Senses Fail - Carry The Weight Lyrics

I used to want to die but now I believe
Not in a distant god, there's a love I found in me
I’d rather be awake and in pain than asleep
Singing as if no one can hear takes more courage than you think

I carried the weight in the only way I knew
I carried the weight in the only way I knew

I was scared enough to lie and say that I’m okay
When inside I was dying, so confused, so alone, so afraid
I hope you never know what it’s like to hide a piece of yourself inside
Or to be so fucking ashamed you’d rather kill yourself than be alive

I want to be alive
I carried the weight in the only way I knew
I want to be alive
I carried the weight in the only way I knew

I'm still scared but I’ve got courage to be
More vulnerable and one day free
Now my heart isn’t covered in concrete
I breathe, I breathe
No longer scared of the vulnerability
No longer scared of the person that I see

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Senses Fail Carry The Weight Comments
  1. Super Depressed



  2. Jeremy Piquette

    One of my all time favorite, it's just so real open and honest. And I think it pulls all of that out of me as well. Buddy your a beast

  3. Shaun Lawson

    I dont think Buddy and Senses Fail fully understand the impact this song has on his fans. This is a LITERAL life saver. Pure, raw emotion and feeling....and a feeling a lot of us can relate to. And if you cant relate, he painted an amazing picture and gave a window to the feeling of depression and mental illness. Absolutely love this.

  4. Bel Vermillion

    Senses Fail is life.

  5. MurderestART

    i wasnt expecting to cry....but here i am

  6. Johnny V

    I guess finding this now is better than never. I'm so happy to find out they still make music...especially this type of aggressive, emotional music that shows how good a song writer buddy still is. Always evolving with every album and I appreciate the hell out of this band.

  7. S A D since 2001


  8. nate8930

    Buddy is a hero in how he can write such meaningful lyrics regarding the sensitive topic of alcoholism. Him and his boys' music is my escape, in hopes that maybe one day I can also prevail.

  9. DoubIeRose

    Let it Enfold You:
    This mask of glass is what I choose to wear
    So I won't ever have the need to bear
    The total truth to anyone but me

    Carry the Weight:
    I was scared enough to lie
    And say that I'm ok
    When inside I was dying
    So confused, so alone, so afraid

  10. Eternal Convict

    why do people hate god? like idk much about him, but he seems to be a nice.

    Deconstruction JD

    Jacob Lopez Because god is a crutch. When you carry a cross, you carry a stone.

  11. Marco Tilburg

    awesome show in eindhoven; love senses fail

  12. Lily Shepherdson

    love this band, their songs have helped me through so much

  13. Lily Shepherdson

    love this band, their songs have helped me through so much

  14. Lily Shepherdson

    love this band so much, their songs have helped me through so much

  15. Lily Shepherdson

    love this band so much, their songs have helped me through do much

  16. Writing for Fun

    I feel like hitting myself in the head.. this song makes you want to hit yourself in the head.. senses fail sucks.. they were good.. a long time ago

  17. Marilyn Tristan

    So much talent and inspiration in one man

  18. King NOOB 9000

    Buddy is are best buddy

  19. King NOOB 9000

    Buddy are best buddy and what happened to all the old band members because it's hard to research about them

  20. Cpt. Tripps

    these songs mean so much to me

  21. Simone Gigliotti

    These lyrics are so hardcore, no matter the sound or the genre of the song. They're simple but they punch you right in the stomach!

    Laurin Strange

    Simone Gigliotti One of them went to school that's all I know

  22. Sawyer Skinner

    This gave me chills

  23. Steve Sitkowski


  24. Noisyness

    My favorite Senses Fail album, incredible songs, innovative piece.

  25. Ziau.

    The lyrics have become a lot more hollow as the albums progress. Still my favorite band from high school, but gosh, I want the old SF back.

  26. Chris Sellers

    renacer was 10 times better'

  27. César Ventura

    Suscriptor 100,000 :)
    I love Senses Fail

  28. Stephanie H.

    seth brought me here <3

    Tanya Vázquez

    I am also here for him❤✌

    Stephanie H.

    @tanyapaotutos1 yay, his music taste is awesome. <3

  29. Wood-Lee

    I personally fucking dig this. Love the whole album I dont get how any senses fan could not appreciate this. Simply beautiful

  30. larrybob141

    They killed it at warped this year

  31. death boy2

    I love this band they saved my life :')

  32. Martin Cronje

    Quickly becoming one of my favorite Senses Fail songs.

  33. John Velasquez

    My favorite song on the album. Buddy Nilsen has done it again with another bad ass album.

