Senses Fail - Take Refuge Lyrics

I was born with wings yet I chose to crawl
Through my mind like a desert void of anything
Anything good at all
Now I hold my head up high
Hang the noose up on the wall
Love help me seeing the invisible
Compassion set me free

Just let go, just let go
Just let go, just let go

May I forgive myself for the person who I think I should be
And may I love myself even when it feels like I don't deserve to breathe

What you seek is seeking you
What you seek is seeking you
What you seek is seeking you
What you seek is seeking you

Just let go, just let go
Just let go, just let go
Just let go, just let go
Just let go, just let go

There is no agony like holding on to an untold story
Inside of you, poisoning the truth

Do you want to break the chains?
Do you want to break the chains?
Do you want to break the chains?
Do you want to break the chains?

Take refuge (Take refuge)
Take refuge (Take refuge)
Take refuge (Take refuge)
Take refuge

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Senses Fail Take Refuge Comments
  1. G Willikers

    The beginning reminds me of Need To by Korn. It's just arranged a little differently.

  2. Vince Saenz

    God I wish I never looked these guys' new stuff up. I feel heartbroken

  3. Matthew Steel

    anyone know if they are going to do another album or if this one is the last? i feel like they have enough music for me to be happy with and is only so much the band can do. we'll all know that they branched out a good deal more on their last 2 albums

  4. Matthew Steel

    for those 5 people who dont appreciate the sound of this - accept that the band weren't obviously going to stay the same forever. That old music of theirs from 2010 and earlier is just that - in the past so JUST LET GO

    Matt Dillon

    senses fail has always changed up their sounds album to album, especially with they way they go through band members. I don't know why people can't understand that. If your missing earlier senses fail sounds, people should check out Buddy's side project, Speak the Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes.

    Matthew Steel

    @Matt Dillon you mention how people keep leaving this band, well a drummer always matters to me in a band especially if they're really good like in blink 182 or yellowcard (the latter left and i didnt even bother listening to any new stuff) i knew dan trapp was great ok not on their level but when i heard this latest album i was really happy with the new drummer

    Jeremy Horror

    Matthew Steel in my opinion they never changed they just matured they're adults now with families of they're own they're not gonna sound like the kids they were when they started they still sound great powerful and they grew so much balls with the shit they been putting out its beautiful raw and filled with the same emotions as they first started just deeper senses fail will never change or will they ever become sell outs and that's why I love them so much

  5. suh dude

    I loved them back when I was 13 and love them today at 23. I listen to hardcore anyway so this is great

  6. Scar Vittori

    Senses Fail is my favorites band since my 16 and I'm 28...but I have to says that I'm disapointed. I'm happy if somes like it..Maybe I'm to stuck in the 2006. But It's a little bit a heart breaking! This band save my life when I was young.... So I will like them anyways..but still. Why ?!? ;'(

  7. This Jawn Lit

    change your name, when i hear senses fail i think "let it enfold you" not this hardcore thrash shit, not digging it at all


    +Dave Nixon I agree this is a totally different style and message. I like their old stuff way more

    Skizzy 1

    You know not every song on this album is like this right? Also, bands like to experiment with sounds you are living in 2006 with the original members Buddy, and Dan the last ones left that I knew of last.

    Dillon Giesler

    i can get the change your name part. i love old senses fail. but this is solid shit. good if you like metal.


    Dave Nixon so tired of hearing people like you bitch 🙄

  8. Munaaa

    Yeah really don't care for that. Bummer.

    Dillon Giesler

    grow a more diverse music taste and come back.


    Lol yes because only opinions that agree with yours can be voiced here.


    I'm not really surprised you don't like this considering your 45 probably a little to loud for you. I get it 👍

  9. Aidin Townsel

    ive been waiting for senses fail to put out some new music and this is not what ive been waiting for. this is a completely different band now. im expecting some interviews with buddy and the guys to explain what this is. i want the old band back, give us more songs like family tradition, buried a lie, CANT BE SAVED like holy shit this is not Senses fail.

    Erick Herrera

    +Avion Senses fail sounds like they did hard drugs and made an album worth listening to

  10. Marco Tilburg

    whoo hoo!

  11. Holden Harris

    The production during the bridge is this is amazing. The layered vocal harmonies...the guitar with the envelope filter on it...awesome.

  12. StoicGenocide

    Loving that "wohoo!"

  13. Tom Dabek

    I'm getting nostalgic and really wish this album had more clean singing but I always love honest post-hardcore. It'll grow im sure.

  14. Genous Hazard

    You can almost feel the Hardcore influence bleed through this track.

  15. kathryn s

    this albums rules!! i'm so obsessed

  16. codyjames01111

    Surrender and Take Refuge are my two favorite tracks.

  17. Jacob Jones

    Everyone was moshong to this song when they played it. Great song to play at a concert.

  18. Matthew Hamburger

    This entire album is beautifully genuine. That's it's best aspect if this album.

  19. f t p i n m y b u t t

    All time favorite band.. A little underwhelmed with this release, but I'm just being nostalgic. It'll grow on me.

    Jude Dude

    @James "Oh Captain" Cunningham Same thing I felt, but it's already grown on me and laid eggs in my brain.


    @James "Oh Captain" Cunningham I love Senses, and I'll keep buying their albums, but I'm still underwhelmed with the album. But I respect them for doing their thing, and going full tilt with it.


    @316Spooky Well the only one still there from the original band is Buddy himself. And he's changed into a completely different person. So, if you think of it in a more positive way, the reflection of how you can relate. The lyrics are then too beautiful.

  20. 6millioncats

    Love this song <3


    This song represents the new album perfectly