Serial Joe - Denial Lyrics

You and I bring it around again with a fresh flow
Low blow, Tippin' ya over like a deck of cards
I'll tell yo where you are, stuck at the starting line
with nothing left to say,
Your ends unravel and your tips they start to fray
You think you know me, you're inside my head
But you ain't understood one single word that I have said.
Follow the leader is the name of the game you play
You wanna be takin' it but I'm gonna have my own way.

Erase the face of your enemies
The night is mine ya deny this
Take it down, You've got that look on your face
You think you're up there but you don't even
know your own place.
You think you're something, make me do what you will
But I ain't buyin' you know that I have had my fill.
See your body fallin', deeper in a hole
It's all over now you've gotta reach inside your soul
Fightin' to control,
Denying what you know
The war inside your brain
Is like a sound insane.


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