Sergio Mendes - What Do We Mean To Each Other Lyrics

I'd rather know if you had turned the page
If you go faster than I do
Suddenly it's not so clear
Just what I am to you
Am I friend?
Am I lover?
Do we still need each other
When you touch me
When you touch me
Baby, I can tell

What do we mean to each other?
Am I friend?
Am I lover?
Is it over now?
If this is it, then why bother?
Tell me where do we take it from here
What do we mean to each other?
Am I friend?
Am I lover?
Is it over now?
Do you love me still

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Sergio Mendes What Do We Mean To Each Other Comments
  1. Fe Desiree Palad

    So confusing....

  2. evmar salvacion

    i love this song..

  3. beth dela rosa

    nice one

  4. James John Manubay

    Very nice song.

  5. Diana Hayse

    To someone special to me. I know now no feel..I love you. So much has happened and I'm left wondering exactly what is next. Everything is so different. So different...and there's something disturbing going on....I can feel it in my spirit. I don't want to lose have meant so much to me. I still love you and I always will. When it comes to you...I cannot help myself.

  6. arcriz tuvieras

    This song makes me think every time.. Haiiizzz hard to ask

  7. Dolf Montes

    Minsan kasi husay magpaasa ng iba e,ag nahulog ka na biglang magiiba na

  8. Michelle Lopez

    Love this song much...❤

  9. Alamin Alamindhaka

    My love song

  10. ruby Quico

    May hugot na pla dati kala ko ngayon lang nangyayari ahahha

  11. Elton Reguindin

    listening 2020 :( :(

  12. Marliza Heyrana

    I cn relate to this piece well..I had once a bf 30 yrs ago hes only a frend for me bt he wnted me bdly as his gf - so we became lovers..its crazy though whn u say yes to a man out of pity 😣😕😢

  13. Caezar Ryan Ampong

    January 1, 2020...still listening!


    Only Nice


    Random Girl

    i do... all time favorite

  14. Irish Cabanlet

    I could recognize the beautiful voice from Joe Pizzulo, but wasnt given credit. Still its a great masterpiece by Sergio Mendes. Salute!

  15. TaKi HoShi

    Is it over now? Do you love me stil? Or do you just mean well? Baby... 😢 12/28/2019

  16. Nivea Cruz

    Brings back the memories 😭😭😭

  17. arlene Floriano

    Listening Dec2019
    Destroying all our memories... is it tearing us apart?

  18. Cyrine Flores

    Til Gunni minn..

  19. L.M.A. Sea

    It’s funny how this song resonates. You play games - you usually lose. So if you have to ask - well...

  20. Jehan Salialam

    Friend started but end up to be an enemy or u don't know each other

  21. eddy doang

    December 2019 ❤

  22. Dominga Navarro

    I love this song

  23. real.eyez.realize.real.liez

    we don't have a title. #pinoypride in Germany

  24. Sabin Tiwari

    Still in 2019 December
    Love from South asia

  25. Annacel Sancho

    Walang label. Ang labo 😢😢💔💔💔💔

  26. Samuel valles jr.

    Ang ganda pakingan.nkkinlove lalo.

  27. Angie Danting

    Nice song....

  28. Zatto Wenceslao

    Am I friend, am I lover..

  29. Kimberly Mendoza


  30. Altemir Souza

    Essa música me acabou , linda demaiiiiiis.

  31. Aggy Nessy

    Can’t get enough of this song..❤️❤️❤️

  32. haily Hang

    November 2019 🥺

  33. Lianne Beverly Mamalangcay

    Do you love me still or do you just mean well? 😢

    Rigz Pascual


  34. MERCY David

    My confused heart bring me here ..

  35. Dwayne Reyes

    8 buwan na rin ang lumipasnnung na friendzone ako sa kanya pero hanggang ngayon nag-uusap pa rin kami at mahal ko pa rin siya. Parang gusto ko ulit siyang tanungin kung pwede ba akong manligaw sa kanya. Pero natatakot ako sa sasabihin niya.

  36. Thadeus Malabago

    Di qo Alam title nito before
    Pero alam qo ung mga lyrics
    Hayysss buti nalang natagpuan qo na

  37. jhofiix baroma

    what do we mean to each other ? 😢

  38. Michan Michiru

    I'm scared to ask you, Am I friend or your lover... We've been talking so sweetly on chat. I fall for your charms. I assumed that you already have some feelings for me but you said to take it slow. I don't want to ask you, I'm scared to hear it from you. AR💔😔


    its ok to tell him dear. 😊

    Citta Love

    Same situation, :(


    @Citta Love like what? 😊

  39. baks minikcoella

    what do we mean to each other ???
    friend ?
    lover ???
    or is it really over now ???
    its not easy to fall inlove ..
    even if your hurt , you continue to love ...😓

  40. Kb Tayag

    nov 7 2019

  41. Noela anne Calibuso

    Its not so clear what am i to you..
    What do we mean to each other am i friend or a lover

  42. Ysha Emmanuelle Tiongco

    By the time this night is over

  43. Leandre Aljoen Barcenilla

    It's such a shame that this song is not available in Spotify.

