Sepultura - Mayhem Lyrics

Endless war, endless screams
In the boundaries of Hell we live
Total death, total hate
On the devastated plains we fight
Evil minds, insane minds
Mutilated corpses over the ground
Soldiers of Hell, soldiers of death
Seeking victims to exterminate

Black death, black night
Where the spirits leave their crypts
Torture souls, drifting souls
By the world of hate
Multiradiation, multideath
Destroys and kills
Even in the deep of Hell
Fallen corpse, fallen angel
Total injury is the only rule


Death slaughter, death rules
Under the sign of fear we live
Bestial lust, bestial rites
Darkness send it's bestial warriors
Shrill crys, tormenting crys
Break the silence of the dark night
Living with hate, living with death
Giving the world total destruction

Blood world, rotting world
Corrosion of insane human mind
Black pest, devastating pest
Under the evoking circle we pray
Baptized skulls, evil skulls
People screaming chained underground
There is no return, there is no escape
In the evil refuge you are slaves


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Sepultura Mayhem Comments
  1. a_little_anomaly

    King of Trash Metal


    Merhabalar aq

  2. Hubert Buczyński

    Wonderfull mystic album.

  3. Gagah Ksatria

    Grrrrrr....Hrrrrrr....sepultura king of thrash metal

  4. mmancilla


  5. mmancilla


  6. Vergón 666

    Fuck - Inner Self & Dead Dickless Cells - THIS is REAL Sepultura!!

  7. Lucasevil Evil

    Melhor album do sepultura