Sergio Mendes - Alibis Lyrics

It's nothing I can put my finger on
But it's there, I swear
It's not somethin' I'm imaginin'
Each time you call
I know I'll get your "working late routine" again

Is there someone I should know about?
Tell me why do I have this doubt?

I'm sure your alibis are water tight
And you're where you have to be tonight
Oh, but I know you're slipping away from me
I'm know your alibis are water tight
And you're where you say you are tonight
But honey, I can tell
I know the pattern much too well
I don't fool so easily
You're slippin' away from me

Your telephone service says you're out again
Somewhere out there
You've got another rendezvous
I know the way you work
You'll be someplace where no one can check up on you

You think you're in the clear
But don't forget
That's exactly the way we met

I'm sure your alibis are water tight
And you're where you have to be tonight
Oh, but I know you're slipping away from me
I'm know your alibis are water tight
And you're where you say you are tonight
But honey, I can tell
I know the pattern much too well
I don't fool so easily
You're slippin away from me

Is there someone I should know about?
Tell me why do I have this doubt?

I'm sure your alibis are water tight
And you're where you have to be tonight
Oh, but I know you're slipping away from me
I'm know your alibis are water tight
And you're where you say you are tonight
But honey, I can tell
I know the pattern much too well
I don't fool so easily
You're slippin away from me

I'm sure your alibis are water tight
And you're where you have to be tonight
Oh, but I know you're slipping away from me...

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Sergio Mendes Alibis Comments
  1. Tarantula Life Mean Bean

    Little did I know I'm 1984, at 12 years old, how true these lyrics would hold true in life today at 47! Life changes you!

  2. Fatima Moncada

    I ABSOLUTELY love this song is just too BEAUTIFUL 😚 ❤

  3. shoulderlift

    I just can't stop listening to this song, my favorite by Sergio Mendes!

  4. Wendy Rotonto

    2020 and what a way to start a new year!!! I've been trying to find this song for years. I was only 12 when it came out. I honestly thought the title was Slipping Away From Me.

  5. Kyo Sekai

    fantastic song!!!!!!

  6. amanda davis

    Should have charted higher than #29 on Billboard.

    Ronald Dusseau

    Damn straight it should have! I hear that Joe is from Youngstown. I was born and raised in Toledo (Erie, Mi) and i dont even think this song was played on Toledo radio at all!!! Shame on them!!!!! Lol

  7. Brian London

    Thumbs up if miss great vocals in popular music.

  8. Ronald Dusseau

    Why oh why didn't the song get the recognition that it deserves. A very underrated song This should have went number one.

  9. Donna Carr

    Miss the 80s so much! Oh wow! I swear my friends and I kept Aqua Net in business!!😂😂

  10. jesus ramirez

    Omg this song is the greatest sergio mendes wrote 5 thumbs up

  11. THOMAS t

    I wish these two would have done more songs together

  12. souldeep69

    The retro bouncy pop/rock/soul melodicism of this record is courtesy of co-writer Tony Macaulay, an Englishman who hadn't had a major American hit since he wrote "Don't Give Up On Us"in 1976. More importantly, he was the outstanding melodic songwriter for the soulful British bubblegum style epitomized by late '60s/early '70s songs such as "Build Me Up, Buttercup", "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)", "Baby, Now That I've Found You", "Letter to Lucille", "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again" and way more in the UK such as "Blame It On the Pony Express". It's his melodic and rhythmic sense that drives this song, which was surprisingly able to capture American ears in the synthhesized, amelodic '80s.. As a whole, Americans don't give a shit about who wrote any song, and as a whole, the UK missed out on Sergio Mendes' entire output. So the Macaulay fans over there (where there is a much higher awareness and appreciation of songwriters) don't know this song, but we got lucky. And now we know who wrote it. And most people here still won't give a shit.

  13. Jimmy Carter

    1980s use to Hear this on on the radio while working at the lawnmower shop brings back memory’s

  14. Dr Albert S Meinheimer

    Mendes is on keyboard
    The singer should get full headline for the song

  15. John Fox

    Both songs came out in 1984. But the music is very similar.