    Angel M

    Its on spotify. I had saved last month.

  44. Asly Agbuggo

    Sergio Mendes, One and only greatest composers of all time. Nobody can beat him..

  45. Elena Serrano

    We are both don't u want more

  46. Wayne’s Travel World

    Do you love me still or do you just mean well...

  47. Wayne’s Travel World

    Tell me where do we take it from here...

  48. Francis Nieto

    is that peter ceteras voice @3:15?

  49. Cristina Gumban

    sound trip din pag my time! hehe!

  50. Rowena Torlao


  51. Ron and Mae

    October 2019 ❤

    Agustina Uryaan

    Jakarta 16 oktober 2019 2💕💕

    Jedan Similatan

    October 31

  52. melvin madali

    Timeless songs are really Relaxing....tnx youtube

  53. enitxthing

    2019 naaa oct

  54. Merds Abordo

    Hermosa cancion....

    Gone where the day when songs were written from the heart and not about superficial things....

  55. Wilma Magpantay

    Subra ko n xia mhal

  56. Cosme Farias

    "When you touch me ... When you touch me... Baby, i can tell..." Linda música.

    De Belém/Pará/Brasil.

  57. Palabra de honor Centeno

    What do you mean to each other.... 😢😢😢😢

  58. Habibti Shukran

    Who's with me October 3 2019😉

  59. blue totoy

    Sept.28 2019 still listening

  60. Dan Joe San Gabriel

    Do we still need each other when u touch me, when u touch me... Baby we're f*ck Buddy.😅😅

  61. mirah adran

    i listen this song so scary and confusing about love humm love hurt...

  62. Reinarose Narit

    Sept.23,2019 😥

  63. Jheng Bandillon

    Am I friend? Am I lover? Is it over now? Do you love me still? Or do you just mean well? 😭💔

  64. romano ortiz

    still listening sept 2019 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  65. adriannepaul Aurellio

    Its is realy over or what?

  66. jake ann acojedo

    its more confusing if both of you exchange i love you words but when you ask a guy whats your status and he gonna answer lets enjoy what we have.. its really hurt and confusing!!

  67. Avinash Mohan Sharma

    Tell me where do we take it from here?
    This song is evergreen!
    September 2019! ❤️

  68. godismylife 162708

    Dec 2019?

  69. Carla Abesar

    Sept9 2019 .💔💔💔💔

  70. Atty Kang

    September 3 2019?
    this so will put you on on 2am moment.

    marlon costanilla

    october 3 2019?
    this so will put you on on 1:30pm moment

    Jay Walking

    Exactly it gives that late night drivibg vibes

  71. condrad de guzman

    Do love still? o do love me still or do yoi just meas mean well?

  72. ceni santos


  73. arjay barcinilla

    august 2019.. lorrain T.T

  74. eugene delos santos


  75. Jin Olemop

    August 2019 💁❤

  76. Abegail Placides

    pwerteng kanta nakainlove😘😘😘😘

  77. Leamay Lacasandile

    My no. 1 favorite love song

  78. Madona Carilla

    I love this song

  79. Arnel Padilla


  80. Lance Bamboo Zamora

    Oof this song T_T

  81. Wendy Sue

    I wish this all come to the end please if you want me I’m still here you mean the world to me please please let me know not me doing it 👀🥰😛🥳 I love you

  82. Wendy Sue

    Tell me please 😢

  83. Queenie Altamia

    August 2019 anyone ? 💔😭

    Bong Alvaran

    Yes till now august 31 2019

    Jasper Bioyo

    August 31, 2019

    Tequila Sunrise

    August 31, 2019 9:38pm local time
    Sitting in the deck with a glass of cocktail in this chilly night of Saturday

    Francine Alli

    October 2019

  84. Jenny Spurlock

    Ang dami nyong alam🤣🤣😬😬

  85. Veronica Lachica

    2019 and counting

  86. Kirby Dee

    This song never gets old. One of Sergio Mendes' gold songs

  87. ofelia malayo

    Friendzone feels like.😭
    Assuming be like...😭😭😭
    I like it but why it makes me cry???😥

  88. Salvador Embodo

    Bakit hanggang ngayun ikaw pa din ang nasa isip ko. Mag isang taon na tayung walang kumunikasyon. Bakit bigla ka nalang hinde ng paramdam. Alam mu nman kung gaano kita ka mahal. O kung anu ba talaga ang lagay ko sayo... am a friend or am you love me still?
    Or do you just mean will?

  89. Adrian Lanuza

    emotional caption motion picture does great tract of this one... 😎

  90. Irem Steele

    Crying in the room right now 😭

    JL De Vera

    Emmerald Steele samedt

  91. Andréa Bodart

    One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

  92. J Espiel

    Am I friend? Am I lover?
    Do we still need each other?


  93. erikah barawid

    Love the old school musics😍😍

  94. Javes Base

    Do you love me still? Or do you just mean well?????

  95. Nigel Soreno

    Yung guy na hindi mo maprangka na nafriendzone mo na siya