Sepultura - Warriors Of Death Lyrics

Marching over the mist
Leaving behind the wheack's
Going this endless war
Like a tormenting nightmare

Over the devastated ruins
I raised a sign
The sign of hate
For a masses despair

To revenged the years
Arrested in abyss
Where Jesus Christ
Made his suffer

But the final command
Is happening here now
Which I see is the ruins
And warriors marching to death

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Sepultura Warriors Of Death Comments
  1. peter parker

    Shouldn't be Lamounier on the vocals here?

  2. Dean Rossiter

    Great track and a classic

  3. Southern Cross

    O solo dessa música dá um ar desesperador e maligno para a música

  4. geraldo fernandes

    Eu estava presente no primeiro show nesta época e era amigos . Bons tempos.

  5. jack kruser

    Old school is where the devil lives

  6. Michael Bernier

    Great record! I have this split ep with Overdose somewhere!

  7. Timothy Sotir

    Such a great EP. The Overdose EP on the flipside is really awesome too!!!

  8. Gabriel Broto

    better than mayhem

    Whited Out

    I hope that you mean the song

  9. Cristianfernandoantoniojimenes Antonio

    Brutal una tristeza lo hoy en día

  10. Rafael Aparecido

    Perfeita sintonia- coordenação- entrosamento entre baixo- bateria- guitarra e vocais

  11. jumpfart666

    Their absolute best years....fuck the Cavalera Conspiracy and the fake Sepultura...a big joke now....only Jairo is real!

  12. Ride The Lightning

    Sepultura started off in black metal


    Sepultura no se anda con mamadas. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  14. Bruno Guimarães

    o Sepultura até o Beneath the Remains é FODA PRA CARALHO...

  15. Inferno

    0:49 these are the same guys who made Roots Bloody Roots?

    Niko Götz

    partly yes


    without Jairo Guedz yes

  16. Peter Parker

    It was Wagner "Antichrist" Lamounier on vocals;he left the bend after publishing this EP and formed new band Sarcofago

  17. King Ace Hernandez

    The real sepultura


    Sepultura ended in 1996 and started back up in 2007.

  19. Luan Lopes SCCP

    Sepultura, Sarcófago, Mystifier e Vulcano as melhores

  20. 4TscottprAnkz 666

    What genera is this😍

    vapor dreams 翁萎円

    It's a combination of Death Metal and Black Metal mixed with Thrash Metal with some Hardcore Punk influences.

    Alex Pujol Besga

    Oldschool death metal

    Chusm3itor 666

    metalheadkaiju xD


    @vapor dreams 翁萎円 The most accurate answer

    Dong Dong Will Never Die

    First-wave black/death metal.

  21. vapor dreams 翁萎円

    Such good guitar playing for just four 15 and 16 year old teenagers.


    also some good drum slamming going on

  22. ThrashTillkill Hill


  23. Ygor Rudra

    Marchando sobre a névoa
    Deixando os fracos para trás
    Conduzindo essa guerra sem fim
    Como um pesadelo aterrorizante

    Sobre as ruínas devastadas
    Levantei um símbolo
    O símbolo do ódio
    Para o desespero dos povos

    Para vingar os anos
    Preso no abismo
    Onde Jesus Cristo
    O fez sofrer

    Mas a ordem final
    Está acontecendo aqui e agora
    O que vejo são as ruínas
    E guerreiros marchando para morte!

  24. Sirazum Monir Osmani


  25. Angon Mridha

    fuck yeahhhhh!!

  26. alon oliveira alves

    sepultura sempre

  27. 幸せな男

    I don't for alot of their new stuff. The old is where its at.

  28. metal militia

    my favorite song on the whole Ep. these guys are a good influence in my band and we're the same age as them when they made this .

  29. NuclearDolfParodies

    I need a drum and bass track for this to put guitar over. If anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. I don't want one that sounds ripped straight out of a drum machine. I want something that sounds atleast SLIGHTLY realistic.

