Sergio Mendes - The Fool On The Hill Lyrics

Day after day alone on the hill,
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still,
But nobody wants to know him,
They can see that he's just a fool,
And he never gives an answer,
But the fool on the hill
Sees the sun going down,
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning around.

Well on his way his head in a cloud,
The man of a thousand voices talking percetly loud
But nobody ever hears him,
Or the sound he appears to make,
And he never seems to notice,
But the fool on the hill...
Nobody seems to like him
They can tell what he wants to do.
And he never shows his feelings,
But the fool on the hill...

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Sergio Mendes The Fool On The Hill Comments
  1. gavin cox

    I prefer Gladys wainthrope from Huddersfield’s version .

  2. OrangeSunshine2

    Lani Hall (the dark haired singer) married Herb Albert. Herb owned A&M records in addition to his great career with Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. Herb Alpert and Lani Hall are still together 2020 and have a wonderful life. I was in love with her voice, and her natural beauty. God bless Sergio Mendes for his incredible sound. What a time it was.

  3. Jo Ah

    *Someone bring me a scotch&water and an ashtray*

  4. william sellers

    Unmatched 60’s coolness !

  5. Mark walker

    thank god for utube us oldtimers can look back and see all the beautiful stuff we lived through ,unbelievable

  6. luiz ribeiro

    Day after day alone on the hill,
    The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still,
    But nobody wants to know him,
    They can see that he's just a fool,
    And he never gives an answer,
    But the fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down,
    And the eyes in his head,
    See the world spinning around.
    Well on his way his head in a cloud,
    The man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud
    But nobody ever hears him,
    Or the sound he appears to make,
    And he never seems to notice,
    But the fool on the hill
    Nobody seems to like him
    They can tell what he wants to do.
    And he never shows his feelings,
    But the fool on the hill

  7. silvana silvana

    Quem e essa Vagaba da Anita pra dizer que representa o Brasil

  8. Robert Smith

    This could also be a song about scientific discovery. For example when Galileo built the first telescope (or one of the very first) and observed four moons of jupiter, orbiting around it. He then realized that the Earth went around the Sun (orbited it) and it was spinning. The Fool on the Hill is Galileo from the early 1500's. The Cathholic Church (Pope John Paul the second), later apologized for putting Galileo under house arrest and publishing his theory contrary to the Church's belief that the Sun revolved around the Earth and the Earth was the more massive body. :-) The Church needed to change its' view. Perhaps you could say it was correct for a more primitive people. ?

  9. amadhaun22

    Why was "Brasil 66" the group's name?

    Moon doggy

    The 66 referred to the year

  10. Tessa Hall

    OMG! I didnt know they sang this song! This song came out the year I was born, but I remember hearing this song for the first time in early 70's bcuz my mom would play records all the time.

  11. Sly Slaughter

    A sweet vacation of skill and class relieving us from the dreamless, dulled landscape we pretend is normal today.

  12. Scott Lewis

    Fantastic performance! Paul and John, step aside.
    Y'all wrote it but these guys are better than you are.

  13. mike saunders

    You can't put a price on this.

  14. miketief

    Karen Philipp (the blonde who's not Lani Hall that nobody seems to be mentioning) left Brasil '66 in 1972 when she broke up with a fellow band member, and went into acting. She was actually supposed to be a regular on the first season of M*A*S*H as Lt. "Dish" (the role played by Jo Ann Pflug in the movie), and was--for all of two episodes. I've always suspected CBS didn't like the fact that, prior to the fall debut of the show, she'd done a layout in PLAYBOY (September '72, title "M*A*S*H Dish"), and had her dropped--but they also dumped most of the other supporting characters from the movie (Ugly John, Ho-Jon, Spearchucker, General Hammond, Leslie Scorch, Boone, Knocko), so who knows? Now, of course, publicity like that would be welcomed. Things were different then.

  15. DJ Evis

    Grover Washington, Jr. would have torn this up on Saxophone. No no no, don’t you ney sayers put Kenny G in this conversation. I’m only talking about a gifted musician only. Kenny G has no feeling. I digress!

  16. Steve Paradis

    Don Draper at the bar, ordering another Old Fashioned.

  17. Paul Baker

    I'm in the time machine with anyone, the original Beatles track is still the best. I still love this.

  18. Mr Derby

    People were beautiful. Take care of your fellow man. What a time to be alive!

  19. J. Clark

    Perhaps I wasn't mature enough to appreciate this performance when I was 9 years old, but I do now. Every performer and every note is exactly where it should be, creating musical perfection.

  20. Rich D'Ambrosio

    What show is this from?

  21. Rich D'Ambrosio

    Very classy arrangement. Lani Hall puts all of today's singers to shame.

  22. John Morrison

    Incredibly nice. Great singing, superb musicianship.

  23. Juan Coronado

    I dedicate this song to Miss Pelosi
    😀😀😆 LOL

  24. Besi Alvinez


  25. Mike Marley

    Mich easier to watch than some fat bitch twerking the cottage cheese ass.

