Jinxxed Harley

    Memories of being 16 and having this song cranked full blast

  36. Charlie without Scene

    The singer looks si familiar i swear I’ve seen him in another video.


    Our lady peace supermans dead. Canadian version /originally aired in 97. Haven't seen it on yt in many years unfortunately.

  37. DAubin

    2019 missing the 90s goodtimes

  38. Kenny L Garrett Jr

    Idc what nobody says, great fuckin band! Great song!

  39. Chris Dallaire

    Wow, just wow. Anyone get sucked into a weird compilation of youthful moments as this song blared? Ahhhhh to be young again, scuze me ya'll gotta take my back pill!


    Someone stole Lars's snare

  41. ꧁꧂Mala꧁꧂

    Brings back memories!

  42. Z. Smith

    ...and just like that, I’m back in high school again

  43. simon marshall

    Serial Joe looks like an Angry Moffatt from BC . In a good way . Found his calling card .

  44. Tea Why

    childhood... blink and you miss it

  45. Billy jaggard

    2019 boys n girls an still rockin to it

    Victini Man

    The singer is my dad :/ He says much appreciated

    Mushy Pasta

    This ain’t your fuckin dad man

  46. Good, you?

    Now just need some Project Wyze to top off this nostalgia trip lol

  47. Joseluis Lomeli

    Much Music nostalgia 😁

  48. Gabe Collins

    The mistake is you

    Victini Man

    Why you be dissing my father aka the singer

    Victini Man


    Crystal V

    Haha, maybe next time don't look in a mirror while posting a comment.

  49. Arron P.

    1999 one of the best worst years of my life...this song was huge

  50. rmkw4291

    The band Simple Plan wishes they were.

  51. Danny Ray

    50 seconds in the vocalist looks exactly like a young teen version of Dave Franco

  52. nightwishpower

    the guitarist has so much skills

  53. Billy Jagg

    2018 whos here

  54. M.C. Gotyé

    Voix nouvellement muée.

  55. settingfiretogiants

    That snare lol

  56. Michelle W.

    This song was so randomly stuck in my head today. I had no idea why, then I found my grade 9 sketch book and suddenly it all made sense.

  57. Kally K

    What a trip down memory lane. I had the biggest crush on Ryan and would play the song on repeat constantly. If I could go back in time and be a teen again in the 90s, I would

  58. Stacks Reemer

    Hit puberty, then join a band.

    Akash Duggal


  59. brooklynn bailey

    y'all are from sarnia ontario right?

  60. A.j. Leblanc

    Serial Joe was my first live concert I was right at the stage and just in awe of how amazing it was to see a band live on a stage in my small town.

  61. Thor's Meat Hammer

    Ugh, retro douche chills lol

  62. Nate Hawkins

    Any Americans here?

  63. David Carter

    I love how they look like extremists from Larry Clark’s Kids.

  64. tyrell sayese

    Much music in the 90s at 2am watched some of the most fucked up videos at that time lol miss those days R.I.P grandpa miss you everyday

  65. exum

    i cant believe its not on spotify, so thats why im here.......

    Anthony Garcia

    It's there now

  66. patrick grondines

    big shiny tunes 4 right here

  67. J.P. Wiser

    Is that an old 318is series? I had that fuckin thing.

  68. Ashley M

    This is the only clear video on youtube. <3

  69. Roii

    staying power for this one

  70. Brendan Greig

    YTV HIt List

  71. Alex MacIntyre

    Ryan Dennis (Lead Vocals) was 13 when he started Serial Joe...

  72. Derek N

    Wow how did I miss this song in the 90s? As a huge fan of grunge thru nu metal born in 1980. I heard this song for the first time in 2018!

  73. Saray LaBobe

    Stuck in a maze of promises don't know what's real or not..

  74. Josh

    Give them credit. This is some meaty fucking guitar.

  75. 999alex9991

    watchmojo, bring me here (yeah i know these thing are dumb)

  76. Irene Pelly

    2018!! 🤘🤘🤘

  77. ThugMentalityMusic

    Actually wud love to do some music with these dudes.

  78. Super Bird

    The boys outdid themselves with this one. Long live the 1990's!

  79. Vincent tétreault

    wish it is on spotify. still good

  80. GräfinVonHohenembs

    Feeling so nostalgic right now! ^_^

  81. Mitch The First

    I realize I risk my maculinity by saying this...

    But if Serial Joe tours with the Moffats in 2018, I'M IN!


    hahaha yeesssss <3

    Shane Hallam

    Your masculinity was already
    tenuous ;)



  82. Val MacIntyre

    that hair though...

  83. Taylor Vettese

    Newmarket is part of York region. Thats where I live. Had no idea these guys were locals. So proud to have them as part of international 90s nostalgia

  84. SuperStrik9

    Worked with the drummer from this band. What up Dan.

  85. Nick Runyeard

    That's the kid from OLP's Superman's Dead video. Uh the Canadian one I think.

    Victini Man

    Unfortunately no. I just asked him.


    dire que j'ai deja porté exactement les même spikes a l'

  87. Krystal Julian

    Still 1 of my top favs

  88. R!OT EARTH

    Good song but they were just too young to be taken seriously. I remember stories of the band being pelted with beer bottles and walking off stage.

    Andrew Monaghan

    R!OT EARTH probably thrown by a bunch of jealous deadbeats

  89. sleepymommy01

    Dam, reminds me of my teenage years getting home to watch much music!

  90. Big Noodlez

    My older sister an her friend did my hair like ryan dennis when i was young i want go back good days miss being bad ass

  91. Zach McIntire

    Before the song " I love you I hate you " there is this 🤔

  92. Angela .Rajic

    Jesus. These guys were babies when they got big XD

  93. Ambienxo

    I use to blast this song on repeat in my Sony discman. Only thing that's changed is the device.

  94. Mark Lugg

    And just like that, I'm back in grade 8!

  95. Ryan Morrison

    Bunch of freaking freshmen and they have more talent in their pinkies than Coldplay has all together

  96. wpg4life1

    It's been along time since I've heard this and I've been looking for it for a while

  97. PvtGermanWagz

    Hahahahaha, that fucking hair! My God the 90's were special. :) I miss those days.

  98. Stewie Griffin

    I don’t think that people understand that these kids were 15,16,17 when this game out

  99. Issara86