  30. Mad Butcher


  31. Aggelos Dimos

    Happy birthday Max Cavalera! <3 \m/


    !!tema culiao epico ctm

  33. PH CSC

    The true Sepultura!

  34. MrShadowflasher

    They released this shit when Max and Igor were 16 and 15 years old.Fucking amazing!


    Paulo Jr y Jairo T

  35. Julio Jeff

    BESTIAL !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Pedro Arias


  37. scottinthedark

    love the bass drum sound it reminds me of my balls slapping my misses ass cheeks when I'm fucking her. joking aside love this album

    metal militia

    scottinthedark sadly it's not verified as a album 😥

    sebastian rivera

    scottinthedark seriously fuck off

  38. Roby - The Heavy Guy

    cavalera on fucking bass !

  39. Geezer Butler

    This song is thee shit...

  40. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    bad ass metal track from sepultura from brazil, 80's trash metal magic here. i am a warrior and i fight to the death.

    Hell Bino

    Second time I meet you, man, I see you got a nice taste of music.

    Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    @Ze Hardrock hell yeah my music is all different.

    Hell Bino

    @Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum How different?

    Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    @Ze Hardrock ha ha motown for one

  41. Banda Vesúvio

    The beggining of Hard Rock <3 

    Emre Örnek

    Are you for real or something?

    Ob 1

    no its rap


    HAHA. Sepultura sounds pretty similar to Guns 'n Roses, actually

  42. TheRichie213

    Me encanta esta cancion!!!

  43. TheRichie213

    Me encanta esta cancion!!!

  44. sapiopneumoni

    100 ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΜΠΡΟΣΤΑ ...

  45. RicksFPS

    thrash hue death scream thrash brasil huehueheuhuehuehuehuebrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr

  46. Slayermetallica69

    This is actually post melodic brutal blackened symphonic jazzcore

    Shaggy Rogers

    Slayermetallica69 yep, i say they”re (before chaos A.D) a brutal thrash band since they are heavier and faster than thrash but don’t have the criteria of being death. (Slowing parts down a lot, extremely gutteral or non understandable vocals) its just a part of being a metalhead you get triggered when you think someone is wrong.

  47. Julian fruth

    the god old Sepultura !! :D

  48. Nathan Jones

    There were no Death Metal riffs besides in Death's Demos before SBG, their were no music traits of DM in anything other album. The atmosphere in here is just BM, Bestiality a very evil atmosphere is the sound of Black Metal.
    No I'm not trying to say ll those riffs in I.N.R.I are products of one genre, because BM is made from multiple elements itself. 80's BM have different styles and approach to making the evilness of the music.
    Their were multiple elements in INRI but DM wasn't one of them.

  49. Nathan Jones

    Dude, you don't get it. This may have thrash metal influences in here but its still straight up Black Metal. Death Metal bands like Death have Thrash Metal influences in the mix, but is still straight up oldschool Death Metal. This is the 80's almost everything have a little thrash influences, even HxC bands at that time. SBG is more complex and skill than this album, not to mention being a pure definition of Death Metal. This draws the line between Death and Black. BM was a definite at the time

  50. Teso

    Exelent Drums.

  51. Kevin J

    Also, Altars is HEAVIER then SBG but their both death metal so you're wrong about me going by heavy they are. I go by rifts and chord progression along with their base line bpm.

  52. Kevin J

    Orly? Show me one of these retarded self made sub genres I used to categorize this EP or anything for that matter? I described the sound/ quality as BESTIAL and I'l fucking stand by that all day. You are trying to say all those rifts in INRI belong to one set genre that is Black metal.. thats fucking appalling. Yes I know of early hardcore punk influences but this is far from grindcore and is really its own separate sound that borrows from death metal influences, regardless if the genre existe

  53. Kevin J

    So you want to argue and say what?, this EP is black metal and thrash? Fair enough. I think Bonded by Blood would have been a better example btw but that doesn't matter. You want to argue and say there isn't a trace of death metal in INRI? Then I'd say you are insane to think that. If you think about it, black metal didn't even exist as a definite genre in the 80's. I fucken own SBG dude I know the ends and outs of it, but since then I have heard its sound in a lot of other works too.

