Senses Fail - Glass Lyrics

And for you, for you I'd weep
For you I'd fall down to my knees
For you I'd die, I'd die a thousand times
For you I'd take out my two brown eyes

Because darkness is only temporary
The crimson clouds that echo will last eternally

I set sail onto waters of glass
I found love in the cold romance
Now I, I don't need a thing
You bring me back and I don't need a thing

I fall to pieces when you breathe, you breathe
And your eyes can calm chaotic seas through peace

We found each other in this life
We will find each other in death
We will find our souls in the next life
I promise, my goddess

I set sail onto waters of glass
I found love in the cold romance
Now I, I don't need a thing
You bring me back and I don't need a thing

Love, love, love set me free
Love, love, love set me free

It doesn't matter if you fall down
Get the fuck back up
There is a life that's worth living if you care to look inside
Look inside

I set sail onto waters of glass
I found love in the cold romance
Now I, I don't need a thing
You bring me back
Now I have everything

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Senses Fail Glass Comments
  1. Mitch Garcia


  2. Itzel Jojmana

    mi cancion favorita de todas 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Ttsfa1

    Heavy deftones vibe in this for me haha


    +Ttsfa1 Said the same thing myself for the entire album.

  4. donell thompson

    I think I've found my next band to listen to


    Did you listen to the EP?

  5. Tacos Rave

    when i first heard this song i was like!!!!!!!! this describes how i feel, about someone, i fall asleep to this song every night on repeat, it hurts, but then again it makes me feel better, and its great forever and always. <3

  6. Onan

    My favorite album since still searching. Didn't really enjoy anything in between that album and Renacer. Love this shit. Rock and roll baby!

  7. Nicholas Brandt

    100Th like but ill listen to it a million times!! Keep doin what your doin Buddy!!!!

  8. therapture87

    its called harmonizing. and thats what makes this album's vocal's so awesome. you're just too untrained and musically dumb to decipher it. the song is perfectly in tune and harmonized beautifully.

  9. Aaron Pyles

    how can something be chopped together? haha.

  10. ♛ Huffdaddy™

    Fucking awesome. Best album I have ever heard in a long ass time.

  11. Rome R

    i listen to alot of underground old school hip hop and this album badass. love it

  12. Merissa Peralta

    mnn oh man,i really love this! senses fail just gets better and better

  13. codyjames01111

    Holy Mountain is also really beautiful as well.

  14. codyjames01111

    I disagree, I believe this is one of their most beautiful songs written TO DATE.

  15. Seth Dortch

    This is their best album in a long time. Great job guys!

  16. Alexandre Klein

    this album didn't came from the heart ? silly assumption

  17. Corey Dalrymple

    That was the point. In almost of the interviews they clearly state this was a fresh start for them. "renancer" meaning rebirth means the rebirth of the band. In my opinion old SF > New SF.

  18. xXDrybanannaXx

    The melody kind of reminds me of Sky Eats Airplane.

  19. TheEVGAftw

    Buddy, You're perfect.

  20. Jake Kamphus

    Whats with these riffs? Not bad, but not the senses fail i remember. Seems kind of chopped together just to get some fresh music out. The older albums came from the heart. Furthermore, Pffft.

    That Guy Josh

    Different guitarists bruh....

  21. codyjames01111

    What's wrong with falling in love? Are you fucking human, bro? He is almost 30 now, he is not a 21 year old who wants to "play the field" and not take it seriously, he is maturing now. Get use to it.

  22. codyjames01111

    Beautiful Song. People always bash emo/screamo music, but it is an art-form, it is music that has beautiful melodies and is struck with emotional screaming. If you don't like screamo/post-hardcore, you have no soul. This type of music is truly amazing.

  23. Vinnie Casale

    Not totally true this is nothing like n sync this sounds very post relationship and expressed differently nsync are a but of pretty boy wimps that never earned a right in society to be called musicians that id love to punch them in in the face at least once there expressions are about flowers and broken hearts crying like wimps that's what pisses me off lol

  24. James Evans

    so he fell in love then wrote lyrics like n sync pisses me off

  25. Vinnie Casale

    it also sounds like some girl in his life was a major B****

  26. Vinnie Casale

    what it sounds like to me is under frozen water drowning in your mistakes that got you to there in the first place you come to peace with yourself and let go of all your pain feeling you're going to a better place I hope this helps you understand and feel the song. I like to listen and feel the music and go to a special place

  27. Xplisit23

    okay lol

  28. Xplisit23

    Yeah the band has been really told how to sound on this one. The album was produced by a member of the band Crosses, which is band that has Chino Moreno in it. From the guitar tones to the vocal approach, Senses Fail has been made to sound like the Deftones lol

  29. ThatDereKid

    Oh, makes sense now.

  30. Alexandre Klein

    I get what you're saying, the singer is singing notes that usually shouldn't be there. I appreciate what he's doing and it reminds me a lot of Chino Moreno's vocals : they compliment the song in a weird way. I find it way more interesting than if he sang some predictable melodies.

  31. Cole Huffman

    Absolutely phenomenal song

  32. Jacob Cavinder

    Sorry, onto waters of glass.

  33. Jacob Cavinder

    Onto water of glass

  34. ThatDereKid

    "I set sail under waters of glass"

    Genuinely confused as to whether this means that he is sailing above the glass or below it, as it grammatically seems to hint towards him sailing under glass, which makes less senses then sailing above the glass and then falling through it later on.

    This is very stupid, but if someone would explain which one of these it actually means, it would help me understand this song more.

  35. Matthew Schramm

    Such a falsely haunting chorus...its so sad yet not. I love it so much!

  36. Two Snafus

    Thats the point of the key signature. It's makes it sound darker.

  37. Jake Clough

    This sounds out of tune.

  38. luzo0o0

    Warning; Senses fail may cause Premature Ejaculation.

  39. vanessa moreno

    Senses Fail always BLOWS my mind. Fucking amazing ass album

  40. Primushardcore

    This is what I call "true Senses Fail" ! Seriously ! Beautiful lyrics as always, cool sound and catchy chorus. I really love it !