Sepultura - Necromancer Lyrics

The mist is high in this night
Can feel the presence of death
Way to the mortuary so the deads will invoke
Corpses and skulls in my countour
See a corpse bloody with the face in cruciform
Now being from the wrath
Catch the skulls of a children, frozen and dismal
Coming with me
Creature, kill in name of Hell
The black mess is started, life's will terminate
With the wrath of the demons started the genocide
Wrath, in my corpus is born
Death, lost legions from Hell
Slaughter, you'll see in sacrifice
Skulls, are christians with blood

Dead's invoker
Dead's invoker

Wrath, odious, desire
In my corpus is born
The fates last, terror's spread
For a necros creature of
The crypts'

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Sepultura Necromancer Comments
  1. Ricardo Regis Nunes

    My teenage years

  2. idefixthecat

    it smells a little slayer

  3. Elvis Sorna

    Sepultura were pretty far ahead of their time. If there is to be a debate over who's the first death metal band it would be between Sepultura and Possessed.

  4. Natnekker

    Zwarte Metaal of Dode Metaal ?

  5. dlwuik

    this sounds like a hitler speech

  6. Javier Martínez

    Best band. ...brothers. ..

  7. Ruger 44 Redhawk

    The opening riffs and then the breakdown at 2:13 are killer. Sepultura was awesome during the leather jacket/bullet belt days. Sorry but basketball high tops and ripped tight jeans and/or sweat pants is about as gay as you can get.

  8. Vergón 666

    TRUE Sepultura!!...

  9. Elvis Sorna

    Death Metal pioneers

  10. Edelrocker

    16 years young (Max)
    . Awesome.

  11. Beto Lugo

    Pure fuckin death metal 👹👹🤛🤛

  12. Michael Joseph Ocampo

    That style of music the old sepultura is Blackened trash metal.

  13. Some One

    Important track here.

  14. Damned In Darkness

    I can't call this song thrash, this is death metal

    Erik Altoé

    Shut up and enjoy this masterpiece.

    Thibaut D. Akeley

    This is death, thrash and black all the same time. That's how metal use to be. Extreme in every sense.


    This is the very first death metal recording.

    David Hartding

    @Metalheim First Death Metal Recording on Vinyl!

  15. Francisco Carvalho

    Sds dessa epoca bh capital do metal no brasil

  16. Naco barros15

    Like Curitiba Cwb Paraná sepultura é Brasil parabéns like

  17. Naco barros15





    Bestial Devastation and Morbid Visions need a better snare drum sound.

  20. Robert Goldie

    Deaths Invoker not Dirty Fucker, lol.

  21. Wilford Brimley

    This song cured me of my diabeetus

  22. Raul Montes

    música foda.

  23. Gabriel Santos

    Eu ainda prefiro o sepultura com os irmãos Cavalera,eu acredito que ainda vou realizar de conhecer eles pessoalmente.O Derick tbm é um excelente vocalista.

  24. Ygor Rudra

    A névoa está densa esta noite
    Pode-se sentir a presença da morte
    Caminho para o necrotério assim os mortos serão invocados
    Cadáveres e caveiras ao meu entorno
    Vejo um cadáver sangrar com a face em forma de cruz
    Como sendo da raiva
    Pego caveiras de crianças congeladas e tristes
    Vindo a mim
    Criatura, mate em nome do inferno
    A missa negra é iniciada, a vida terminará
    Com a ira de demônios começou o genocídio
    Raiva, nasce em meu corpo
    Morte, legiões perdidas do inferno
    Chacina, que você verá em sacrifício
    Crânios, são cristãos com sangue

    Invocador dos mortos
    Invocador dos mortos

    Ira, odioso, desejo
    Nasce em meu corpo
    Os últimos destinos, a disseminação do terror
    Para criatura necros das criptas

  25. Welldoom 666

    1985 foi quando começou a desgraça no Brasil com esse álbum!...sepultura é foda

  26. Devil'sAdvocate

    IMO, this is the beginning of death metal. The first "official release" that captures death metal's true spirit. I know there were demos before this, but as a stand alone EP, I can't think of anything that beats this as early death metal.