  54. Nathan Jones

    This isn't straight up thrash, you want straight up thrash listen to Exodus Toxic Waltz, that's straight up thrash. Black Metal of the 80's are just made from the same elements which makes thrash and Thrash Metal influences came into BM in 84. The sound you described doesn't connect to this ep at all.Scream Bloody Gore is Death Metal's first document and the sound is all in there. That album has Black and Thrash influences but still considered oldschool Death Metal. Just like Alter Madness

  55. Nathan Jones

    What's "It"

  56. Nathan Jones

    You say a band can overlap into many categories? This is the thing that make people say "Kids these days like to pigeon hole bands with these retarded self made sub genres" But even if that was the case, there still aren't any trace of DM or DM influences in INRI. All that is Black Metal with Punk and thrash influences (Which basically makes up BM) There's a difference between 80's Black Metal and 80's Death Metal, and you seem to pare them based on how heavy it is.

  57. Nathan Jones

    INRI have barely anything in common with Death Metal musical wise, Matter or fact compare Alter Madness with INRI and there you'd see a big difference. You clearly don't understand the motives of Blackened Death, The thrash influences is in every exreme Metal sub genre of the 80's and Black Metal is more of the aggressive side as time went by during that decade. INRI have nno Death Metal in their and there isn't a single DM band with there influences to support what you're saying.

  58. Kevin J

    I was referring to INRI not this sepultura EP, I believe this EP is straight up thrash with dm AND bm influence if you asked me. Dude, im just describing the sound, I know for a fact that bestial death thrash isn't a metal sub genre I was never stating that.

  59. Nathan Jones

    There is no Death Metal riffs in here, there's a difference between "Influence" and actually being it. This is more influential to Black Metal than Death Metal. BTW Bestial Death thrash???? There is no such thing, you're Bestial Black Metal or War Metal, a style of Black Metal that's faster and more intense , but difference from Death Metal in riffs structure and playing style (Though have similarities)

  60. Kevin J

    It does have to do with FWBM because obsessed by cruelty is FWBM and i saw you argue about that too

  61. Kevin J

    Blackened is just a description for these blends of extreme metal genres with bm influences. There definitely is blackened - anything, some might call INRI just black metal even though you hear obvious death metal influence. A band can overlap into many categories regardless of a textbook data entry existing yet. Please end these decade of emergence bullshit caps because death metal existed in the 80's before it had another stupid label.

  62. Nathan Jones

    BTW Attomica is just brutal and Fast Thrash Metal like Kreator's :Pleasure to Kill" and Morbid Saints "Beyond the Gates of Hell". I really think some of you describe extreme metal sub genres based on how how heavy it is. If you're looking for actual Death Metal blueprints it's all in Death's "Scream Bloody Gore"

  63. Nathan Jones

    There is nothing "Blackened" is the 80's Blackened Death Metal is a 90's fusion genre which fuses the "Second Wave" style with 90's style Death Metal. Blacked Death is bands like Angel Corpse Vital Remains, Belephegor, Hate,or Behemoth. That has nothing to do with FWBM. Have you ever herd of "War Metal" that's basically the hellish and Chaotic style of FWBM (Black Metal). Mutilator, Early Slaughter Necrofago, Abhorer, Vulcano, Chakal, Mystifier, Blasphemy are what War Metal gets influence from

  64. Nathan Jones

    Dude no just no...

  65. Kevin J

    OBC is FWBM though, how can you call this FWBM with those obvious death metal root influences, OBC has the speed metal influences, this has the death metal root influences

  66. Kevin J

    The difference between this album and sarcofago's INRI is the same difference between death/thrash and bm, it's all about the atmosphere it creates. This is primal, beastial death thrash. INRI is blackened death thrash and has way more early bm/death atmosphere like impaled nazarenes tol cormpt norz norz norz. On the other end we have other brazilian bands that polarize to the death/thrash side like Mutilator and Attomica.

