Senses Fail - Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday Lyrics

Just know
We are
A spec
In time.

So follow your bliss
And destroy the beauty

I'll lock myself alone in a room
Drink until the clock strikes noon
With just a pen, a pill, and some paper
And maybe I will write a sad song
Or another cliche poem
Of the person that I long to be

I wanna die like Jim Morrison
A fucking rock star
I wanna die like God on the cover of time.
Just a blink and it's gone
So baby pour some fame in my glass.

So kill the forest
And destroy the beauty.

I'll lock myself alone in a room
Drink until the clock strikes noon
With just a pen, a pill, and some paper
And maybe I will write a sad song
Or another cliche poem
Of the person that I long to be

(Colors blind)
the eyes
(Sounds deafen)
the ear
(Flavors numb)
the taste
(Thoughts weaken)
the mind

I'll attack someone with a switchblade knife
So that I can see their pain
I choose to be a serial killer
'Cause the victims don't get any fame.

I'll lock myself alone in a room
Drink until the clock strikes noon
With just a pen, a pill, and some paper
And maybe I will write a sad song
Or another cliche poem
Of the person that I long to be

Just know we are a spec in time
[Chorus and second verse in the background]

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Senses Fail Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday Comments
  1. S. Katie Morgan

    oh whatta vid SENSES FAILE!! keep making 'em, it brings the song out in anotherway... i Also reaallly like how theirs a riff things happenning on the leftspeaker... oh wow. like the hwhole vidNsong toghathere!! abcb happey birthsday too!!

  2. Myx

    Totally used to be my jam in highschool. Best times of my life.

  3. Cell Hell

    This is actually pretty well-edited

  4. Fatefullyyou

    some young girl on myspace and msn sent me this many moons ago..wonder what happened to her.

  5. penguinsdoflip uwu

    Still so fucken gooood after all these years.

  6. Pablo Orellana


  7. Ivan Storey

    Rip. Jim Morrison

  8. Yasinsong

    the screams bruh

  9. Michael Gonzalez


  10. Nayrobi Virel

    Today June 6 is my birthday so today is a perfect day to listen this song

  11. Tasty Fresh

    This made my watermelon roll all over the car.


    lmao most underrated comment of the year.

  12. Jeff Bell

    Thanks for putting up this video moldy cake... You did a great job on it. The lyrics to this bad ass song are indeed hard to understand so thanks for making it clear to everyone. Good job!

  13. Carnage

    Use to listen to this in my middle school days. I remember liking this girl in my 8th grade. Good dam times.
    Now we're back in 2019, binge watching like 20 more tabs of old bands I use to listen to, and adding them to my playlist.

  14. Courtney Kreag

    I remember when I legit used to lock myself alone in a room an drink until the clock struck noon with just a pen a pill and some paper and play guitar,bass,fuck around in my drum pad all day. Most amazing and yet depressing times of my life. Wouldn't change it for the world tho. It makes u who you are in the end

  15. Jeff Bell

    This song will always be a banger.

  16. Adam Mulawa

    What exactly is a roskstar?

  17. Crystal Escobedo

    2019 And i am still here in love with this band

  18. Omegmeg Gaming

    2019 and im still here

  19. Matthew Orcutt

    Imagine posting some of these lyrics on social media these days. You'll end up on a fbi watch list

  20. Jacob galindo

    At the same time, damn dog...

  21. momakesgoodmeatloaf

    Quite possibly the best screamo song ever

  22. Kanikolo Channel

    2019 anyone???

  23. Happy :D

    "I chose to be a serial killer because the victims dont get any fame" love this song

  24. Demolition Dimitri

    L A I N T I M E !!!

  25. Scott Mescutie

    1022 the irony is killing me faster than a hungry anemic

  26. Hugo Rodriguez

    This band is fucking amazing... this band molded my teenage years

  27. Rachelle

    Love this song

  28. Noneofyour buisness

    My Grandparents both died on their birthdays, the same year, I was like 10. I literally had made a card for them both on the different occasions and was planning to see them that day but I never saw them again...

  29. Mis Anthrope

    i came here to listen to some heavy songs about birthdays cause it's my fucking birthday actually and i was surprise how this band predicted my life haha

  30. fatpeniswrinkle

    My mom died on her birthday once

  31. fatpeniswrinkle

    Hey, anyone coming back in 2018. I discovered this band in highschool but never looked into their music. Do they have any similar "screams" like 0:26 in any other of their songs?

    John Anthony Bullock

    fatpeniswrinkle Lungs Like Gallows

  32. Nesus Trejo

    Bought this shit on cd back n da day

  33. Mctink17

    Laintime 2006

  34. FilthStyle

    I still can't believe that high pitch scream.


    Lmao it's my birthday

  36. Scout Playz

    the screaming sound like a girl scREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM

  37. Scout Playz


  38. Vanessa Espejel

    Mood 24/7 00:20 - 00:42

  39. Ricardo7590

    Today is my birthday, i hope this is true

  40. Lee McWaters

    back for a 4th time

    a moldy cake

    Aereas *Untidaled - TDWP playing in the background*

  41. Charlie Holmes

    Dude his first scream is intense

  42. Kayla Lynn

    My brother used to have a friend named AJ.. and in the part where it says "just a blink, and it's gone" ...we coulda swore we heard it scream. AJS GAYYY! 1:15


    I hear it lol

  43. Retro Sunday

    Best Senses Fail song. I've listened to them all.

  44. Joshua Young

    I've never heard a song with more real and passionate screaming.

  45. Jacob van Veldhuizen

    Current year and I dont hate all the music I've always loved. Upvote me.

