Senses Fail - Shark Attack Lyrics

I've spent the last year paying a stranger to listen
To childhood thoughts about the love I am missing
I'd fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book

The hooks were baited out with fear (The hooks were baited out with fear)
Because I wasn't thinking clear

Just save yourself
Cause it's too late for me.
Just save yourself
Cause I've lost everything.

Lying on the couch and spilling all of my guts out
Walking out with nothing but a head full of self doubt
I take back every good thing that I ever said

Cause it was all so meaningless (Cause it was all so meaningless)
It didn't help clean up my mess

Just save yourself
Cause it's too late for me
Just save yourself
Cause I lost everything

Now I see
You rip me open, ripped me up
Now I see
You rip me open, ripped me up

I spent the last full year of my life,
Asking the questions just to find out it was all a lie

Just save yourself
Cause it's too late for me.
Just save yourself
Cause I've lost everything.

Now I see (Now I see)
Now I see (Now I See)

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Senses Fail Shark Attack Comments
  1. Alex G

    Listened to SF all my childhood but now I'm mid 20's with real life problems and it's painfully relatable

  2. Slears

    ah I love that song..reminds me of great times

  3. Fatal Oath


  4. Xlyo Gamez


  5. Mike Dunne

    Back when post hardcore was good.


    I like new and old. they both bring stuff to the table.

    Mike Dunne

    @Sean Mahar This was their best effort to date back then. But I really enjoy Pull the Thorns out of Your Heart even more now. Personal favorite,


    +MichiganMikeKid Pull the thorns from your heart was a grower for me (probably because there are way less hooks) but i really like it now. The lyrics are definitely the highlight. It's nice seeing that buddy in a happy place. Ill always love SF though. New and old.

    Mike Dunne

    @branm25 The lyrics really drew me out and makes so much sense especially with the last record and I also enjoyed Renacer, I can still listen to the older stuff as well, them and New Found Glory are the only bands that I really have a personal relationship with then most other bands I listen to. 

  6. Alvaro Orozco Jr

    Listening to this because Shark Week

  7. Trav

    i see them next month finally

  8. I CAM45m5o I

    Love that fucking song

  9. InsanePopRocks

    all of their albums are amazing in my opinion...

  10. InsanePopRocks

    true words to live by.

  11. dingoatemybaby321

    i have no idea cause ppl r posers i love all their cds the same not one beats the other in my opinion

  12. ThatDereKid

    Why does everyone hate LINAWR? It's a great album with a lot of strong tracks.

  13. Jp111

    they went real shit after still searching

  14. tonemonotone

    If anyone's interested, I put up an acoustic cover of this on my channel, feel free to give it a listen.

  15. Jordan Skiver

    senses fail is my favorite band of all time. i discovered them when i was 13. i am 20 now. there is no other band out there that i can relate to like i do them. they have never made a bad song. in fact, they are all amazing. but from the depths of dreams and let it enfold you are their most powerful i think.

  16. Emperor Clothes

    Saw them at Northern Lights around the time they came out with this album. They opened with this song the crowd went fucking nuts! I was in those pits dude, lucky I was like 15 back then cuz I probably would have got knocked out xD

    Fuck it's like the drunker this band get's the better they play, Buddy was climbing on the God Damn lighting fixtures I thought he was gonna rip the place down. Insane show love this fucking band.

  17. Asstazztic


  18. ThatDereKid

    Way too many songs in this album sound exactly the same.

  19. Justyn Bomar

    Ummm NO this CD is their best one

  20. ThatDereKid

    Um, the first CDs were their best ones...

  21. heweem

    wow first time i listened to this was like about 4 years ago
    love it :)

  22. Justyn Bomar

    this is a great album and they are great live but alot of their older cd's are horrible

  23. Daniel Chan

    Esta canción es la verga, Fuck Yeah!!!!!!

  24. Dan Rivet

    Senses Fail is an amazing band. My band covered this song, can't sing like this though XD

  25. wolle1508

    Senses Fail and Silverstein :D
    My two all time favourites :3

  26. Madsharkrulestheworldium

    Hell Yeah!!

  27. Ronnie

    i remember when i was already 9 my older brother would drive me to my baseball games, and i would be listening to these guys's first album, let it enfold you. I still love them. :D

  28. Josuke Higashikata


  29. Chubbs McGee

    @DrProfessrRawr I believe the right term is trolls my friend :)

  30. Shiv B

    wow, 4 albums, and they still kick ass

  31. jsh020

    god damn i cant wait till i see them live this month, ecpecial since buddy got his voice back. hope they play this

  32. zhoban

    @yakumin I wasn't trying to "show off" my knowledge of Ed Gein. I'm sorry that it made it seem like that.

  33. ihatethisstupidform

    @XXOAPTRAGEDY Exactly, everyone knows what happens in the pit. So don't bitch if you get hit when your standing like 5 inches away from it. It's obviously a risk.

  34. Little Plant

    @ihatethisstupidform Good. I hate people like that. If you don't wanna get hit, stay away from the pit... I mean is it that hard.

  35. ihatethisstupidform

    @XXOAPTRAGEDY You know emo kids aren't the only ones that do that stupid ass arm flailing shit right? So do scene kids, straight edge kids, a lot of people who listen to various genre's of metal. I think it's stupid honestly. I'm a metal head, but i don't pit like i'm flailing around on fire fighting invisible ninjas..

  36. Little Plant

    @gergmanny Emo's are bitches, they get the shit knocked out of them at shows. They look like girls, and they think hardcore dancing is spinning your arms around and staying in one spot. Then they bitch when they get hit.

  37. zhoban

    @yakumin If I'm going to watch something loosely based off of Ed Gein then I would rather watch The Silence of the Lambs, or even Psycho.

  38. Little Plant

    @eatsushiandmakeout I should punch you for this shit.
    Senses Fail started the post-hardcore scene. It was cool until emo fucks such as yourself started listening to the genre and made up the damn name "screamo" for it. Emo fucks deserve to die.

  39. Fluffy_

    3 words BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!

  40. Adam Nicholson

    The pinch harmonic is so freakin' epic.
    I could listen to it for days.

  41. LILREZ305


  42. Gary Z

    I liked the aggro intro and the bit leading up to the solo.

  43. jaryd sappier

    nice vid thanks for the upload dude