Senses Fail - Canine Lyrics

I used to live this life like I was dead
So scared, so trapped, so alone in my own head
I wasted (the fire in me), I wasted (the choir in me)
I was drunk in the gutter where no one could hear me scream

We are the lost, we are the damned
We are the broken, the battered and banned

And I finally found a way
I swallowed the only sun
And sank beneath the waves
As I burst with golden rays
I know that only love
Can resurrect and save

This life is part of a struggle
Searching for balance and truth in the rubble
The answer that you seek always right at your feet
If you want the proof then go dig up the grave, fucking dig up the grave!

Fuck what you know, fuck what you believe
I am the architect of my destiny

And I finally found a way
I swallowed the only sun
And sank beneath the waves
As I burst with golden rays
I know that only love
Can resurrect and save

There is only one truth
There is a voice in you
There is only one truth
There is a voice in you

And I finally found a way
I swallowed the only sun
And sank beneath the waves
As I burst with golden rays
I know that only love
Can resurrect and save

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Senses Fail Canine Comments
  1. armando Rodriguez

    Can't wait to see them live tomorrow in Albuquerque

  2. ya like jazz ?

    My buddy past away and him and I were so pumped for this album at school, we listened to all the singles at lunch, I've finally started listening to it again and it's bitter sweet.

  3. Matthew Steel

    would select this song along with snake bite, glass and courage of the knife for my favourite songs on this album

  4. Dalton Keels

    Not saying it's bad, cause a Senses Fail is like my favorite band. But they went a little out of what I want to listen to on this album. More screaming than singing. It's awesome when Buddy does his screamo thing, but too much is too much. I liked their songs on Still Searching and Let It Enfold You. I think my fav songs off this Renacer album is Snake Bite and Frost Flower. The others I don't really care for.

    Kyle Kirby

    @Dalton Keels I love this album

    Matthew Steel

    screamo is like purely screaming like ampere its so much so you cant even tell when one song ends and the next begins if you listen to the album on here

    Boogie 93650


    Marco Havok

    This is my favorite album by them. Heavy Senses Fail isnt for everyone

  5. TotSamiiShaman666

    I dig Senses Fail's new direction!

  6. Christoffer13

    This whole album seems so compressed compared to what they've done in the past.

    Kyle Kirby

    @Christoffer13 the quality is better


    @Kyle Kirby That's usually what causes it.

  7. Patchworkdrum

    I'd say better because not only have they musically matured, but lyrically and thematically as well.

  8. Kaleb Button

    God damn i love this new cd. After i listened to bayonet i was like yes. buddy and hardcore mix so well. the new direction is great, you always knew that he had this bassness in him

  9. Robert Houck

    yes, it is a different style, but they owned it. I personally loved it. I like every album. I think each album had a different theme and style to it, obviously this heavier riffs, more screaming but senses fail pretty much was like hey we can scream, sing, just sing, play breakdowns, heavy punk, anything and still make it dope!

  10. brandonlikesmusic

    pimp mfin shit.... I'm laughing in pain

  11. brandonlikesmusic

    Really!? Buddy has just started to live... he has grown and so should you if you truly love his music to it's simply yet complex core. Think about it..

  12. Jecool242

    Well they are my favourite band and why would I have to know who's left and who haven't? I love them because of the music, not the members.
    But if you think that you're a "true" fan because you know everything about the vocalists favourite ice-cream then fine, waste your so called life on stuff like that.

  13. Kendrick Myers

    Dude, they're not even my favorite band, I've just been their fan since about 2003 and I have a life and I rarely use the Internet and I STILL know about all their band changes. It's not hard to follow them. Buy their CDs and look inside the booklet at the credits. That takes MAYBE a minute to see who all has left.

  14. Diogo

    RIP Your musical taste

  15. Jecool242

    So I'm not a true fan just because I have a life and better things to do than read about my favourite bands on the internet?

  16. Kendrick Myers

    @fockjesus dude, if you were a true fan of senses fail and actually followed them, you'd know why they changed A LOT. Garrett is out of the band, which makes Buddy and Dan the only two original people left in the band.

    Zack Argyle

    Rip dan

  17. xdranberyox

    dat d beat <3

  18. MunsonRoyE27

    It's good but i still believe none of the cd's live up to from the depth of dreams and especially let it enfold you. So love me gently with a chainsaw.... The intro to stephen everyone goes nuts.

  19. Impericon

    You are so damn right man!!

  20. Matt Chris

    Stupid nice job, and insane tone!

  21. Chuck Ernst

    Drums in this song are straight nasty. Start of 2:34....yes please

  22. John Leek

    If you don't like the new senses fail you are a puss cake. Been a fan since 02, this is easily their best.

  23. Christoffer13

    Fuuuuuuuuck! This one is awesome!

  24. Justin Renacer

    Sounds more like Bayonet, buddy's side project.

  25. ryan

    Post hardcore is really popular now

  26. uberlevi

    they should have just renamed the band. senses fail, is there first 4 albums, this isnt senses fail

  27. Derpy Catharsis

    I've always been a fan, good band, they can this shit off haha

  28. tattooheath

    MEEEEE TOOO. I about shit myself hearing this. And I've listened to these guys since From the Depths of Dreams came out back in like 2002.

  29. tattooheath

    They grew a pair. You might want to try that someday.

  30. omet

    maybe YOU just suck now.

  31. omet

    cant wait to hear this live, gonna go nuts in the pit. BEWARE

  32. David Cubine

    this is their best album ever hahaha i don't know what you're talking about

  33. Jeromy Lyon

    THIS CD SUCKS, what happened to this band they used to be my fav band but they have fallin the hell of bad the past few years

  34. Corey Dalrymple

    Favorite song so far.

  35. James Evans

    this shit is to love dovey for me ....what happened makes me wanna throw up

  36. Gothic Whoovian

    dude, its the same guy, he sounds different, oh my god, big deal if you dont like it go away

  37. Derpy Catharsis

    Damn, i like the change they've made

  38. sickenedmaggot

    FUCKIN IN LOVE! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR NEW SHIT! WELL WORTH THE WAIT. (yes i needed this in all caps haha)

  39. Jason Coleman

    yeah, no, fuck your opinion, this is some of senses fail's best work.

  40. JUSTINsingyousuckbro

    I like how they go all Drowning Pool at 2:23.. Let the bodies hit the floor lol. Not joking though, truly awesome nuance there and then it slams into gut bending chugs.

  41. Dubsteplova96

    I love all their music, including let it enfold you. this is just as good, if not better that their old stuff.

  42. Smokin1Guns

    Yeah Ned you're a dumbass

  43. Matthew Schramm

    Like a Phoenix and this album, he is reborn into something greater, fool.

  44. Boof Stock

    his not dead

  45. Ned Wretched

    RIP Buddy Neilsen

  46. heather ybarra

    This is badass!

  47. Alison Coulthard

    I just hope the voice will hold out until they have played Glasgow in May, 1st listen to the whole album.... Bloody brilliant :)

  48. Ventrice McMaster

    Senses Fail<3