  16. Eric Learns to Cook

    53 people don't have an alibi

  17. Kim *

    I Finally found It Here !!!!!!!

  18. Betsy Miles

    The Solid Gold Dancers were the best! I remember dancing in front of the TV trying to copy their moves.

  19. Blossom Gardner

    Great! Sounds sorta like Daryl Hall... which is good.

  20. Mike BP777

    Criminally underrated song. Can't believe it only peaked at #29

  21. Tori Steele

    I was seven years old and I'm 42 now I miss this show.

  22. Michael Lomeli

    One Great Hit of 1984. Always Playing it in our House.

  23. tired comet

    Thank you

  24. Liu Rodriguez

    I love this aong!

  25. scarletpimpernel111

    sergio is really a genius...

  26. ray Moore

    Beautiful song....thank u Brazil

  27. TakeMyShoesOff

    Great song! Found it again from SXM.

  28. Bengie Adams

    Solid Gold. The 1980s. I glad I got to see it then. Couldn't happen today. People don't have much patience due to the Internet and all.

  29. Bella Bella

    Who is the singer's name? Didn't get a chance to get interviewed, Sergio Mendes hogged the spotlight!

    Daniel Magnelli

    Joe Pizzulo. Don't believe I spelled that properly.

  30. Jackie Hooks

    This is the good music I’m old now but I am so glad I got to listen too it I love all old stuff.

  31. RBS

    ...DIG legendary background vocalist Siedah Garrett, on backing vocals at 0:40, HEY GURL! ha-HAAA!! ; )

  32. Gene Savage

    THIS is how you restore audio on these classic music / video clips... fantastic work! Completely seamless.

  33. U.S. PATRIOT

    Great song from a great summer!

  34. ButtercupG76

    I remember watching Solid Gold every Saturday night! Awesome song!

  35. Robert Rosalez

    I never heard this song before. I was listening to American Top 40 with Casey Kasem classic countdown and really liked the song. I miss the 80s even though I was kid.

  36. Lionheart Roar

    Great lost classic....amazing song/singer

  37. Mike A

    What a Great Song !!! And Joe's voice knocks it out of the park.

  38. Alisha Taylor

    Joe Pizzulo is one sexy man!. Wish I could meet him . & he can sing to me. Hehe among other things😍

  39. Uz 33

    The girly dancers)

  40. Uz 33

    Totally lip syncing, but good none the less.

  41. Uz 33

    This song has a good beat, brings me back

  42. Nick P

    Heard this song on XM radio a couple of months ago.. what a catchy song from the 80’s!!

  43. Larry Wilson

    Who's the John Cleese-looking dude with the tambourine?

  44. Enrique Opazo

    Tremenda voz de Joe Pizzulo.única en su género hermosa canción del recuerdo y que decir de Sergio Mendez creador de sonidos tan sublimes

  45. Paula Rubio


  46. Jabree Spruill

    The beat is timeless"

  47. Peter Raimondi

    An amazing voice. He didn't receive enough credit.

  48. Joe Polenek

    Since this is lip syncing to the studio version of the song, anyone who doubts how great Joe Pizzulo's voice really is needs to check out the Live In Tokyo 1984 video which is actually performed live. Amazing!


    Where is Joe Pizzulo now ?


    One of the best songs of 1984

  51. MrJacobrabbit

    39 on bill board

  52. mrcoolpants39

    Laying next to my dad listening to this

  53. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    I was dreaming I'd see this again I hadn't since childhood and my Solid Gold Days and here it is on YouTube great! Just beautiful. This song is one of pop/rock's finest and the melodies and vocals and lyrics all flawless. When I heard this song first I was 8 years old and already had any idea what it was about. Now at 42 I know all about alibis and lies. It turned out the dirtiest ones were from my mother and father. All these years later I see all the demons in them in their older age. Alibis are worse than plain old lies they are lies and excuses at once. They always end the same- the relationship ends.