  46. Luke Flores

    12/14/17 and I still love this song.

  47. ojjuice man

    I wanna die like jim morrison a fucking rockstar

  48. Los Meza

    Omg this music brings back so much

  49. K Diggity

    Interesting. I always thought he said "their victims dont get -anything-"

  50. Ryan Tozer

    I wonder if he still has a voice left in today's life?

  51. cami hope

    it's my birthday and i want to die

  52. Clayton Suarez

    Damn years down the road and his song still is on point. Day before August-2017 and still love it!

  53. Kjarma Khills

    Of course its in lieu referencing God. Only makes sense. Zero offense taken

  54. gonzo

    doesn't get old

  55. Matt Labord

    when you go crazy with effects on Sony Vegas :p

  56. Bel Vermillion

    That fucking great high pitched scream damn fucking awesome

  57. Christopher Noel

    this song is still the shit

  58. Jack Heat

    creo que primer gutural fue una exageración XD jajajjajajaa

  59. xNeverStopGaming

    I also wish for some irony tomorrow for my 25th. Sadly I can't take matters into my own hands...

  60. Jack pihfd

    😂😂😂😂 omg

  61. Devin LIoyd

    wtf u say about fame in the red box :D:D:D
    dude it is about the existence and just beeing
    is kinda pointless
    couse we are all dust
    Ys Lloyd the human

  62. Lee McWaters

    Happy 32nd to me!

  63. TEEvar

    Roskstar. i like it.

  64. Chips from outer space


  65. Holly D

    I'm not sure I like their other stuff but this song rocks.

  66. Dollyo

    The lyrics are wrong kek

  67. Kenneth Gerdon

    I remember my first time seeing them sophomore year of high school in a little hole in the wall club. I got up on stage with buddy and sung part of this chorus then stage dived back into the crowd. Was then and is still one of my all time favorite bands.

  68. Chelsi Candia

    2016 and still coming back to this shit. makes me smile lol

    CT-5597 Jesse

    Love this song

    CT-5597 Jesse

    @G Froelicher indeed

    Brayan Suarez Nunez

    2019 here

  69. Lugard Julien

    good emo song , I did not know it , remind me escape the fate at their early beginnig

  70. Unpath

    same drum beat and guitar rythm

  71. Unpath

    meant at 20 seconds

  72. Unpath

    there's a song that sounds exactly like this I forget what it's called has the same guitar rythm at 30 seconds dang it -_-

  73. Spencer Paulson

    since when is being impartial a bad thing!? this band molded me.. thank God for senses fail! I still love these guys as much as ever.

  74. Poxy Klyp

    It's fine that your views are your views. I'm don't care if your a murderous sacrificial Satan worshiper. To each their own. Please remove that giant ass red annotation though. That shit is gonna piss more people off than any religious view you might have.

  75. Dourkan

    L A I N T I M E ! !


    Yup, I got to know Senses Fail and Sum 41 thanks to him 10 years ago :)


    @Hardivh Laintime, Pat, Klinda and Drakedog. Damn if I've discovered bands thank to them :D

  76. Jimmy Pihlblad

    How can this epic song not be on spotify? wtf

    Sanjay Rulz

    its on spotify, its just called irony of dying on your birthday

    Jimmy Pihlblad

    +Sanjay Rulz ah thanks


    We really enjoyed your clip. You need to make many more

  78. sevi360

    this used to be the cuuut

  79. Chris Emmitt

    This fucking album was my life in '04 during my junior year. I still think that was three years ago. fuuuuuuck


    12 years is a long time, man. I wish I could go back to the times I'd listen to these guys. Brings happy memories back but I always miss them.

  80. Kanvox

    Today is my birthday what a beautiful day to listen to this song

  81. Abdulrahman Shanouf

    Laintime forever

  82. TheEasyWay

    i r o n y

  83. bf42Harzen

    lainetime brought me here

  84. Lee McWaters

    Here on my birthday.

    Enzo Quizon

    +Lee McWaters happy birthday pls no irony

    Lee McWaters

    +THE 5 MUSKITEERS Haha no irony, just nostalgia and the macallan.

    Enzo Quizon

    @Lee McWaters ok that's good... I suppose

  85. David Hartke

    nostalgia to the max

  86. Adam Tootoosis


  87. abusivewhale69

    hello nostalgia

  88. CarbonnKnight _

    aside from the great fucking song, this lyric video is put together really well, nice job!

  89. Aηηιє

    This band is new to me. They rlly sounds awesome.

  90. Cody Fannin

    Just seen them and Silverstein in Orange County last night. Fucking killed it!

    Cody Fannin

    Haha they're awesome. THat was my high school days. Now my friends got me sucked into EDm and raves. I always hated EDM but now I see the beauty in it. To get a crowd of 80,000 together with the craziest shit you could imagine is pretty magical

  91. Erick Diaz

    my birthday tomorrow. hoping for some irony

    good mustache man

    i need some irony too...


    He updated his youtube playlists today, so probably not dead

    Valentine Faith

    Just means yours getting older to dying, people don't live forever

    Evelyn :3


  92. Yossah

    the clipping is unreal

  93. No Thaks

    Like totally smart

  94. Damien Martin

    I always watch this on my birthday... I hope I don't die today! :S

  95. Jamie Lewis

    That voice crack is vicious

  96. Matthew Prendergast

    Lol makes metal bands mad they can't pitch like that

    Just A Snail

    True! but I love whiny emo trash tho lmao

    Tom Holais

    you are so tough


    You don't listen to much black metal eh?

  97. LPS Foxy TV

    I pinched him ;_;

    Charlie Holmes

    I pictured it and it was hilarious 😂