  26. Mike Marley

    What happened to entertainers?

  27. Kevin Clements

    the gals are just beautiful....they look like real ladies....great song I used to hear on the radio while eating my breakfast before school at Kensington Park elementary here in Miami, was on NW 7th Street and 30th Avenue.....those were the days....walked to school over a mile......and it was completely safe

  28. Belén Portugal


  29. Don Carmichael

    Yes the best I have ever heard it .

  30. Greg Flores

    Thank God I accidentally found this song/video, I’ve never seen it before, this song brings back bitter sweet memories of traveling/ camping the west coast with my wonderful parents as a child in our Chevy truck with its cab-over camper, magical times that I will always cherish.

  31. eduardo yap

    Ms. Lani Hall so impeccable!!.

  32. eduardo yap

    The Blonde 👱‍♀️ in Red!!.woot woot..!

  33. gljm99

    I actually prefer this version to the Beatles' version.

  34. Nene Hyung

    best version than beatles

  35. Mark Hall

    This is back when women not only looked good, they were good.

  36. safe at third

    This is wonderful stuff brings back great memories, easier life in many ways and loving music from many artist especially Sergio Mendez from Brazil.

  37. Jens Thunbo

    I was looking up COOLNESS on Wiki, and this is what came up :)

  38. Ricardo Parente, Realtor

    I have met Sergio Mendes personally in Beverly Hills. He's from Brazil, like me. He's a nice person.

  39. Jon McDaniel

    When I see Sergio Mendes in this clip it reminds me to vote for Pedro.

  40. Adam Baum

    Pedro from "Napoleon Dynamite'" 0:05 turned out pretty good.

  41. Mike Cockerham

    NICE nipples on the chic in the yellow!!! dang!

  42. Highland Fleet Lute

    This guy definitely uses Head & Shoulders Supreme.

  43. Kent Anderson

    This was before my time but as a music lover I really love their style and sound. Oh and of course the women are beautiful and sing like nightingales

  44. Gary Wright

    One of my favorite songs of all time ! Memories of am radio filling my mind !😎😎

  45. Don Corleone

    Remember seeing them performing live at a private Montréal function in 1976. This video does not do them justice.

  46. Daniel Harness

    Wonderfull power of love she is still herbs wife and this after all those years

  47. dan niles


  48. elizalove

    *Brasil!♡😊💦 💖 ♪♫•*

  49. Darnell Magruder

    Sergio Mendes was BAD to the Bone, super-smooth!!

  50. norwalltino

    Cool :-)

  51. Harriet Lyall

    Lovely interpretation! I like the delicate, almost falsetto style of singing, like the Swingle Singers used to go in for.

  52. Ellen Rosenblatt

    Bob Dylan did a great version of this song.

  53. Christopher Hagee

    Cover, Beatle tune from "Fab IV"'s 1967-released LP "Magical Mystery Tour"

  54. Jmichael Isbell

    Interesting too how many people in the world, learn English, perfectly AND of course, maintain their own, and even a third, or fourth, language. And we in America, do not make it a REQUIREMENT of an educated man, or woman to fully master another language. I don't think we should ask our children "do you want to learn another language, only maybe "which language besides English will you be learning", it should be that automatic. I KNOW it would be good for them, just as my choice of Spanish has been good for me, beyond any measure.

  55. Pusang InangGala

    I never knew this version exists...

  56. Redlined997 C2S

    Memories of my father's stero playing SM & B66. I fell in love with these ladies' harmonies.

  57. Roberto Julian Valdes

    Such beautiful music!

  58. Dazzer1234567

    This sounds as fresh today as it did in 1949

  59. Randy Piquette

    just sounds classier than the Beatles version....just saying

  60. david paglia

    Reminds me of Sundays at my aunt and uncles in Havertown, Pa with all the family.

  61. stevie moon

    A clean beautiful arrangement , proper entertainment if you know what i mean.............God help the lot of us !!!!

  62. buildyourowntone

    I forgot how good this music was, compared to most of the mediocre stuff produced today...

    I truly long for these simpler, better times. I went to jazz venues in the Russian Federation with my wife, as she would find these clubs/venues for me to enjoy jazz music, where people truly still enjoy themselves with American performers visiting and playing these jazz joints.

    People are still allowed to smoke in these clubs, and women would be smoking cigars, just as the men would. I do not smoke, but I do not mind others partaking in this pleasure.

    St. Petersburg even has a Jimi Hendrix club, and when my wife and I were not in full agreement, I asked the band leader, piano player, singer, if he could play the BB King classic, The Thrill is Gone.
    The band leader was not sure if his boys knew this song, but they did this song justice, and made this Canadian fellow very happy.

    Great place the Russian Federation, where they appreciate great music, such as this music played in this video.

    Timeless music, timeless memories...

  63. Evandro Joaquim Garcia

    Um show à parte! Sempre muito som!