  54. prattpt6

    A blast from the it!

  55. Libor Hular

    This is it!

  56. imusfan48

    Just saw Sergio in NYC last Saturday!!

  57. imusfan48

    Just saw Sergio in NYC last Saturday!!

  58. FlexWheeler2nd

    80s music was the best! Love the sound and song styles from that era. Every song sounds fit for a movie soundtrack, which many were! Great memories! Interestingly, while this song is not about a positive matter, the vibe is still happy somehow LOL

  59. johnmaer

    There is an error on this lip-synched performance of the classic Alibi's.....can anyone spot it? No, give up? OK, the track has a 6 string guitar playing on it, but there is only a bass guitar in the video. So, either someone forgot to show up for this Solid Gold or the band decided not to try and make the visual correspond to the musical reality or recording. Big faux pau....

  60. Lisa Trosclair

    I love this song still to this day great song

  61. KC Starkey

    Great song. This keeps getting stuck in my big ass head.

  62. Hayden H

    That sax player is me! So cool he is just like, hey what's up.

  63. Catherine Cowman

    Love all the oldest but he looks like jermey bettley what do you think

  64. Purple40Ice

    Omg. Heard this on the radio.. had to Google soon as I got home.... I so remember this.. still knew the

  65. Anand Bissoon

    Remember this song growing up in the early 90s

  66. Jacqueline Kelly

    Love this song it is awesome.

  67. Frerick Varano

    Lo mejor la musica brasil 👍🏽

  68. Frerick Varano

    Lo mejor la musica ibaza Sergio Mendes 🎤🎧😘

  69. Dicky Ball

    Happy times. Better everything, everyday.

  70. tori steele

    I miss solid gold

  71. Dave Dawson

    Those dancers-80's all the way!
    "I know the body much too well"

  72. John Browneyes

    OMG totally remember seeing this when first aired on Solid Gold! Loved it then and now! Remember Sergio killin' it on the keyboard... :) Always watched SG on Saturday nights, then Love Boat, Fantasy Island.....miss those days!

  73. Frank Vitale

    Joe pizzulo can sing

    Alisha Taylor

    Frank Vitale he sure Cana. Have u heard the song Never gonna let you go? Joe sings that song too

  74. Safiyah Moffatt

    I love it. I am so happy Sergio Mendes put together this group so we can always enjoy the music and memories 💗💞❤💕

  75. andy

    Truly great music!

  76. Bonus Baby

    Searched for this for a while. Like most I thought it was called "Slipping Away". Actually for the longest I thought he was saying something about "alabaster water tight"..."alibis" makes much more sense. I love how the verses have a country style feel to them then it breaks into full pop for the chorus. And the outro of the chorus is straight fire. The vocal arrangement is just outstanding. I want to try to mix this song with Aretha Franklin & George Michael's "I Knew You Were We Waiting For Me".

    Cindy Iwanski

    Bonus Baby do the same thing!

  77. Stacie Battaglia

    I discovered this song on the radio!!!love it!i was born in the wrong decade!!

  78. craig sparks

    I remember watching this on tv lol

  79. paulette

    I was 13 in 1980...the 80s music and a lot of 70s are timeless

  80. srtb3931

    What great memories this song brings back!

  81. Deida Perales

    When music was so good!! 🙋

  82. bjohnson

    I was 16 when this was out...hitting 50 in a few months..


    I was 10. :) I remember watchin S.G. on TV ALL the time while it aired.

  83. CrestoneMountains

    Top 5 Adult Contemporary smash. Wasnt big with young folk but some of us adored it! Question, sergio had a bit of an ego, didn't he? the ending implies this, if you follow (making the lead singer go to shadows instead of coming out on each side of Marilyn, when Joe makes this an amazing song). hope im wrong. Joe saved what was considered a rare let down of an album.

  84. jcallen12003

    Check out the guy in the sax!..Cool!

  85. Travel Daddy

    Oh there goes Seidah Garrett on backup vocals!... nice 👍🏽


    Who's the other one?

