Sepultura - Piranha Lyrics

Slicing Jaws A Way Of Life
Brought Up To Waste Mankind
Loki's Pets His Little Children
Deadly Every Time

Trapped In Swamps By Gates Of Hell

Don't Ever: Let Them Out
For If You Do And They Escape
You'll Fight A Bloody Bout

Piranha Kill In A Pack - You'll Run
Piranha Start To Attack - You'll Done
If You Think You Can Beat - Deadly School
If You Think You Can Live - You're A Fool

Gates Of Hell Are Old And Cracked
They Tumble And They Fall
Out Rush A Bloody Wall Of Death
To Kill Anything At All
Their Sole Mission Is T0 Kill
Strip Your Bones And Flesh
Rip Out Your Eyes Tear Off Your Face
An Agonizing Death

Piranha Kill In A Pack - You'll Run
Piranha Start To Attack - You're Done
If You Think You Can Beat - Deadly School
If You Think You Can Live - You're A Fool

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Sepultura Piranha Comments
  1. Ultimate metal guitar tones

    Fucking A rite

  2. Terry Tyler

    Make America Metal Again like Larsretriever

  3. Guilherme Lobato

    Caralho do cover fodaaaaaa

  4. Cody Wilson

    This is the thing I didn't realize I needed in my life. Man this is tight as hell and Sepultura does this SO MUCH JUSTICE. UNREAL MUSICIANSHIP.

  5. Putrid Abomination

    RIP Paul Baloff \m/

  6. felipe dark

    Los hermanos max calabericus :v

  7. Dead& Alive

    Im gonna need a new neck after this

  8. Lucas agricola

    Sempre achei essa música do Exodus, muito na linha do punk/Hardcore. E essa versão do Sepultura eu gosto mais que a original, por conta dessa pegada punk/hardcore acelerada na mesma.

  9. MetalowyPan

    This is fucking awesome!!

  10. Caleb Roberts

    i honestly dont like the drums much...

  11. Silva João

    é um peixe voraz

    Micael Rodrigues Alves

    De São Francisco, não não, perdão...

  12. Daniel Paez

    This was by the time Iggor was still in the band. It seems like they were able to play some good thrash tunes back then, but instead they released crap like "Roorback". I still think, when Iggor left, Sepultura died.

  13. Eduardo Marcelo

    Exodus is very better

  14. Philip Bair

    Shoot I'm such a huge fan of Exodus but only the Zetro/Dukes stuff. But even still I like this cover so much more than the original...

  15. Juan Pablo

    Que buen cover LPM

  16. Aliyahkurt143 Capangpangan


  17. Dobromir Houbanov

    Not too good, but i kinda like it.

  18. Radio Streetsunited

    *Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah!!!* \м/

  19. Saraiva Toledo

    o Kisser fode essa merda toda !

  20. Jaco Pastorius

    St anger drum set?

  21. joro353


  22. Tito Celis

    Bateria infernal.

  23. Бобан Стојановић

    First time hearing this, and here's MY opinion:
    It's too fast, it's not supposed to be this fast.
    The drums are shit. Sounds a lot like St. Anger. Guitars aren't bad but nobody can match Holt. Vocals are leaning more towards Dukes than Zetro and Baloff, they're cool.
    Exodus > Sepultura :)

  24. Martín Fernández


  25. Satan's Kitty

    I just watched the movie Piranha, and now I've been binging this song! Of course, the Exodus original is always king, Paul Baloff was a fucking banshee. But I also like how Sepultura did theirs faster and more in the style of classic death metal.

    Radio Streetsunited

    Satan's Kitty HELL'o kitty! Huhuhuh


    Six feet under also smash it outta the park with they're cover as well🤘🤘

  27. Ehh Itz Mehhh

    Sounds Like sepultura!🔥

    killer Joe

    Athina Alba bros you dick

  28. tfleury1559

    great debut riff!!!

  29. JoseCarlos 74

    This is better than the let there be blood piranha version,so sad JAJAJAJAJAJA

  30. Kira Sundberg

    paul baloff would be proud

    Nick Davis

    I don't think so

  31. Richard Albornoz

    Tremendo hdp!!!!

  32. P. M.

    Like the Sabbath cover better.

  33. P. M.

    Same speed..

  34. tbone m

    If you think you can live your a fool!!!!!!!

  35. DreamPurpleFloyd

    Wish they had done it with the original line up :/
    Would have sounded awesome with the BTR/ Arise production

  36. Headbanger Metal

    this is fucking AMAZING!!!! hallucinatory

  37. Juliano Bini Eckstein

    Is with Derick, or Max?

    canal comedia

    Juliano Eckstein derrick on vocals!