  34. Chad Grayson

    How does buddy write such perfect lyrics

  35. Hero of June

    good song, one of the few on the new record the feel vintage senses fail

  36. chickenybeefytaco

    already own the full record and i have to say, this is some of the best stuff they've ever put out, ever. maybe even tops let it enfold you. just have to wait till June 30th to see what everyone else thinks.

  37. K O

    I just can't get into this new style. Sorry guys. Love LIEY, SS and LINAWR though.

  38. Chroma Dreamcoat

    Wounds and this are my favorite so far

  39. Craig

    I've been a Senses Fail fan my entire life. This means so much to me, growing up with your music!  I cannot wait to play this in my car with all the windows down

  40. Jeremy

    dope, this ands wounds i think are the best, the others are okay.. but not really that great though

  41. J AVC

    Quite like this

  42. Brock Dan

    Whoa! Like, seriously!!! Buddy and the band are obviously talented, but this album along with Renacer is seriously next level. 200 years from now this band is going to be the modern day Pablo Picasso of music.

  43. Snowpunk frick

    I love this. I'm so excited for this album I know it's going to be great.

  44. rov trinidad

    I might preorder the album now thanks to this song

  45. DimDisaster

    Damn during the outro, i was chopping an onion and my eyes began to cry...

  46. Jay Anthony

    I'm digging it

  47. music?!

    Musically it's pretty good, but holy crap this is pretty knuckleheaded in terms of lyrics. It just seems really dully straightforward and forced in to the melody at times.


    @Jim Woodley What I mean by that is just that he's trying to cram too many words in to each line, so it seems like he's saying too much at times because he's trying to fit it all in when it really doesn't work.

    Teddy Ward

    Really? I love the lyrics.. I think they fit rhythmically & I love the ambience. This song is honestly the most similar to the previous styles of SF; particularly the singing.


    @VashD15 Ah yeah I see what you mean, but the more I listen to the album the less I have to complain about it, it is so good! its just some of those high notes i'm worried he wont be able to pull off live.


    I respect your right to your opinion, but I think the lyrics are straight-forward for a reason. This whole album is one with heart that is looking to help heal. There are plenty of songs on this one and Renacer that are both positive and full of metaphorical lyrics. I think the "knuckleheaded" lyrics are that way to complement what it is they're saying, which is in no uncertain terms about loving and accepting yourself. It doesn't have to be complex to be beautiful and to mean something to many other people who might be struggling with self-loathing.


    I partially agree with this. I think they were beautiful in terms of lyrics during their "Still Searching" or "Let It Enfold You" days. I genuinely believe that they created some of the most beautiful songs and intertwined lyrics during this period.

  48. Primushardcore

    Best album of this summer! And, I think, of this year!

  49. ReprogrammedToHate

    Out of all the 4 songs i've heard from this album, this is my favorite. Love the ambient/reverb interlude. Hope they make a music video for this


    @ReprogrammedToHate So far my favorite is Courage of an Open Heart

  50. SuPa

    I can't get enough!

  51. Yrok Kory

    That's it.

  52. black winter

    fucking perfect!
    Ready to pull the thorns from my heart!!

  53. RealLifeRyan

    I love this band. The lyrics get better and more inspirational with every album

  54. HaileyLang1

    Got to love Buddy for finally becoming his full potential and finally exploring musically the way he's always wanted. Three cheers for positive hardcore!

    Erik Shaw

    @PubeStache hardcore is a genre

    Erik Shaw

    @***** how would making this type of music be selling out? If anything, going from this type of music to the type of music they used to make would be more of selling out.

    Christian Barker

    +HaileyLang1 Sounds like Post-Hardcore/Emo to me.


    +Christian Barker listen to the rest of the album. especially the courage of an open heart. not post-hardcore. this song btw is.

    Jeremy Piquette

    Hell yea!!!

  55. Samuel Lupercio

    This is like one of the best songs senses fail has ever written. I just wanna hug buddy for releasing all of his anger and honesty in these songs

    S Ryan

    I agree. I love this entire album, but this song especially, I play it over and over...

    Jeremy Piquette

    Samuel Lupercio dude same!! I just wanna hug him and say thank you for letting these fellings and thoughts and fears out. So we dont feel so alone. Buddy has been like a musical pillar for me. And helping me try to love with the courage of an open heart.

    Tom M

    Honestly...a hug from you would probably solve all buddy's problems....jk it wouldn't mean shit

  56. Eric Yen

    Love the new song!

  57. Super Depressed

    Holy fuck I got chills!

  58. Buddyyy2000

    Such an uplifting song. I'm so proud of the direction Senses Fail has gone. Keep up the good work guys :')

  59. Rich man

    fucking love it!! love buddys evolved writing,positive lyrics

    Rich man

    i mostly meant the message and direction has evolved not necessarily the lyrics but the music in general 

    Rich man

    its all good :) hell of a album tho