  64. William Perrigo

    if this plays in the elevator, i’m not leaving

    Dustin Deissner

    A wonderful cool/neat, just plain good thought. I might agree and hope the floor is tile or something hard so I can do a bit of a soft shoe. donrjr here.

    Kunta Kinte

    But what if the building was on fire? 🚑🚑🌃🌃🌃🔥🔥🔥🏢🔥🏢🔥🏢🔥🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🌙🌙😱😱🎅🌃🎄🎄🏢🔥🏢🔥🚑

  65. Michael Bunker

    Real music, real talent, real women . Timeless ! Best version .

    doucette 83

    I'm living in Cannes where I was born. I actually saw them, and Herb Alpert too, at the Midem Festival in 1968, I was 14. Wow ! TERRIFIC !

  66. Scrimmer08

    If you like this check out their Wichita Lineman song.

  67. Liederlover Van Zandt

    Strange? I'm 64, and these ladies don't even Try to look like drunken streetwalking prostitutes on stage.
    Was it inherent self-respect and trying to be female role models, no reason to rub themselves in the cultural slime we often (certainly not always) have today?

  68. Alan Weiss

    The brunette was and still is Herb Albert's wife, Lani Hall.

    Derek Abbott

    She is exquisitely beautiful in so many ways.

    Alfredo Márquez

    And she is still a beautiful singing female singer: Get the live album she and her husband Herb Alpert recorded in several cabarets live. It is EXTRAORDINARY! At one time, Sergio said that Herb had "stolen" Lani from him, and said that with utmost respect and admiration. True GENTLEMEN!...

    Kunta Kinte

    Alpert 🌙🌙🌜🌛🌕🏃🏃🏃🌲🎄🎅🎅🎤🐭😀😀😀😀

    Alan Weiss

    Update: Herb Albert and Lani Hall were not married when this song came out and didn't get married until 1974.

  69. Augusto Smith

    Saludo presidente Bolsonaro, desde Perú.

  70. dakert40

    Didn't realize how young Sergio was here, only 27 as he was born in 1941

  71. Ethel

    The chorus in Samba rhythm arranged my Sergio Mendes is just on the right dose. Pure mastery.

  72. John Doe

    Ah, this brings back memories. I had forgotten about this group but I really liked them.

  73. Tom Johnson

    Acts 2:38, “repent and be baptized”
    Good stuff

  74. David Danser

    This is a fantastic rendition of the song. A whole new flavor of the song. It gives you a whole different feeling listening to the song and this way. This is without a doubt, my favorite version of the song

  75. Brian Fuller

    Beautiful ladies, beautiful voices and a musical genius. Great day!

  76. BraampieK

    Man....those girls are so synchronised... love it

  77. Paul Wooton

    Sergio, Lani Hall, Karen Philipp, Claudio Slon(?) on drums, Sebastião Neto(?) on bass

  78. Watson Clerk

    Can you imagine going to a party where people dressed like that and people danced to music like that.

    Diego Alejandro Causillas

    Ok música caricatura


    Been there, done that !

    Rex1230 Kenney

    I think they have cool threads.

  79. Eurotrash on Tour

    Lani Hall is gorgeous.

  80. Edward Steven

    Qué maja la pequeñaja.....

  81. jane oughton

    these beautiful girls do a fantastic job of a beatles classic , i wish my twin sister and i could have sung with these lovelies , we would have been no trouble ,and we would have harmonised very nicely lol xx


    This song is about the Flat Earth.

  83. Dario Rios

    Que estupenda música..brasilera sin estridencias, lindas voces. ¡como se echa de menos!..😥

  84. Robert Davis

    Holy Moly... Guacamole! That was off the charts fabuloso!😉

  85. Rigo Ramirez


  86. Gail Crowe

    Petulant Clark also recorded this.

  87. Jose Miguel Romero Ortiz

    Qué hermosa versión. De los mejores remake que se le han hecho a las canciones de los Beatles.

  88. gerard jandayan

    Never knew Lani Hall was with Sergio Mendez until now.

  89. Daniel Mooney

    Is this real?

  90. Ron Bussey

    Love this version

  91. tootalazaaz

    A beautiful version on a great song.

  92. Ron Tong

    Here I am again, daydreaming about those old days in the late 60's! Great song with great memories!

  93. musicfanBRA

    This is sooo cool...

  94. bestamerica

    both ladys are so clean pretty skins and great flat heels shoes...
    no no ugly tattoos
    no no WTC WTC heels shoes

  95. jeff johnson

    Wow. Those were special days. I remember the vinyl spinning on the big stereo console in the living room.

  96. Paul Quinn

    Know these two girls can SingIt’s just great how They can carry their voices

  97. Darl Eigenmann

    I grew up listening to Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66. The music travels well to this time . Awesome music.

  98. 4n6design

    Wow! Amazing!

  99. Brandon Burns

    1:27... oops, wrong verse