  38. André Alves

    essa música só vai na voz de ballof ou zetro mais nada

  39. forrest gump

    i am 45 years old. i remember the day this album came out. piranah such an easy riff, but fuck its so heavy. paul Baloff forever.

  40. Ultimate metal guitar tones

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Ragnar Fuck the politically correct!

    I found it better in this version of Sepultura, faster.

  42. Martín Acosta

    this is Avulsed not Sepultura

    Ben Reese

    Martín Acosta No. This is Sepultura. This is the Derrick Green era of Sepultura. And probably the worst era

    Rafael Coutinho

    it's Sepultura of the album Revolusongs (covers album)...

  43. Breno Labs

    Pau no cu de vocês que só lambem o cu do Max, Max é isso, Max é aquilo, VÃO A MERDA

    Juliano Bini Eckstein

    Breno Labs Por isso que eu acho que ele é foda

    Breno Labs

    Juliano Eckstein Cara, eu acredito que o que faz o Max foda foram suas composições, tempo de banda não faz ninguém foda não

    Breno Labs

    Juliano Eckstein Escuta a banda Nailbomb...

    Marcio Dabura

    Max foi cuzão na sua primeira vinda ao Brasil pós-Sepultura . Quís pagar de gringo numa entrevista e destratou João Gordo (que até então era brother do Max) .


    Vai vc tbm seu arrombado pau no cu ... Zé ruela ... filho de uma cabra sem mãe...chupador de pica de negão.....kkkk

  44. gilang n

    It's fun to see live, but dont record this please... sounds bad enough.

  45. Manu Leonardi

    Better than the original...

  46. Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao ponto

    Essa música é foda

    Juliano Bini Eckstein

    Paulo Nideck Aeee Nideck

  47. Julian Gonzalez

    Well this is definitely not max cavalera

    Mr. Rafe

    so it's good.

    Wild Thrive

    Julian Gonzalez you'd be surprised.

    Marcio Silva

    yeah , but it works well enough ...


    Fucking AWESOMEE!!!

  49. Borju Saepulloh

    I love it...

  50. Matt McClain

    Damn good lifting song. And if you love metal you'd better be lifting because the combination of the two is fucking amazing!

    Putrid Abomination

    I heard that

  51. Daniel Teague

    Fucking Heavy cover

  52. Brutal Alien Videos

    22 dislikes? This cover is really awesome!

    UndeaD Killer

    too many haters


    It's great in itself, but they killed the vibe of the original riff.

    antoumon -

    I think so man, insane!

    Marcos Mariano

    It is a cover but I like better this version, this is a Brazilian band and I love this band

    antoumon -

    Difficult to say better than the original version, but it's so good too

  53. Carlo M. Ayala


  54. Erik Muniz

    omg this is so suckish, sepultura you really fucked a good riff.👎

    Will Thrash

    Erik Muniz this cover is amazing what are you talking about

    Kira Sundberg

    your mother doesnt love you

  55. Springtoifel18

    sole mission is to kill...

  56. Varg Vikernes

    Aqui é BR né \m/

  57. Fabio Rodriguez

    muy bueno , pero no supera al original

    victor ascurra

    Fabio Rodriguez cuando los metaleros nos demos cuenta que esto es un homenaje, un guiño para mostrarnos sus gustos sus pasiones y sus influencias. Y no una competencia.. el metal volverá a ser lo que fue alguna vez.. hermandad y disfrute de la música.. y no una estúpida competencia inventada por gente que no ve más allá del egoísmo.. esto no es una competencia.. este cover muestra el respeto y el amor por este género y hacia la banda exodus

    Polan dos Santos

    no es necesario superar la música original, pero fue increíble, lo fue !!!

  58. sarwan dhillon

    awsome cover

  59. Kannejk

    absolut geil

    ms ist ein nuttensohn


  60. Ajim Blackkaren

    thrash till' death...\m/

    Doom Lord


    Putrid Abomination


  61. rollforeverderbs

    What year was this? Does anyone know?


    +rollforeverderbs year 2002. Here you can find more infos: -->

    Laurent Picard

    +rollforeverderbs from the EP "Revolusongs" (2003)

  62. j.r raphard

    Too fast for my heavy brains it kick azzzzzzzzzzzz!

  63. video cosmar

    sonzera uma das melhores do sepul 😈


    Você ta ligado que essa música é do Exodus, né?

    Breno Labs

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk não li isso

    Juliano Bini Eckstein

    video cosmar NÃO É DO SEPULTURA CARA

    gg hj

    Kkkkkkk Caralho mano

  64. TheGroovyyyy

    Sepultura plays Exodus....this means...everything about thrash metal.... BONDED BY BLOOOOOOOODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. TheVincent666

    let there be evil and death!!

