Senses Fail - The Three Marks Of Existence Lyrics

How does the rose open its heart and give the world its beauty?
It bathes in the light, the love of the sun encouraging its blooming
You be the ground where nothing is sown and plant the seeds of love to grow
Cultivate the change you seek. Love is not a song sung by the weak

When in the trap of doubt
Remember it's a cloud
This too shall pass and fade
Impermanence to pain

What is the body but a shadow of a shadow of our love
In which the whole universe resides
There is only wind in that well
And there have always been keys in the cell
It takes compassion to confront your pain
It takes strength to be vulnerable enough to float on the rivers of shame
Be ground, be crumbled, you've been stoney for too long

Let wild flowers grow where you are
Let your heart burst, let it explode

Let wild flowers grow where you are
Let your heart burst, let it explode

Let wild flowers grow where you are
Let your heart burst, let it explode


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Senses Fail The Three Marks Of Existence Comments
  1. Videl Phoenix

    And older fans don't like their newer sound why?

  2. Kick Push Kade

    On some nj thrash shit

  3. This Jawn Lit

    is this the let it enfold you and still searching senses fail? whats going on here??

    matty cefai

    That's the only to albums I have since I stopped listening back then (idk why) going through them all now.

    Pretty good so far but yeah it's Different

  4. James E

    reminds me of from autumn to ashes.

    i may be metel as fuck on that tech death but my roots as a vocalist will always remind me of the old days.

    senses fail is the bees knees even if buddy is a douche nowadays.

    Morty Smith

    lol, he is not a douche

  5. John Velasquez

    fucken awesome, this band will always be in my heart forever 😎

  6. Julian Gutierrez

    I miss seeing Dan on the drums :(


    Well... I can agree that it is pure noise.

  8. Steve Taylor

    One of my favorite songs on the new record. They killed it in Camden/Philly this past Warped Tour.

  9. Paddie Corley

    Am I the only one getting an old Cancer Bats vibe from this?

  10. Logan Whitmore

    Buddy looks happy. His lyrics have always been solid!

  11. JMH LAA

    It seems like most bands get softer as the years go by, but Buddy's done the exact opposite with Senses Fail.

  12. Karamiehorse

    I fucking love this song!!!

  13. Aaron Guerrero

    Haha this was shot at Warped Tour in Pomona I was there :D that's pretty tight

  14. obi yeet kenobi

    I will never understand why dudes think they look good with a beard and slicked back hair..

    Tang Oranga

    @zBorderPatrol just make sure you let them know you cannot stand certain hairs styles

    Chrispy Youngz

    @Tanner Howe who gives a shit. His hair hasn't affected anyone, but your vibes did. See look what you did. You really want this in life. I found Satan when I was four. Don't let it consume you, the power within. That's life's answer realize the world in a new perspective, crowd bash some faces in. Go wild in the pits

    Jordan McDowell

    @Colby Joyner thumbs up to your stand on this.

    obi yeet kenobi

    @Chrispy Youngz cool bro,i found jesus when i was four, let him save me, the power given. That lifes answer realize the world in a new perspective

    Garrett Simpson

    obi yeet kenobi because the only other option was to look like you

  15. Kingsfan 91

    Loving their sound nowadays.

  16. Neek

    I remember when I like this kinda music in middle school.


    They have? They sound like every other "hardcore" band to come out in the last ten years.

    Robert Knapp

    @Nick Psssssssssssssssssh

    Brett Isbell

    I remember when you made yourself look really stupid on YouTube.


    +Brett Isbell no you dont


    +Nick 😂😂✊

  17. ckybltz

    Fuck yes!

  18. MatthewOceanXVX

    Reminds me of  new Vanna! Which is fucking awesome.

    Black Water

    @Jason LovesPWD More like Everytime I Die IMO.

    Conspiracy Cat

    @MatthewOceanXVX God damn I can't get into the new Vanna. As much as I want to, I just can't.