Sergio Mendes - Laia Ladaia (Reza) Lyrics

Laia, ladaia, sabatana, Ave Maria
Laia, ladaia, sabatana, Ave Maria

Por amor andei, ja
Tanto chao e mar
Senhor, ja nem sei
Se o amor nao e mais
Bastante pra vencer
Eu ja sei o que vou fazer
Meu Senhor, uma oracao
Vou cantar para ver se vai valer

Laia, ladaia, sabatana, Ave Maria
Laia, ladaia, sabatana, Ave Maria

O meu santo defensor
Traga o meu amor
Laia, ladaia, sabatana, Ave Maria
Laia, ladaia, sabatana, Ave Maria

Se e fraca a oracao
Mil vezes cantarei
Laia, ladaia, sabatana, Ave Maria
Laia, ladaia, sabatana, Ave Maria

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Sergio Mendes Laia Ladaia (Reza) Comments
  1. z z

    Throw down sexy song

  2. Fifer McGee

    This is REAL music, what a wonderful beat and rhythm and of course Lani Hall is in top form. Thank you Sergio for all these beautiful songs.

  3. Sly Slaughter

    The entire album is a jewel.

  4. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Linda canción en portugués que aunque no entiendo del todo sino solo en parte me gusta mucho. Sergio Mendes y su grupo hicieron grandes canciones en realidad.

  5. Fjorlane

    Sérgio Mendes = Música para exportação

  6. Sheila Domingos

    Compositores: EDU LOBO & RUY GUERRA !!!!!!!⚘⚘

  7. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Oone of my favorites by Sergio Mendes and his Brazil 66. The rhythm is cool and the music very well played and Lani Hall's great voice tops it.

  8. vanderli

    simplesmente linda!



  10. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Beautiful song and sung with so much feeling. This one is one of the songs I like best by Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. The piano is very well and masterfully playea as are the rest of the instruments and the voices are great to hear with Lani Hall being the main singer.

  11. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Great song and one of my favoritesI heard it in the sixties and early seventies and still like to hear it

  12. jayson biggs

    I bought this album in 1968, 15 years of age. Still holds up.

  13. Jamie Attwal


  14. victorcube

    Love all of Brasil '66 songs, but this is one of my favorites :) :)

  15. Fabio Garone

    Esse é o samba de Sergio Mendes.

  16. Jorge Mario Rodas

    A very nice and significant song as for us believers when we have a problem we cannot tackle we pray asking GOD for help. The piano is very well played as the other instruments and the singers sing as if they really mean what they are saying making this a great song.

  17. shasha-muse

    i am 55 and I've been listening to Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66/77/88 for years but I never heard this before......this is fantastic. they never disappoint. I would love to see them live before we all get to old. thanks for posting.......r.i.p. Oscar Castro Neves.

    Christian van Neuves

    I hear Sergio Mendes is these days touring with an eight piece group, eg. Australia in April 2018. Cheers.

  18. Wesley Carusos

    Timeless....nothing compares

  19. Jorge Mario Rodas

    One of those unforgettable songs of the late sixties. I liked it a lot when I first heard it and played it frequently as I had the album I lost somewhere. It has a nice bossa nova beat and the unmistakable voice of the great Lani Hall.. And the music in the background is just great.

  20. Raichu Bae

    this song places in the ergo line tanning beds :)

  21. Nancy Pappas

    Short dynomite Lani Hall

  22. sibionic


  23. Robert Jensen


  24. Lee Daniels

    Absolutely one of Sergio Mendes best!.

  25. gary stevens