  66. Zerkrez

    The guitar sound cool

  67. Maddog2020

    This has much better production and much more speed but i still prefer the LTBB version

    16yaşında bi adam

    İdiot fuck guitar and drums suck there and rob is shit

  68. Yuda Ben


  69. jody howell

    I have been listening to Bonded By Blood since it first came out. But, I honestly think Another Lesson In Violence is by far their best record! And it is fucking live!!!The power and fury in the music captured on that recording makes me not want to listen to the studio version of Bonded. And yes, Baloff does it better!


    Souza does a real good Bonded by Blood live, definitely plays it up just like Baloff does, same intonation and everything.. he knows what exodus fans want to hear.


    jody howell Another Lesson In Violence is amazing! Usually vocals don't do much for me, but Paul is a monster on that album. If only his vocals we're delivered that well and sounded so clear in the 80's...

    David Bristow

    jody howell Sousa does i saw him live and met him

    David Bristow

    jody howell i meant Steve Souza

  70. Thayná Ribeiro




  72. wideglide1983

    Paul Baloff was the only one for this song..... But THIS is epic!!!!!

    james ellenburg


    Bob Higgins

    I agree

    Jezebel Lucy

    To be fair, this isn’t Max.

  73. Scotty J.

    *Sepultura* - Piranha (Exodus cover)                          #THRASHON

  74. Braian Riquelme

    Muy bueno el cover, pero nadie mejor que Exodus para tocar esta canción.


    Estoy de acuerdo contigo, para mi ese LP es de los mejores

  75. nolan farinaceo


  76. throsh

    mejor que el original 

  77. Döner Kebap

    Chuck schuldiner ?

  78. trwtrw3

    Great post!

  79. Ne ll

    severo cover mks


    prefiro essa música com o EXODUS !

    Juliano Bini Eckstein

    PAUL ROCK É um cover

    José Ex

    Paul ballof*

  81. Carol Coelho

    melhor q a original :v

    Italo Carlos49

    @JAMM BARJAMM kkkkkkkk adoro você,matusalem do metal
    Cuidado com a pressão pra não subir hein tio.

    Italo Carlos49

    @JAMM BARJAMM tu fala tanto de bosta que eu tô achando que quando era criança nos primórdios dos anos 1900,amarravam você pra não comer quando cagava.

    Italo Carlos49

    @JAMM BARJAMM huummmmmmm
    Começou a falar de baitola,sem não hein,acho que tu transa de costas

    Lucas agricola

    Além de ser melhor, essa versão incorporou aquele lance hardcore punk rápido que sempre senti falta na versão original. E aqui, sobrou fudido! Por isso prefiro essa versão, junção perfeita do thrash com o punk/hardcore!!!

    Lucas agricola

    Essa música do Exodus é uma das mais punk/hardcore deles, contudo na versão original eles não escancaram isso, enquanto nessa versão, vermos isso bem feito! Por conta disso, gosto mais dessa versão e considero melhor que a original, sendo já fudida!!!

  82. Kevin Bravo

    way better than SFU ´s cover. Both of them are awesome anyways but this is Apocalyptic Thrash

  83. конь педальный

    fuckin' cover

  84. Alvin Benzotti

    I'd like to hear Sepultura do a cover of Speaking In Tongues " Grinding to Oblivion". I know both Speaking In Tongues and Sepultura both covered Black Sabbath's " Symptom of the Universe" and both did a killer job. I would love to hear their version of a Speaking In Tongues song. Maybe " History Re Eats Itself". They could crush that!!

  85. Alejandro Espinosa

    Con los Cavalera hubiera quedado mejor

    Polan dos Santos

    Creo que ni siquiera estaría cerca!

  86. MegaRiqueZ

    Puta que o pariu!!!!!!! As melhores juntas!!!!!!

  87. Paul York

    I thought this is was a good cover. I appreciate these vocals. But whoever is singing you can't really go wrong with this tune; it's so energetic and powerful. I have been listening to it with appreciation since it came out mid-80s! Bonded by Blood is definitely one of the great thrash albums. I think everything agrees with that.

  88. comakitten1

    I like the new soulfly if only for the guest vocals from travis from cattle decapitation

  89. Ighor Rocha


  90. Vinicius Souza


  91. allynb2120

    honest talk i dig!!! i'm all calvera but its been long since i heard a positive remark against green so idk im still skeptical!!!

  92. sonofliberty66

    God damn! Slammin cover!

  93. Dembilaja

    Great cover.

  94. biebersgurl98

    That's not actually a disagreement you pig fucker

  95. MegAnima75

    The let there be blood version is not even the original one dude lol. I was talking about the version with Paul Ballof, a real old school thrash metal singer !

  96. 13 steps 2the gallows

    badass love this song..check out my metal songs.