    Philippos Kasotis


    Very much agreed. Although to me it is Slayer Hell Awaits is the "birth of Death Metal"


    Keep in mind that the Sepultura boys were 15/16 while recording this masterpiece. Incredible.

    Philippos Kasotis


    Yea and they kicked ass from that point on

    Thibaut D. Akeley

    Everyone just stop guessing.
    Possessed is the beginning of death metal.
    This not an opinion, it's a fact.

    Lee Torry

    If i remember, there are already demos from 84 that can count as the earliest dm songs. But goddamn is this song so fanfuckingtastic.

  27. Bil Ur - sag

    i have it on vinyl but not with overdose

  28. Joan Perez Gimenez

    Sepultura death metal.

  29. Branson Lewis

    The intro gets me every fucking time, I love this song!

  30. jason H. Zeger

    this should be a Mortal Kombat soundtrack

  31. Kronos DCXVI

    Dirty fuuuckkkkerrr!

  32. Santi ACC

    Pensar que el vocalista tenia 17 años cuando grabò esto

    Elsaca Punta

    Jon nodveidt de Dissection grabo Somberlain con 15.

  33. Randall Schoverling

    Beast as fuck!

  34. GH HG

    So muchbetter than this crappy "roots"


    Will say it to Max.

  35. Luan Lopes SCCP

    That riffsssssssssss

  36. Jose Thrash old scholl !!!

    O início do metal extremo no Brasil \m/

  37. alejandro rodriguez

    second death metal album ever after POSSESSED Seven Churches

  38. Gustavo Felipe Duarte de Souza

    old shit, good shit, fuck this shit, dude.

    Yoga Flame

    +Gustavo Felipe Duarte de Souza aaah voce por aqui ? UHEUHEUHEHEEUHEUH

    Gustavo Felipe Duarte de Souza


  39. luis blasphemy

    Laa reputamare!! esto si era Sepultura !!

    German Arevalo

    claro que si esto si es SEPULTURA

    Loquendo BK

    no es tan pesado apenas se pueden oir el sonido de las guitarras

  40. Sebastian Caro

    La wua wena papito

  41. Tay Rez


  42. Kevin Roman

    yeah old school brutal shit

  43. countsmyth

    Beats the shit out of the latest albums with Dereck Green!


    Man, fuck everything after Roots... It all went to shit after that. But these early releases... Pure gold!

    vapor dreams 翁萎円

    I thought Dante XXI, A-lex, Kairos, Mediator, and Machine Messiah were great!

  44. Cesar Aguilar

    I love you fucking song

  45. Misanthropic Attitude

    Isso sim é Metal, seus filhos da puta

  46. Springtoifel18

    The great times of Sepultura!

  47. Jelmer van der Zaag

    Sounds like Sepultura has been an inspiration to Swedish deathmetal as well

  48. Peterplayingguitar

    fucken cool!!
    these guys musta been 16-17 when this stuff was recorded


    14 y 15

  49. MathieuCaWeb

    When I was a kid I thought he was saying :
    Dirty Fucker


    Holy fuck, same here.

    I Heart Noise

    Sounds like Max is saying "Fucker" with a bit of French accent!


    Or “Daddy fuck her”

    Eric Krieger

    haha classic

  50. Skullsplitter

    Max Cavalera is probably the most badass human ever.


    No I am


    Skullsplitter phil anselmo got everyone beat

    Johnny Rotten

    No. The dude who invented brazilian fartporn is much more badass.


    Johnny Rotten that's true

  51. lovlucifer

    Satã ressucita meus ancestrais

  52. magnus luz

    que bela capa blasphemia total. O demônio domina o mundo.