  86. Ben Parker

    Took me years to find this song. Cannot get this song out of my head. I would tell friends, family and coworkers about this song but they did not know the tune or anything about it. This is one of my favorite songs but for some reason I let the name of the song and the artist slip right by me for all these years and also did not know all the lyrics ! Lol ! But now I know who sings it and what they are singing. Great 80's song !

    JT Moomin

    Ben Parker
    I remember this from my teens, have loved it from the moment I heard it.
    Like you, none of my friends remember it at all.... it's like a special song just for me. 😊

  87. Rodrigo Araya Contreras

    Junto con rainbow's end temones de mi época de colegio!!

  88. Deida Perales

    Still a great song!!!🌟

  89. johns0706

    Great song, great show, great dancers!  Never missed it back in the day.

  90. Pop Muzik

    thanks for SiriusXM for playing this amazing long lost song ! thats how i found it and came here ! So much amazing lost music ! keep the 80's alive !!!!!!!!

    Chris Pomay

    Awesome song fond memories from when I heard this song in summer of 84 while visiting Philadelphia.

  91. greg philbeck

    Heavy on the synthesizers and bass...gotta love 80s tunes!!

  92. Christopher Valdes

    This song kicks ass!

    stev al

    It is awesome and oh yeah -------- those Solid Gold dancers!!!!

  93. DanielXian

    1984 was a great year in that golden decade of music!
    Sergio had such a great voice!

    (Solid Gold was a great show!)

    Bill Guill

    Sergio Mendes was not the lead singer on this. It was Joe Pizzulo.

    Mike A

    Not Sergio singing !!!

    Clay Stevenson

    No doubt

  94. LordOfNothingham

    Please clean your VCR heads

  95. J C

    I'm 40 years old and remember this tune so well but never knew the song or singer as I was about 8 when it came out. Woke up today with it in my head and a few words came mind as I could barely remember them and BOOM...33 years later I find it and buy it on Amazon. The power of music 🎶

    Scott Reece

    I heard it on Sirius XM when they did a Top 40 countdown for that week in 1984. It was amazing how the tune came back to me. I've been listening to it for weeks now! lol

    stev al

    Sometimes friends help me out -- I will say a few words or lines and they may remember! I hope I can help them out too when they try to remember a song!! My dad listened to Sergio Mendez in '66 and now I love them in '84!!

    J C

    I will forever now associate this song with riding in the backseat of my moms white 1984 Pontiac Grand Prix while she tapped her fingers on the steering wheel to the beat. It takes me back every time I hear it to an optimistic time and when my mom was only about 27. Never heard it again until many many years later.

    Dwhizzle Dizzle

    That's funny, I had this song pop into my head yesterday. I have no idea why. I always thought this was a Billy Ocean song. Lol.

  96. Elizabeth Gandy

    Classic song I was 18 in 1984 and remember this heard this at work on the oldies station and was taken back great memories to be 18 again!!!

  97. scott mosher

    the 80s were a great timeline music these days do not do not even measure up it is what is is 80s family

  98. scott mosher

    indeed before American idol

  99. ronthatus

    After 20 years searching I finally found this song. I had the lyrics totally screwed up which hindered me from finding it but at last I have it

    Billy Hill

    Me too. I remembered this song but forgot who sang it. Heard it in the radio for the first time in over 25 years. For some stupid reason, I thought it was billy ocean. Lol

    John Jennings

    ronthatus Yeah it took me awhile too, partly because I was utterly convinced s/one else had done it ... believe it or not, when I first heard in the early '80s, I just assumed it was Michael McDonald & the [maybe] the latter-day Doobie Bros. xD

    Lorenzo Cooper

    This song in now available on compact disc. The Confetti album was reissued a few years ago. One of the best songs of 1984.

    Wendy Rotonto

    I love this song too. I'm ecstatic!!! I was 12 when this song came out. I had no idea what the title was. I thought it was Slipping Away From Me. Lol