Serial Joe - Sanity Lyrics

I still don't know what you mean to me
But I'm gonna lose my cool
You better go 'cause I'm going crazy
I think I'm losin' all my sanity.

We're goin' all the way down
To the end of our sanity
Blowin' it straight down
To the end of my sanity.

I start to hear things in my head
And I try to block 'em out
You still can't run, there's nowhere to hide
'Cause it's the end of my sanity.


Feel it slip away ya, but I can't
turn back now
I can't turn back now, won't turn back.

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Serial Joe Sanity Comments
  1. Just Judge It

    only 9 likes, but 0 dislikes! I might actually like this song more than "Mistake". I got this c.d. when it first came out and I still fucking have it! Thank you for uploading these songs Killian White, I'm putting them in my playlist right now. This collection of songs is clearly one of the many hidden YouTube gems that are still waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world!

  2. Angel Face

    I used to love this song so hard 18 years ago. Haha. Good times.

    Phil McCool

    I discovered this band last year and this song is my favourite.

    Just Judge It

    @Phil McCool Reading your comment brought me great joy man! This band was absolutely HATED by people when this c.d. was released but it's actually an amazing piece of work, especially since these kids were only 14 and 15 years old! I have enjoyed this particular album for 20 years. These kids released their first album in '98 when they were just 13 & 14 years old. I have a 12 year old child of my own now, and listening to the talent these kids have at such a young age makes me not only like the music, but appreciate it too. I know plenty of kids that age are just as good as these guys were, but not many can say they've ever gone as far as these guys did, which makes this music one of a kind!