Sergio Mendes - Scarborough Fair Lyrics

Are you goin' to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to the one who lives there
He once was a true love of mine

Are you goin' to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to the one who lives there
He once was a true love of mine

Are you goin' to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to the one who lives there
He once was a true love of mine

Are you goin' to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to the one who lives there
He once was a true love of mine

Scarborough Fair
Scarborough Fair
Scarborough Fair...

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Sergio Mendes Scarborough Fair Comments
  1. Isotec1

    I first heard this song in the 1960s

  2. Captain Nice

    I really loved this song as a nine-year-old, listening to my pocket radio in bed late at night (with the earphone on, of course...)

    Who remembers trying to get away with listening to a pocket radio in school?
    Earphone no help, in fact more of a dead giveaway, and the teacher would end up sending you to the principal and confiscating your radio, to be returned at the end of the school year with the battery having leaked and corroded... then you got in trouble with your mom and dad as well!😫

  3. Rodinei Campos da Silveira

    Minha saudosa mãe adorava ele!

  4. Rodinei Campos da Silveira

    My late mother liked him.

  5. ThePlataf

    Ahhhh, memories of being a student radical back in 1968, and chuffing along to this lovely song....

  6. Tom Clark

    Too many memories to post...all good

    Lovepeaceandsoulfull right on

    The original is beautiful and sorrowful. Melancholy, serenity, soothing. But for real...this is SOOOOOO sweet! It’s a totally different song. Mr. Mendes was a genius of remaking songs. Every song he did almost was better than the original. All originals are beautiful in their own rights, but sometimes...remakes put spins on them perfectly. This one is my favorite!

  7. Charlotte A

    Hi, Is someone can tell me where violins come from during the whole song? I've heard them before this song separately. And i'd like to know what is the orignally song of the violins ! Thank you !

  8. Larry Reid

    I didn't need drugs during the '60s and '70s. These songs would give me a high that felt like flying.

    Jack Smith

    Take lsd mister

  9. Robert Williams

    I bought this record in 1968 it was way ahead of it,s time and sounds just as good now

  10. Chris. G

    I never knew who sang this, I heard it on Ralph Bakshi's "Heavy Traffic" and absolutely loved it.

  11. Fred Fungus

    @ 1.32 SHEAR BLISS with those key boards and the swirling orchestra .....heaven :)

  12. Marcelo Romero

    The Original by Simon & Garfunkel.

  13. Kenny Raicherter


  14. jayson biggs

    A HUGE radio hit for Simon and Garfunkel in '67. It's almost a totally different song with Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66.



  16. David Fromme

    Lani Hall

  17. Gasparuccio X



    What year was this song? 1968?

    Hugh Phillips

    Correct, the 2nd Single from "Fool On The Hill", the debut of Ms. Karen Philipp (the Blonde)😎🎤

  19. Clio Duczyk

    I got it from my mama 🤗🔥💞🌠

  20. Marion Schoeller

    Luv! The lyrics are so good as well! I still have their LP.

  21. ishkabibble dib

    My older sister's vinyl record collection brought me here. I first heard this when i was 10 years old. I am 50 plus now. She still plays it. All the time.

    Rino Bisesto

    You must be me

  22. lord eldauoud

    First Time I Truly Heard A Electric Piano, Go Sergio, Blew My MIND!!!!!!!🎶👌🏾👍🏼😎☯🕉☮

  23. jane oughton

    these lovely people sing so lovely together ,i would like to sing with them i could harmonies very well xx

  24. Fabio Garone

    Muito, muito bom.

  25. capsulejp

    heavy traffic uwu

  26. jimmy page

    Big fan of Simon and Garfunkel, but this version beats s&g,s hands down.*****

  27. Fabio Garone

    Linda gravação. Continua atual .

  28. John Robertson

    cool jazz vibe, relevant riders on the storm by the doors after..magic

  29. brony simpson

    fuck yeah. HEAVY TRAFFIC.



  30. Kelli Bond

    As mesmerized by this version (my favorite!) as I was as a 9-year-old almost 50 years ago!!!


    Kelli Bond ☆☆☆☆me too kelli, me too. I'm 56. Peace and love.🎶🎶🎶

  31. brony simpson

    my favorite song from one of my FAVORITE movies.


    What movie was this song from?


    Heavy Traffic, made by Ralph Bakshi, one of the best animators out there

  32. ArisingWind

    Very Very nice!!!! Thank you for posting.

  33. Freddee Crowell

    BACK IN THE "DAY" MY DAYS IN S.VIETNAM****************PEACE**************************

  34. Fabio Garone

    Sergio Mendes e seu ritmo inconfundível. Maravilhoso.

    Rodinei Campos da Silveira

    Minha saudosa mãe adorava ele.

  35. Phyllis Petras

    I thought King Henry 8th wrote this but he wrote 20 other songs!!!

    jimmy page

    Phyllis Petras henry the 8th? Hope he didn't write this, evil bastard he was!


    band na bateria

  37. Boundless

    Sound at 0:06 - 0:16 :)

  38. Alvaro Ignacio F

    Heavy traffic brought me here

    Alex G

    That's how I found out about this song in the first place..hadn't even heard the Simon and Garfunkel version And now I sampled it to make a Hip Hop Beat. From Original, to Cover, to Sample. Everything comes full circle.

    Jessie Yavar

    Same, Beautiful movie

    Philip Ames

    a friend's review of it bought me here

    Dan G

    nobody gives a shit, cupcake

    Dan G

    @Alex G Yeah, like how you started out not knowing even basic shit, and now you still don't.

  39. ntcrwler

    By far my favorite and greatest rendition of this song! Jazzy, elegant, sexy, delicate, timeless!

    Mark Powers

    Bosa Nova par excellance'

    Gasparuccio X

    nobody plays at this level anymore

  40. Fabio Garone

    Deu outra a vida a uma música tão bonita.

  41. Al Cd

    This group defines cool and sex appeal.

  42. Clare H

    One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

    Phyllis Petras

    Henry the Eighth wrote it.

  43. Andonella Perreault


  44. Rógio Lima

    Deus salve o rei!

  45. John Visca

    Sexy. ..

  46. calvin jackson

    My favorite classic of Sergio Mendes. LOVE IT!!!

  47. ntcrwler

    it's absolutely amazing. timeless. it's as romantic and sexy today as the day it was recorded.

  48. ConsumerWarrior

    Even though Simon & Garfunkel made a hit out of this song, only Brasil 66 could have performed this song with a romantic sound to it. It was what defined them as a talented group.

    Hugh Phillips

    Fortunately, it was also a great hit for Sergio & the Girls, Lani & Karen😎🎤 voices of perfection & being Hip. Karen's harmonies complemented Lanis vocals. Sergio struck "Gold" with them as his vocalists, Mendes the Man of perfection😎

  49. CrimsonRunnerToJesus

    Glorious sound... shared :)

  50. Roman Jones

    One of my favorite songs. Thank you for uploading it in such good quality.

    The Vinyl Restoration Project

    You're welcome. Me too. So glad you enjoyed.