Sergio Mendes - Kisses Lyrics

Kisses waking us up deep in the night
Like dreaming
Kisses taking us softly in flight
Like drifting
Shadows hiding us under a shawl
Like falling
Kisses wandering over us all
Like loving

Kisses finding their way from the start
Like magic
Learning all of our secrets by heart
Like music
Holding on till the world disappears
Like lasting
Kisses sweet with the taste of our tears
Like loving

All there is to know
All there is to say
All there is
Is our feeling forever
This way

In your arms I could spend all my time
Like living
Losing sense of all reason or rhyme
Like floating
After all, all that matters is we're together
Kisses making us warm with delight
Kisses taking us softly in flight
Kisses waking us deep in the night with love

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Sergio Mendes Kisses Comments
  1. Edward Steven

    A very beautiful and slowly adictive end

  2. Nicole Dillon

    This song takes me to my happy place. I'm. In. Love. Thank u. 😘💝

  3. the harmonizingfool

    Dude do not know how I ended up here but it matters to me. Jane see
    I'm done with sergio. This song also came out in 1975 by a different artist. I'm difrnt😋

  4. Asafaflu Diva nu

    I love it! REALLY! A big thank you!

  5. SmartlyWealthy

    Cantor da Noite/Kisses (Ivan Lins/Victor Martins)


    Gorgeous 80's song that should have been a top 10 hit at least.

  7. Wang Chris

    I heard this song,But doesn't know song name.
    Thanks song upload

  8. edoardo zampetti


  9. Rogerio Souza

    Música linda!


    +Rogerio Souza Linda demais, com Ivan Lins no piano, Gracinha Leporace (esposa do Sergio) no vocal e fechando com John Robinson na bateria e Nathan East no baixo, somente dois dos melhores musicos de estudios americanos.

    Rogerio Souza

    Valeu, Michael Nascimento, só feras nessa gravação. O início dessa música tem os acordes de uma música do Ivan Lins, chamada "Pano de Fundo", ele ainda estava com a Lucinha Lins nessa fase. Grande abraço.

  10. Jo Sin

    Great song!!

  11. lanena bella

    muy linda canciòn, que invita al relax

  12. Remo Luz

    Linda Demais!

  13. julark

    Sergio Mendes was amazing! Love this album

  14. pbamse

    No, the singers on "Never Gonna Let You Go" are Joe Pizzulo and Leeza Miller.

  15. Ricky M

    Is this a soprano with or without the "mezzo"?

  16. Miguel Mera yonz

    buen tema me hace recordar hace años atrasa Leticia, donde estar!!

  17. BILL Johnston

    THANKS !

  18. KajiSempai1

    Gracinha Leporace is her name, and yes her voice is adorable. She is Sergio's wife btw.

  19. deeteedub

    The singer is Gracinha Leporace.

  20. BILL Johnston

    beautiful song from 84! sergio does it again ! who is the singer ? her voice is like honey !