  53. Sean X

    Get real. That record is a classic, along with Schizophrenia, Beneath the Remains, and Arise. Sepultura died when they released Roots.

  54. Ghoul Desecrator

    sepultura died when they released chaos ad

  55. ARTalive01

    Ahh Sepultura back in the day were quite different and i loved that. This is the sort of stuff i crave in the more extreme side of metal.

  56. Tacoon100

    Who is Max??


    Tacoon100 the singer

  57. Enzo Pinheiro

    I agree with you, Sepultura died without Max.
    But when I look at Roots and Max's works on Soulfly I just think he had to leave anyway. I expected more of Chaos A.D., not Roots.

  58. hailmetalforever

    That two i think anything is better than itune.

  59. zanovetak

    vinyl or die

  60. Skullsplitter

    Dude its on Itunes but if it isn't, just get the CD.

  61. Rasetsu Nadeshiko



  62. LINCE

    Mayhem's logo has bat wings on it.

  63. tyrell swapp

    Bat wings = evil. I don't think so

  64. Skullsplitter

    2:25 Necromancer dirty fucking.

  65. EyesOfFrozenMeat

    Wrath, odious, desire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. MorbidVisionsDC MorbidVisionsDC

    necromancitoreeeeeee, sporco fottitoreeeeeeee

  67. Lightbringer

    now Karmablade has it

  68. skwid79

    Buy the CD instead.

  69. rockinian100

    Old sepultura kicks ass. New sepultura blows

  70. rodrigo ap do santos

    Necromancer muito foda

  71. zala90

    sounds like entombed in some places hahha

  72. Mark N

    I did not realize Andreas Kiser was not with the band from the start.

  73. Spencer Nelson

    This sounds like a fusion of possessed and slayer. Really different from their later albums...

  74. Zombolic Music Productions

    no they arent

  75. grdfgdgbs

    Necromancer! Dirty fucker!

  76. furadacola

    First song of Sepultura!!!!!

  77. Alucadsdimase19573

    heavy ass fuck shit makes my neighbors bleed

  78. Dylan B

    i love the cover

  79. Bodycountfilms

    Oops. My mistake.

  80. hailmetalforever

    No that was another guy.I never buy my music on itune i hate that i like to buy
    the cd's.

  81. Bodycountfilms

    well you were the one who said it wasn't on itunes.

  82. hailmetalforever

    R.I.P. Sepultura and yes for me Sepultura died whit max leaving the band.

  83. hailmetalforever

    What is that shit buy it on cd its way better.fuck that itune bullshit.

  84. Bodycountfilms

    I'm pretty sure it is on iTunes. I believe it's paired up with Morbid Visions.

  85. TotalMetalJacket

    @mcluvin45699 Around 500$ from the looks of it...

  86. MantiaRyche

    Very true.

  87. MusicJamin330

    @JesusDiedlol667 Buy the CD dude! It's the only way!

  88. luap ssub

    I nearly got into fistfight w/ my friend trying to get a hold of the used copy we found of this at a local record store...sadly he was bigger than me.

  89. Declan B

    the lyrics describe diablo 2's necromancer perfectly

  90. Dark Ambient

    iTunes for gays

  91. 28crazyguy

    @MadKetz they don't sound close, and people are taking that copying thing way to far.

  92. AlcohollifuckincA

    @JesusDiedlol667 go buy the fucking album instead

  93. samezzz

    "Slaughter, you'll see in sacrifice
    Skulls, are christians with blood"

    fuckin' love old school lyrics!!!

  94. Doug Smith

    everyone who thinks sonne by rammstein is copying the begining of this song i a fucking idiot...they dont even sound close

  95. MadKetz

    rammstein copied the beginning riff from this song! listen to "sonne" :D Sepultura rulz!!!!

  96. Punk93Metal

    This is the real Sepultura!

  97. stir

    ...of a children
    And imagnie I was thinking whoever said Max's English then was bad is a faggot