Sepultura - Ostia Lyrics

[Lyrics: Andreas Kisser]

The skies are open before me
The crowd of souls in sudden flight
Hoping for prayers in the world
Late repentant, no stain from hell

I thought the worst had, I thought the worst had past
Traitors of the people, they have no face
I will not trust what I can not see
None will have the time to strike a blow - the final blow
Hell - no stain from hell
Those fools are the ones we vote for
The kings and rules of negligence
Taking a nation to lead in decay
A shade announcing another law
Cannot believe I couldn't escape
No chance to leave this plague
I have to be cleansed, from all the blame
The final blow!

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Sepultura Ostia Comments
  1. Rodrigo Septimio

    Deusa Deca

  2. Kevin Vigil

    The strings added in the middle section is dope as fuck man fuck this is an amazing album start to finish NO FILLER TRACKS

  3. Lisérgico Beats

    As Bombas de Hércules Hermes e Renato

  4. Leonardo S. Maia

    Muito fooooooda!!!

  5. ᗩᒪⅤᕮᔕ ᕮⅤᕮᖇƬ〇ᘉ

    Bom muito bom

  6. Vinicius Santos

    muito foda!! som do caralho. \,,/

  7. Amanda Berger

    Esse solo de violino é de quem? Não acho em lugar nenhum os créditos do músico.


    Amanda Berger É um violoncello. Não estou com o encarte em mãos agora, mas na internet diz que participaram do álbum Fabio Presgrave e Bia Rebello tocando cello nessas faixas (se não me engano, de City of Dis em diante).

  8. Pedro Allmeida

    As Bombas de Hércules


    bad ass

  10. Isaac Almeida

    amazing sound

  11. raptor jesus

    andreas owns

  12. chris hickey

    Fuck yes

  13. Yokai Seishinkage

    The skys are opened before me!!! Epic lyrics for an epic intro riff! \m/

  14. Joao pinto

    muito foda