  67. Raptor Jesus

    this is brilliant sepultura with max is in my opinion one of the best metal bands

  68. Nathan Jones

    > Tells people to stop arguing about genres
    > Then adds on to it by calling it straight up thrash

    This has Thrash elements but its not thrash metal.

  69. The Exodus Attack

    Stop arguing about the genre, it's straight up thrash fucking metal.

  70. Nathan Jones

    The fast Shredding, Palm muted picking, fast paced and aggressive riffs, the nasty bestial atmosphere etc.. all in here, this is what BM really sound like, the Norwegian 90's just made a complete different genre that for some weird reason they took the name Black Metal, but they're not BM. But anyway of course we can agree this is better than what Sepultura sound today. Really intense album

  71. Endrune1988

    sarcofago* i know I.N.R.I , got the Vinyl here. well i still dont see the bm elements here but lets just say , its a very good album and the best sepultura time , bc they suck today

  72. Nathan Jones

    This is the same thing as Obsessed By Cruelty, there isn't a Death Metal riffs in here, just plain Black Metal. Your example just compliments what I said. There are no Death and Thrash fusions during that era as Death Metal riffs and rhythm haven't been established before 87. Check out Sarcofao I.N.R.I that's another example of Brazilian Black Metal as they got their influences from Sodom.

  73. Endrune1988

    its still death thrash. black is sodoms obsessed by cruelty for example

    Shaggy Rogers

    Endrune1988 debatable. I just call it brutal thrash which tends to be more sensical. Some say proto-death, death thrash but its hard to classify

  74. Nathan Jones

    This has nothing to do with Death Thrash fool. There wasn't any such thing as Death Thrash fusions in the 80's until like the late 80's. But their sound is completely different different from this. Compare "Beneath the Remains" and Morbid Visions" to "Arise" and "Bestial Devastation's" and you'll see the difference. This album is more evil and darker than what Death Metal or Thrash would.

  75. Endrune1988

    its not black man. it was death thrash dammit.

  76. jaredsehorn1

    Love that tapping solo

  77. Nathan Jones

    It is Black

  78. Nathan Jones

    Black Metal when it was actually extreme

  79. ARTalive01

    This 4 track (or five track including intro) is just bloody amazing but this song is probably the best from this the part at around 2:55 or something is just pure headbanging madness.

  80. JRgebruiker

    This album was released in 1985.... so it's not copied

  81. snowblind

    Hmmmm... that cover.... opus eponymous...? :))

  82. Gohjay

    F yes Boris Vallejo.

  83. Deathrasher

    The part after 2.20 is a piece of history for me. At that part you dive straight into total void

  84. frasier crane

    thank you

  85. Mateo Lemes

    I think it is more Black than Death..

  86. Flashtar

    Plus the drums were just the bass drum, snare, tom and hi-hat, I don´t remember if he had cymbals, but at the time the didn´t have much money.

  87. Nocturno Vision

    salutes from Chile THIS SHREDS!!!SEPULTURA RULES!!!

  88. roeben zwart

    the drums are terrible

  89. howard rodriguez

    early sepultura left it's mark on society and we swallowed it like drugs.

  90. Skullsplitter

    Why does everyone mention Karmablade on every Sepultura video?

  91. Steven Bell

    new sep is dece...

  92. Faschley SS

    Buck nasty, indeed.

  93. Steven Bell

    this shit is bucknasty...

  94. Skorrrpion

    Death/Thrash, This Is True Sepultura And True Extreme Metal \M/

  95. LORDGOAT1976

    Now that's an album cover.

  96. shadowyashatoura

    @Carnificinerius Amigo do you know the world evolution?Their three first album are of course masterpieces but can you imagine their next releases be like them?What"s the point to recycle the same riffs again and again?